CameraFRAUD and AZ Citizens Against Photo Radar to Hold Press Conference

Ahead of the scheduled sign wave outside the Phoenician Resort, at approximately 5 p.m. today, there will be a Press Conference held to cover the move by DPS to not renew their contract with Redflex Traffic Systems to operate the freeway photo/video enforcement system.

[Press Release]


21 Responses to CameraFRAUD and AZ Citizens Against Photo Radar to Hold Press Conference

  1. Brent says:

    Goodbye Redflex,

    It has been a true pleasure costing you millions of dollars in the past 18 months..

  2. Helldigger says:

    While Redflex turns off some cameras, others will remain. The State and Municipalities still believe this is a cash cow and will continue to use subterfuge and covert means to garner your hard earned dollars in the name of safety.

    3 second yellow light time intervals for left turns for instance is too short, but they just made that the standard. We are still at the mercy of the courts which allow for lower standards to convict you and deny you the chance at a real defense.

    It is imperative that the ballot measure continue gathering signatures and get on the schedule for November. Then it needs to be voted for.

    Our crafty politicians will continue to find ways to rip us off if we do nothing. Don’t let them.

  3. Alucard says:

    OK, Redflex, I renew my offer to buy several of those “birdhouses” (including all their contents and supporting hardware/software) that you’ll have to take down and toss because of the non-renewal of the DPS contract. How much would you sell (say) a dozen of them to me for? $1 each? $5 each? Let me know! I want to start an aviary in my backyard, and I am in dire need of large birdhouses. Your birdhouses are perfect for the job!

    You have a chance to do what you should — to do the right thing. To turn this “lemon” into lemonade. By supporting new aviary startups like mine, you help out both environmental conservation (since you won’t just put the birdhouses into the city dump) AND the protection of wildlife (lord knows the birds need a place to rest from the summer’s heat)! Think of all the hummingbirds, grackles, sparrows, etc. that will chirp their praises to you for taking me up on the birdnest offer above!

    Also, if you choose to pass up my offer for now, but find yourself with an excess inventory of birdhouses in November (when you have to take the rest of them down and scrap them), please let me know. I may be in the market for even more birdhouses then!

  4. RPr says:

    Sheriff Babeu Video

    “Pack up your cameras and get out of Arizona”

  5. Stacey says:

    Pack up your cameras, and get out of Arizona. Ooooooh that was sexy!!!!! Spoken like a true sheriff of the west.

  6. Stacey says:

    Well, I guess Resistance Isn’t Futile was right.

  7. Has anyone seen Jay Heiler??

  8. photoradarscam says:

    Another camera malfunction:

    Yes, you DO have to worry even if you follow the law.

  9. For anyone headed to the Phoenician, I spoke with someone at the 7th Day Adventist Church at 5902 E Camelback and she said we are welcome to park there for a couple hours.

  10. David M says:

    Thank you to everyone of you for your hard work and dedication for helping to make this a reality!!!!!! Long live freedom.

    I agree we still need to get the ballot measure needs to get voted on in Nov.

  11. SA Tempe says:

    I have recently become passionate about these camera pratices.

    I think the DPS and Brewer are crooks and we as Arizonans are having to deal with bad laws and knucklehead lawmakers.

    I am so sick of the DPS and their vendeta against Arizona motorists. They have a job to do and I understand.

    Where did all thd photo radar money go? Who is driving a beamer in the DPS?

    More later…

  12. SA Tempe says:

    Photo radar is invalid and not justifiable in court per ARS code. They must serve you.

  13. Stacey says:

    It was good to see everybody out tonight at the Awards protest, especially the people who started camerafraud.

    July, 2008 – Karen Finley (award winner)

    “Our selection reflects a huge commitment from the state of Arizona to the safety of its highways and is the culmination of the efforts of many, including Governor Napolitano, the Arizona House and Senate, the Arizona Department of Public Safety, Redflex and countless others,” said Karen Finley, President and CEO of Redflex Traffic Systems. “This ground-breaking program sets a significant precedence on the use of photo enforcement cameras to monitor speed and enhance traffic safety on state roads in the U.S.,” said Finley.

  14. Stacey says:

    The jury trial in the case ATS v. Redflex will commence at 9am on May 11 before US District Court Judge Frederick J. Martone. The trial is expected to last six days

  15. James says:

    I got served this weekend on a traffice ticket (speeding on 51). Date of violation was December 2009. Can they still serve this late. Over 130 days later.

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