Breaking: The Redflex Freeway Cameras Are Coming Down

Just when the Arizona Summer Heat is hitting its peak, the motorists of this state will have a reason to celebrate. On July 1st, 2010 the contract between the Arizona DPS and Redflex Traffic Systems will expire and not be renewed. Redflex broke the news in a Press Release to the Australian Securities Exchange, dated May 6th, 2010.

What this means, in effect, is that 10% of the so called Photo Traffic Enforcement Cameras in Arizona will be dismantled and removed in about seven weeks. This development is very encouraging, but there is still much work to be done to ban this system state-wide, just like 15 other states already have.

Even after we all watch the freeway scameras dismantled and removed, the chance of them coming back one day will not be eliminated until the Ban Photo Radar in Arizona Initiative is approved and voted on in November.

Regardless of the spin put on this story by Redflex or DPS, know that public opinion and the efforts of CameraFRAUD and Arizona Citizens Against Photo Radar played a major role in this decision. The work of our volunteers and the voices of our supporters are vital in the effort to ban the scam. In other words, your voice has been heard loud and clear.

We found a way to make 10% of the cameras come down and we won’t stop until the other 90% do as well.

The 7 Sheets by 7/1 Challenge will continue, so let’s all keep the momentum going!


35 Responses to Breaking: The Redflex Freeway Cameras Are Coming Down

  1. Brent says:

    Well put.. Keep those signatures sheets going.

    We know we can and will win this “war” after winning this one (but notable) battle. The amount of progress we’ve achieved against this foreign corporation of pirates and their sheepish allies over at DPS, has been estimated at between $85MM-$90MM. Based on the just released newswire from Redflex, they just counter another approx $5MM loss onto that sum.

    Back to Australia aussies.. We at CameraFraud are delighted to have cost you so much money and will continue fighting until you’re out of our state. Redflex and ATS both already have their sights on our neighbors to the west- they shouldn’t bother as we are also starting up efforts their as well.

  2. Stacey says:

    It doesn’t mean squat. We will continue to fight these bitches until they are out of every city in Arizona. That means you too, ATS.

  3. hi-five! it’s a start of the snowball… keep it goin guys!

  4. Cool! If you drive the speed limit…you don’t have to worry about photo radar!! Thanks for the update.

    • Not true Pete, but thanks for your thoughts.

    • B says:

      My first thought was this – accident numbers and the correlation/causation… and the economy.

      Cameras on 10/2008
      Cameras off 7/2010

      That’s almost exactly the time period of this deep recession (assuming that it is ending – maybe not)..

      Anecdotally speaking, I’ve noticed that traffic has gotten heavier in places in the last couple of months… and I’m sure that traffic numbers are going to start going back up as well – right in time for the cameras to be turned off.

      If accidents increase as a result, Redflex is going to point at the statistics and yell their intentionally crafted yet flawed conclusion: “See – the cameras going away has INCREASED ACCIDENTS! Turn them back on and you’ll be safer again!”

      I can’t believe how lucky that company is when it comes to timing…

      • john says:

        The simple fact that you pointed out that more drivers on the road will increase accidents. Has nothing to do with cameras, although they do cause accidents themselves when people lock up thier brakes everytime they are flashed in the face while trying to drive. You cannot pay attention to your speed with the distractions they cause anyway.

    • Kathleen Spreen says:

      Absolutely NOT TRUE, Pete. I have an exemplary driving record. I have not received a traffic citation/violation in over 27 years.

      I visited the Phoenix metropolitan area in February 2010, and in two days I received TWO speeding tickets. First off, I do not speed. Secondly, the Arizona DPS signed an agreement with Reflex, a for-profit, publically-traded company, outlining quotas that must be reached in order to maintain and sustain the contract. What that means is Redflex must post profits for their shareholders.

      As you well know, the Honorable John Keegan, in his December 2008 Court Order, determined, quote, “that the provisions of ARS Section 41-1722 are unconstitutional and unenforceable within the jurisdiction of this court.” As of January 2010, Judge Keegan has dismissed 7,400 contested tickets brought before him. I applaud the Honorable Judge Keegan for upholding the Arizona Constitution.

      Redflex has been operating illegally for the past 11 years, in that their radar equipment was not certified, and falisified FCC documents were used in place of certifications. Redflex posted on their own site, on January 19, 2009, that it signed a decree with the FCC on December 23, 2008, by “agreeing to implement certain compliance measures.” After this agreement was entered into, Redflex also made a voluntary $22,000 contribution to the United States Treasury.

      On May 6, 2010, Redflex posted on their site, that due to the cancellation of the Arizona DPS contract, quote, “there will be a significant write-down of the assets associated with the program which is estimated at the stage to be of the order of $5 million. The exact amount of the write-down will require further detailed assessment. This will affect the FY2010 result, which is now expected to be approximately $2 million net profit before tax for the full year.

      It is shameful that what used to be a progressive metropolitan city is now a policed city. I was born and reared in Phoenix, the majority of my family remain residents, so I frequently visit my home state. There was a time when Phoenix was one of the fastest growing cities in the U.S. It is unfortunate that the powers that be have basically retarded growth of this community by instilling fear of commuting within their own city.

      I will continue my travels to Phoenix to visit my family, but I WILL NOT fund Redflex, a for-profit company. I will bring my two cases before the Honorable John Keegan, and smile when both cases are dismissed.

  5. Matt says:

    Kick their ASS CAMERAFRAUD!!!!!

  6. photoradarscam says:

    DPS won’t say it, but if the cameras truly were effective and had a positive effect on our roadways, they wouldn’t be ending the contract. Now DPS can focus on REAL law enforcement.

  7. KTAR thinks it’s too good to be true at this point.

    • They are finally on board

    • photoradarscam says:

      Where’d we get the 10% figure? Do the cities and counties have that many cameras?

      • Brent says:

        Not sure where they got the figure, but by my estimation the “state” contract is approximately 15-20% of the camera’s even when you include traditional RLC’s, not to mention those pesky “combo” cameras that are actually designed to either make you run a red, slam on your brakes, or speed up to get flashed.

  8. just thinking says:

    Pete. You need to educate yourself on the subject. Just ask the 1100 people who got red light tickets in Paradise valley due to a yellow that was shortened up to create more revenue. What about the accidents that must have caused and the people who were injured from those accidents. What about the professional drivers who probably lost their jobs from getting points on their license. Will they be able to get their jobs Back now that the cat is out of the bag or will they be just S.O.L.? The abuse goes on and on. If you are going to post on this site , You should be better informed! (If these things happened to just one person, that is too many!)

    • Brent says:

      Oh, c’mon.. but it’s all about safety!!

      I mean I’ve seen video of SO many accidents being prevented by having RLC’s in place.. Oh, hmm, actually they just filmed the accident taking place and charged people money, and sent “commission payments” to the foreign company operating them… Nah- I’m sure thats just a coincidence, cuz our government wouldn’t make bad policy; it must be about safety.. Okay, now back to American Idol..

  9. just thinking says:

    Pete. I forgot to include all the people who had their auto insurance premium go up because of points they got from this greedy scam as well as the hassle of taking off from work to go to court when they had done nothing wrong. It does not stop there, It just goes on and on and on.

    • B says:

      Funny – I have zero tickets and my premiums just went up…

      And I thought the 100,000% decrease in accidents was going to bring my insurance rates down at least a little?

      (Well maybe I’m exaggerating on the 100,000%, but since the DPS can twist the truth in their favor, why not me?)

  10. JOKN says:

    I watched the video and the same thing happend to me I got a parking ticket from the city of LISLE , ILL I threw the ticket away and hertz billed my credit card then i got a notice from ATS and a collection agency sayin unpaid . I had to get a copy of of my statement send it to them and i have’nt heard yet, so maybe i should sue or at least send them a bill for my lost time

  11. jjsink says:

    Let not this victory infect us with a complacency that would deter us from our goal of seeing the “Ban Photo Radar in Arizona” initiative through to it’s logical, successful and victorious end. Knowing their devious ways, this may be a ploy by the evil Aussies and their incumbent, money grubbing advocates to let down our guard and turn from the fight.
    Remain vigilant! Gather signatures! Bring ALL the cameras down!

    • Glyph says:

      Agreed. Those cameras could be back in a month or a year. Another scenario is that DPS awards the contract to a competitor like ATS.

      • Brent says:

        ATS is too smart (chokes me to say that) to put any money into a new contract that would be null and voide in a few momths anyway..

  12. served says:

    Any word on if those with existing tickets will be off the hook? I got flashed on the I10 in december (had my cruise set to 72 and it said i was going 76. It was raining that night so guessing that screwed up their system. I just got served the other day with the ticket so now have to pay… would be great if they invalidated all the tickets. Also pissed me off that i got flashed in December and the ticket wasn’t filed with the court until February… giving them more time to serve me before the ticket was adjudicate by law.

    • kandaris says:

      I wouldn’t hold your breath on that one… they’re going to try to collect every penny they can on this money losing program…

    • photoradarscam says:

      You don’t have to pay. You can fight it. I suggest you hire Michael & who will defend you in court for $90.

    • The Keeper of the Seven Keys says:

      there’re some reasons to believe that judges will start to handle the backlog of PE cases paying considerably more ignorance to redfux’s spin doctorship.

  13. mettmann says:

    Yoohoo! Cali driver that just received a notice in the mail for an infraction driving a Hertz vehicle in March. Now what??

  14. RPr says:

    given props to Camerafraud

  15. Eric says:

    Hey, I love that looks like great news just let that cameras get down

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  17. bryan says:

    if i was served a red-flex ticket that was taken on July 5th 2010 .is the legal for them to pursue even after the ending of there contract

  18. How Long to get over a Break Up…

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