Goldman Sachs Putting Drivers Over A Barrel

Apparently corruption, fraud and conflict of interest are all part of the Goldman Sachs corporate culture.  Not only has this corporation of late been accused of purposely betting against its own clients in the current Wall Street scandal, it also seems to be engaging in behind the scenes deals which put all of the drivers in the US in a no-win situation that ultimately threatens to fleece every person in the country who owns and operates an automobile.

In most states in the nation it is a crime to operate a vehicle without insurance and this requirement is sold to us with the rationale that requiring insurance on vehicles protects everyone from large financial losses, however it has the lucrative side effect of forcing people to buy a product.  Insurance companies love this because it guarantees them revenue, but apparently that is not enough.  It has been known for some time that part of the insurance racket is its relationship to motor vehicle authorities throughout the states, such as secretary of states offices and DMV/MVD organizations.  Insurance companies acquire information from these organizations regarding “points” on the license of a driver which are accumulated by traffic citations that assign points when a driver is found responsible for that offense.  The insurance companies then in turn use that “point” information as a pretense for raising the insurance rates of that driver.  According to Goldman Sachs not only wants to garner revenue from sales of insurance policies, it also wants control of the entities which issue automated tickets and therefore assign points on a person’s driving record.   In Arizona these machine generated tickets do not yet assign points for speed on the highways, but do we really believe that this will continue to be the case if the insurance companies have their way?

Wall Street investment giant Goldman Sachs will boost profits by increasing insurance rates on motorists. The troubled firm last week poured millions into American Traffic Solutions (ATS), a company that operates turnkey red light camera and speed camera programs for municipalities in return for a substantial cut of the revenue generated. At the same time, Berkshire Hathaway, the parent company of insurance giant Geico, poured $5 billion into Goldman Sachs.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to quickly surmise that If these corporations own a compulsory billing mechanism such as insurance premiums which are raised based on information garnered from traffic offenses with their associated points,  AND it owns considerable interest in companies which ISSUE citations that can assign points via the local motor vehicle authority,  it now controls the means to increase premiums at will.  All the while claiming its in the public interest.  This is a huge glaring conflict of interest and should be investigated for something similar to anti-trust or racketeering violations at the very least, but it also highlights what grave danger we court by allowing corporations to execute law enforcement functions, and to control multiple aspects of any system which requires public participation and extracts money from it.  (Does anyone else have a deja vu feeling?  This seems so similar to another topic that was in the news lately… I just can’t put my finger on it.)

What can we do to stop this? 

Make it Illegal.  

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25 Responses to Goldman Sachs Putting Drivers Over A Barrel

  1. Dianne Patterson says:

    Nice picture…and beautifully written….
    Here in Tucson, though, we get points on our license for photo enforced violations…I heard somewhere that it is only outside the cities where there are no points assessed….is this true?

  2. soon to be banned says:

    I thought you guys always complained that these violations are so false they don’t even attach points to them? Now your complaining that they do?!

  3. Stacey says:

    Ban the Cams – Cleveland:

  4. B says:

    On the front of, there’s a poll that asks, “Do you think there are too many surveillance cameras in the Valley?”

    No ~48.5%
    Yes ~33.5%
    Don’t Know ~18%

    I know this isn’t directly related to speed cameras and getting citations, but this is disconcerting and sad.

    This definitely shows that people are fed up with crime and are willing to give away more and more freedoms just to “feel safe”… all while they turn their backs on basic principles, like the Golden Rule – doing unto others as you would have them do unto you.

    Maybe the day of grace really has passed for this country – but hopefully not.

    • 4409 says:

      You still believe that polls are legitimate?

      I do not trust the polls even if they are in my favor.

      Polls are BULLSHIT…always have been!

      • B says:

        No, the polls at are anything but scientific. It’s just interesting to see that there’s a significant portion of people – who took that poll – that are ok with CCTV security cameras.

        We live in a different (and brave new) world than just a generation ago.

        BTW – I heard this morning that some people out at a home and garden show were collecting signatures for a proposition to KEEP the cameras… I seem to recall that this was discussed somewhere a while ago, but I thought that was a fluke. Is there really a legitimate (i.e. possibly get it on the ballot) prop drive out there to keep them?

        Who would waste their time doing that, other than a Redflex, bought and paid for group?

        • 4409 says:

          In your response you still acknowledge their poll?

          “It’s just interesting to see that there’s a significant portion of people – who took that poll – that are ok with CCTV security cameras.”

          You’re only questioning whether their poll is scientific…not whether real people actually took their poll in the first place.

          Furthermore , what is truly bizarre is that your response still indicates that you believe their polls even though you stated they are not scientific?

          This is a prime example of how they win

        • B says:

          “Furthermore , what is truly bizarre is that your response still indicates that you believe their polls even though you stated they are not scientific?”
          Disclaimer: I hate the cameras as much as anyone on this board.

          With that said, that’s human nature in all of us, whether it’s a nefarious PR machine, or a little truth sprinkled in with online voting variables?

          Yes, it’s not scientific… not even close. Anyone here can manipulate online polls in many ways…

          However, people have a natural tendency to look for factoids to latch onto, and I find it interesting to see a poll – flawed or not – on the front of that shows that almost half of its site visitors are ok with useless CCTVs.

          As for whether it is being intentionally manipulated by Redflex to manipulate people like me or not, sooner or later you have to go with Occam’s Razor, which says that the simplest solution is usually the right one… What’s more likely? Redflex is watching EVERY poll (or elsewhere) that is only related to photo radar in an auxillary sense (in this case, CCTVs, not photo radar), and manipulating the results? Or are quite a few ignorant retards out there thinking that CCTVs keep people safe (approx. 48%), especially in the wake of the recent Times Square incident and the wide media coverage of the video “evidence” and its assistance in the case (which isn’t really true, considering how they actually caught him)?

          Which is a simpler and more likely explanation? The latter.

          I bet there are a lot of people who hate speed cameras but like the illusion of safety from “passive” CCTVs.

  5. Stacey says:

    Walk quietly and carry a big pole.

  6. Stacey says:

    Prosecutors claim that three photo enforcement companies formed a cartel that operated in collusion with public officials – Italy :

  7. photoradarscam says:

    Redflex mafia:

    His original measure also would have provided a one second “grace” period: Communities would be precluded from setting their cameras to issue a citation within the first second after the light turns red. The House approved that language; the Senate did not.

    “The Redflex Mafia got it,” he said, referring to one of the private companies that contracts with state and local governments to install and operate photo radar and red-light cameras.
    I’d like to see what Mike Williams came up with. The fractional second violations are harmless.

  8. Stacey says:

    Surprise Police Chief Dan Hughes Target Of No Confidence Letter:

  9. Mel says:

    I am all for having the cameras taken down and I am an insurance agent , but wow, please don’t twist things around to make auto insurance carriers the bad guy more than we are already perceived to be.

    “The insurance companies then in turn use that “point” information as a pretense for raising the insurance rates of that driver.”

    There are these guys called actuaries who sit at a desk all day and crunch numbers to determine rates. The reason companies “use” that “point” to raise your rate is because statistically the less, let’s call these “points” what they really are, violations, someone has the more likely they are a safer driver. Insurance companies do penalize someone who has violations, but they also reward those who stay violation free.

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