Redflex Prepares For Worst in AZ

If you can believe what you read in a shareholder report, the one released from Redflex Traffic Systems today indicates they believe their contract with Arizona is in serious danger of not being renewed.

As is mentioned often, the contract between the state of Arizona and Redflex only runs through July 1st, 2010, which coincidentally is the same day signatures are due for the Ban Photo Radar in AZ initiave from Arizona Citizens Against Photo Radar.

 -Do your part.

7 SHEETS BY 7/1  

Quoted from their Release:

“A number of initiatives are under way to improve the performance of the program, in the operational and legislative areas, however any improvements are likely to be incremental and are not expected to give rise to significant benefits in the immediate future.

Also, the base term of the contract is due to expire early in FY2011 and while we are working hard to ensure that it is extended, there is a distinct possibility that the program may not continue. If that is the outcome, then there would be a significant write-down of the assets for the program which would be likely to affect the FY2010 result. This potential write-down is estimated to be of the order of $5 million. Even if the program does continue in early FY2011, a number of groups opposed to photo enforcement are trying to have a referendum put to voters in November 2011 to effectively end photo enforcement in the state of Arizona. Whether this referendum occurs, and the likely outcome, are difficult to predict at this stage.”

154,ooo validated signatures by July 1st are needed to put Photo Ticketing on the Arizona ballot for November. The goal is and always has been 300,000. Let’s make sure we prove Redflex’s grim prognostication right.

The Cameras Are Coming Down!


24 Responses to Redflex Prepares For Worst in AZ

  1. RPr says:

    News from Australia

    $400 million of potential value to shareholders has been destroyed since 2008

    • The Keeper of the Seven Keys says:

      LOL! These insects are so dare to make such a statements about Americans:
      >>> Many Americans are vehemently opposed
      >>> to the ”sneaky” concept of speed
      >>> cameras and are mounting legal and
      >>> political actions against their use
      >>> for infringing on what they see as
      >>> their rights.

  2. Joe says:

    Let’s send the chairman a letter or e-mail
    politely requesting that they…

    “Get your Aussie asses out of Arizona!!!”

    Graham Davie
    Chief Executive Officer

  3. It looks like they made an error in their report, but it’s hard to tell. FY2011 for Redflex starts before the calendar year of 2011 actually does, but our initiative would go to a vote in Calendar 2010(November). They state that it’s 2011, but it’s probably just a typo.

  4. Alucard says:

    Putting “November 2011” in the report could very well be an attempt to soften the upcoming blow. After all, it it better for the shareholders if the “big bad Arizona event” occurred in Nov. 2011 (18 months from now), rather than Nov. 2010 (6 months from now).

  5. RPr says:

    link above is to file a complaint with the Australian Securities Commission

    They gave false info in their report

  6. 4409 says:

    Russell Pearce told me the contract was NOT going to be renewed.

  7. photoradarscam says:

    And this isn’t the only reason. Now there is a website exposing Redflex for what it does and has done:

    There is no hiding now.

  8. Stacey says:

    Fuck you Redflex, fuck you, Linda Gray.

    And we trust Russell Pearce??????

  9. Stacey says:

    Criterion had Redflex shares as a long-term buy at $2.04 but we’re easing back on the pedal. Avoid

  10. Stacey says:

    My comments regarding Redflex and Linda Gary are awaiting moderation. Hehehehe Just imagine what I typed.

  11. Stacey says:

    Missouri takes a step toward becoming the sixteenth state to ban automated ticketing machines.

    • The Keeper of the Seven Keys says:

      Sure it does. Meanwhile, I bet redfux’s chosen AZ to base in as well as to deploy that statewide showroom for it’s “business model” just only because the State was obviously and deeply SOL with it’s governor that time.

    • Mike Waters says:

      Why do I think the present (OTHER party) governor is no different?

      This is not about tweedle dum or tweedle dumber it is about holding the elected crooks responsible for their actions!

      No wonder 70% of new voter registrations in Az are “independent” or the equivalent!

      I don’t care WHAT colour tie they wear, I care what they do and whose money they take!

  12. L. Davis says:

    Ok, following the comments here I just want to be clear: the referendum vote to rid the state of Arizona of photo radar IS November 2010, and NOT November 2011, correct?

  13. RPr says:

    Only 2 members of the house voted no on expanding photo radar bill SB1018 tonight

    Carl Seel and Judy Burges

    41 yes 2 no 15 no votes

  14. JOKN says:

    I watched for this yesterday and did not see the 2 bills on the docket. BUT THY VOTED YES ON EVERYTHING THAT CAME UP does not suprise me f@ck around f@ck around soon you wont be around……

  15. Happy Pants says:

    List of e-mail addresses of those who failed to represent the people?

  16. Glyph says:

    On the fourth page of the document, in the fourth paragraph, I found this sentence particularly interesting…

    The cost of winning these contracts is approximately $1.0million, with the benefits to be realised in future accounting periods.

    How much does it cost to win a contract?

  17. soon to be banned says:

    well, for instance the AZDPS contract… Seems that redflex operated two of the vans for almost a year before the contract was official.
    It appears they do alot of things like that before official contracts, to show what they can do. I’m sure some of those cost a mill.
    They talk about winning a contract in british columbia, when they’ve been doing redlight intersections of there for awhile to show what they can do. That was probably a mill?
    sorry, just took the fuel out of your oh so wanting a scandle so bad

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