The bell tolls for Scameras in Anaheim

The 10th largest city in California will likely ban Automated Ticketing Machines by putting it to a vote. (What a novel idea) and we know that the Scam has never survived a public vote.  Funny how that works in’it?

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16 Responses to The bell tolls for Scameras in Anaheim

  1. alucard says:

    Cool! This means I don’t have to worry about the scamera problem when I go visit Disneyland! 🙂

  2. Stan Huggard says:

    If Anaheim has similar laws to Phoenix on scam cams they shouldn’t even be able to be considered in CA. If a camera citation needs to be hand delivered in CA then to install them is against the law.

    • kandaris says:

      That has not stopped them so far. Apparently the law is what they say it is. State sponsored piracy is all I can say.

  3. Stan Huggard says:

    Also the Uncle Sam picture on this email is a symbol of deception. The Fed is another scam on the American people. Income tax money goes into the pockets of the federal reserve bankers. Not used for government services. Stan

  4. Sure says:

    Traffic camera still up and running despite state ruling – Las Cruces

  5. RPr says:

    SB 1443 the expansion bill is going to be heard in the house rules on monday.

    • LoneWolf says:

      Set up photo enforcement to capture illegal immigrants too. See how well that goes over.. I’d give it a single day before all scameras are trashed.

      • Alucard says:

        1) This would not be a good move from a revenue generation standpoint, since illegals normally don’t bring a bunch of cash, and we still have to process them through ICE’s revolving door back into their own country (at our expense). And now, Arizona is fixing to require us to house them in our jails for up to 6 months (again, at our expense).

        2) On the other hand, this move might be a good thing. We’d see news stories about cartels & drug lords ordering hits on the scameras with RPG’s, AK-47s, and (whatever else). We’d be on-par with the citzen’s response to scameras in Europe.

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