Where to Mail Signature Sheets; 7 SHEETS BY 7/1

We’ve had terrific response to the request for our active members to each collect no less than 7 complete signature sheets, but now of course all you folks want to know where to mail the completed sheets.  See the bottom of this article for the address, but first just a few reminders…

Resources you may need to collect signatures:

 How to Gather Signatures Instruction sheet

 Complete the Signature Collector Agreement

 ***Click here:  to get the Signature sheet form file*** 

1.  The Signature sheets may be printed using the above PDF file.

2. Valid sheets must be printed on Legal size paper.

4. The sheets are Two sided. Be sure to print both sides.

3. When collecting signatures a copy of the full initiative needs to be attached.

5. Each completed sheet must be signed by the collector (on the back) in the presence of a notary who must counter sign it.

Mail Completed and Notorized Signature Sheets To:

Arizona Citizens Against Photo Radar
16605 E. Palisades Blvd.
Ste 110-287
Fountain Hills, AZ 85268

– Happy Hunting 😉


2 Responses to Where to Mail Signature Sheets; 7 SHEETS BY 7/1

  1. Frances Emma Barwood says:

    Keep up the good job. They can never answer how a photo radar camera stops a drunk driver from speeding past all their cameras and killing someone. It cannot stop an erratic driver or someone hellbent on road rage. They make a few bucks on a ticket but the blood is on the elected officials hands. Think how many police officers were laid off because they felt they didn’t need them. Never saw a photo radar camera stop a crime in progress yet. Big Brother is here as in the book 1984. Frances

    Frances Emma Barwood
    Retired Phoenix City Councilwoman
    Prescott Valley, AZ 86327

    “People may lie, cheat, steal and murder in this world and they may get away with it, but we are all going to judgment,and that is all that matters”

    “When a job becomes more important than
    doing what is right, they have sold their soul.”

    “Life is just a test of our spiritual strength
    and our faithfulness to God.”

    John Leissner Koch – 1903-1980 (my dad)

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