Surprise, AZ… Trailer vs. Trailer!

Redflex isn’t the only one deploying a trailer to Surprise, AZ. The newly commissioned CameraFRAUD Signature Gathering Trailer will also make its way to the area of 12100 N Bullard Ave in Surprise on Monday April, 26th.

CameraFRAUD volunteers will be there to collect signatures and greet local media who will be there to cover our efforts in their own special way.

Come on down and see us and bring your own trailer if you have one!

Check the Meetup for details.

7 Responses to Surprise, AZ… Trailer vs. Trailer!

  1. photoradarscam says:

    How can it be? They removed their cameras and accidents didn’t go up!

  2. kandaris says:

    That is awesome! They’re grabbin for money with their last breath!

  3. JOKN says:

    Speakin of SUPRISE I NOTICED CAMERA VAN’S ON grand ave seems like there gettin closer to the city streets if not already soon I’ll have camera at the end of my driveway, I’d like to shove a camera up the police chief’s “butthole”

  4. photoradarscam says:

    Here’s a map of the location. Funny how they chose a heavily tree-lined location with a median where they can hide the trailer.

  5. JOKN says:

    I drove by at 10:00 am and stopped to give a kudos to the lone guy standing and waving the sign , keep up the good work

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