2010 Integrity to return to public office?

It’s an election year and people are P’d Off!  and I don’t blame them.  We have public officials running wild with spending, taxes, and fees/fines that are really just taxes, oppressive intrusion in the lives of hard-working citizens, and corruption so pervasive its hard to know where to begin.  The rallying cry for many is vote em’ all out.  That is; if they hold office now, then get rid of them.  This may seem a bit drastic to some, especially to those in office now who stand to lose their posts.  I say tough!  You know what; elected public office was never meant to be a lifetime career. 

Here’s someone running for office who will oppose Automated Ticketing in what is known to be one of the most corrupt political regions in the country.

Enriquez to oppose red light cameras as Secretary of State


2 Responses to 2010 Integrity to return to public office?

  1. Helldigger says:


    New speed cameras trap motorists from space.

    A new type of speed cameras which can use satellites to measure average speed over long distances are being tested in Britain.”

  2. photoradarscam says:

    Another use of ANPR. Just remember look at the crap they’ve already pulled over there with this technology:

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