DPS: Two Tickets Safer Than One

Over the past week (and several other times in the past), DPS has ordered Redflex to park speed vans in one of their favorite spots on Eastbound 101 where it goes under I-17. Those familiar with this stretch of freeway know that the closest entry point to this stretch of the freeway is 101 & 51st Ave and that there is a fixed speed camera located near the 35th Ave exit which is less than a mile west of this speed van van location.

With no on-ramps between the two camera locations, everyone who drives by the speed van must have driven by the fixed camera. And anyone getting flashed by the first camera who didn’t take an exit will likely be flashed by the second… for the same violation. Most would consider this to be double jeopardy, but DPS apparently has no qualms about a system that will issue multiple tickets to the same vehicle owner (not necessarily the driver) for the same offense.

DPS and Redflex claim that the cameras have slowed traffic down and are “modifying driver behavior,” but if this were the case, why is a second camera needed less than a mile from the first? The only conclusion that can be drawn is that the DPS thinks that mailing two tickets will make the streets safer than just sending one. With thousands and thousands of miles of freeways in this state, they want us to believe that the best use of a speed van is to park it within 1 mile of a permanent camera? This isn’t about safety, folks. It’s about revenue, and always has been.


26 Responses to DPS: Two Tickets Safer Than One

  1. neody says:

    why my comment not publish?:D

    great article bro..

  2. iraq vet x 2 says:

    we have over 100 people from Arizona here in Iraq that will be home in time to vote redflex out of Arizona , start packing now redflex.

  3. Happy Pants says:

    This isn’t the first time they have done this in this exact location. They have done this multiple times. The one that stands out most us during the I-17 overpass construction. They placed the camera about 50-100 feet after the first sign that dropped the speed limit down to 55MPH (vs. the 65MPH normal), that camera was going off like firecrackers.

    • photoradarscam says:

      Yes, but now there are no excuses. And when you really start thinking about it, there’s no longer any reason to choose this location unless they just want to double-ticket.

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  5. Safe Driver says:

    Or you could just try slowing down. Dumasses.

  6. Safe Driver says:

    Who said anything about slamming on brakes? If all you buttholes would slow down and drive the speed limits, or (my god) STOP at red lights like you are supposed to, you would not have to worry about these cameras in the fiorst place. Right?

    • PersonalFreedom says:

      that’s what everyone does that call themselves ‘safe driver’. Safe driving is moving with the flow of traffic on a freeway, not stop and go everytime you see a scamera…thats what causes more accidents. as for the red light scameras, they lower the time of a yellow light usually to go along with those scameras so they can get more flashes or more revenue…but lowering the time of a yellow light is dangerous, no matter how much of a ‘safe driver’ you may be there is NO way that is safe for anyone.

    • We prefer to live in complete chaos as most buttholes do. Thanks for your intelligent discourse.

      Still no red light tickets/photo radar tickets or accidents for myself, but I’m sure it’s because I’m just lucky since I spend most of my time intentionally speeding and running red lights.

    • B says:

      This guy’s an immature troll.

      Butthole? Really? Will you stop being our friend if we don’t “just slow down”?

      I hope you don’t get paid to do a job based on your critical thinking and/or reading comprehension skills… Go back to Spider Solitaire or WoW or something.

    • sandra stevens says:

      If everyone slows down you’ll lose your underpaid job at Redflex.

    • Will Kay says:

      Yes, Safe Driver, people still should worry about the cameras because there is documented evidence of these systems working improperly and sending “notices” of violation to drivers that committed no violation, not to mention these systems are operating illegally and unconstitutionally.

    • alucard says:

      Not only do the scameras snap pictures of alleged violations, but they also take video 24×7….so their owner can look up your personal information and sell it off to the highest bidder.

  7. TJ Wiggins says:

    This butthole has slowed his ass down, every time I drive through the town I lived in and watched quadruple in twenty years; hell, the other day I even screeched to a stop for a yellow light in Sun City. Come to think of it, that is how I got rear-ended two Aprils’ in a row in the late ’80s.

    Once, I paid my $181 extortion fee rather than send the Acceptance I’d worked on, for fear of it costing more in the long run should the AFV be dishonored. The farkin bastiges have won…for now. BHutt, since then I’ve learned about half of the tickets don’t get “paid” so I won’t do that again.

    Bless the hole-ly endowed Phoenicians that keep it up with the paint, gift-boxes, costumes & general protest of these derriere-orafice’s operating the scameras; I’ve even given the prominent webmaster donations to do so…

    BUTT, Wholly on the record, when have you seen some infringement to our rights been curtailed, en mass? Remind us all?

    I once “won” a pro per 1st amendment suit and lately, wrote the Lien that got a judge “early retirement”; butt, holy shit!…I do not recall any recent ceasing of infringement for all.

    For the record…I was perhaps one of the first scamera protestors. I came across one when they were very new, drove round the block & parked near the Mt. Shadows resort. I then spent an hour or so motioning drivers to slow down…until a voice from behind said “Hey! What are you doing?”

    It was a bit scary, but what could he do? I said I was just doing the same thing he was…slowing down the traffic! The cop rationalized my way was less ‘permanent’. He left, I momentarily followed, saw him packing it in and thereby took my leave, satisfied I’d saved a few dozen.

    I laugh now, imagining the tinkering he must have done with the equipment before he figured he’d walk up the street. Activism; God, I love it!

  8. JOKN says:

    It can be nothing but money, the only reason for moving a van to another location , there is not enough flashes at current site ,ie $$$ so move to a location were more $$$ can be generated. lets “modify there driver behavior,” and send them packing

  9. Just Thinking says:

    To all the little TROLLS: ” Wisemen change their minds from time to time, Fools never do.”

  10. […] Systems to place a mobile speed camera van on the Eastbound 101 near I-17, according to the group CameraFraud.com. A fixed speed camera is located at the 35th Avenue exit less than a mile away, and there is no […]

  11. Lyn says:

    I was wondering, if the purpose of a speeding citation and the physical act of being pulled over by a police officer is to “stop” the crime/offender in the act of committing the crime……what would happen and who would be liable if a motorist was speeding, got photo-ticketed, and a little further down the road….still moving at an illegally high speed, was to cause an accident with injuries? Would the victims in the accident not sue the State of Arizona for knowingly allowing a dangerous speeder to continue on his merry way? I just can’t believe that this has not come up in court already. Or has it?
    Thanks for your replies.

    • photoradarscam says:

      Interesting. Sounds plausible. With the real-time monitoring there’s no excuse… there’s even a responsibility for DPS not to act whenever they see someone driving “dangerously” on camera.

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