San Carlos CA; “We don’t need no stinkin’ scameras…”

As we’ve said before.   If an intersection and its light timings are properly engineered the question of Automated Ticketing often becomes moot. 

Too often government officials engage a “Problem Reaction Solution Paradigm” to either make themselves appear useful or as a diversion from some other agenda, or both.  A classic example of this mentality is Nero Claudius Caesar (37-68 CE) In 64 C.E., a fire swept through Rome, burning for a week and destroying a large portion of the city… According to some sources, when he found that he did not have enough land to build his palace, he set fire to the city a second time. It is at this point that he is said to have “played his fiddle [lyre] while Rome burned.” To avert suspicion, he blamed the fires on the Christians and proceeded to kill them in horrendous ways.  

Caesar wished to eradicate the Christians and expand his palace, and so turned a crisis (The original fires), into a “Problem” which would hide the real purpose of his “Reaction” which furthered his agenda and created a need for a “Solution” that was designed to deflect blame and simultaneously provide him with the desired results.

So what does that have to do with the scameras you might ask? 

Well we have a similar situation here, though obviously not as barbaric, still the paradigm causes death in some cases from an unnecessary system,  as well as both a perceived “Problem” speeding or red light running, a “Reaction” blame it on evil speeders and red light runners, creating a perceived need for a “Solution” the automated ticketing industry, which results in a perceived usefulness of government intervention and simultaneously produces stolen income extracted from the “evil doers”.

What a responsible governing body did in San Carlos was to look at the situation objectively and realize that there really was no problem and that the “Solution” was actually costing money while doing nothing useful.  The Arizona State Legislature could learn a valuable lesson here, but then we’re not even sure some of them can read.

San Carlos Story

Shout out and thanks to Sheila Dean.

14 Responses to San Carlos CA; “We don’t need no stinkin’ scameras…”

  1. The problem is that these local goverments think they are qualified traffic engineers just because they sit through a sales presentation by a camera vendor.

    We need to remind them that they are not qualified to make these decisions. And while some do ask their engineering departments about photo enforcement, they never (or rarely) order a FULL engineering study to analyze problem areas. Maybe the engineering study will say that all of the city’s bad drivers are flocking to certain areas or go temporarily retarded and that they need enforcement to teach them a lesson. But more than likely the study will show that simple improvements like signal visibility, timing, lane markings, signs can be changed and yield big safety improvements with little cost.

    Engineering, facts, and data vs. sales hype, dollar signs, and politics.

    • LibertyDefenderAZ says:

      You stated the situation well. It’s the quick sales pitch promising $$$$’s & a false presumption of increasing safety that causes these government officials to leap into bed with RedFux.

      If they actually took the time to do studies & learn from other cities where they have proven to be worthless, these cameras wouldn’t be cropping up…

  2. Just Thinking says:

    If only Everyone would realize, Things are not always as they appear. If any of the pro scamera supporters would delve deep enough and educate themselves on the subject, they most likely would feel differently. Of course that excludes TROLLS because they have no mind of their own.

  3. RPr says:

    Mike Tellef, public information officer for the Peoria Police Department, said the percentage increases appear high because numbers are small in the first place.

    Then why did you put the Scameras up in the first place?!?!

  4. yes…. the answer is to extend all yellows!!!

    So many fewer will slam on their brakes with the light extended…. that’s when we can expect people to drive as if they live in a civilized society!!! instead of the ” I don’t know whether to slam on the brakes or enter on a short yellow and risk a scam ticket!!

    CameraFRAUD’s initiative will prove to have enough signatures come july 1st !!! that will mean VICTORY !!!

    • Will Kay says:

      Not just extend yellows, but also make the intersection all red for 1 or 2 seconds, which will allow any vehicle still in the intersection to clear it.

  5. jgunn says:

    Dirty pool at its best. If you are married, cross register your cars and go tell RedFlex and the State to go “eff” themselves.

    “Don’t believe any notice you get from the Department of Public Safety suggesting you have to rat out the person who borrowed your car and got a photo radar ticket.

    It’s not true.

    What the notice also is, according to state Rep. Andy Biggs, R-Gilbert, is misleading. He said it is designed solely to generate money, both for the state and for Redflex, the private company that gets a share of every ticket paid.”

    “Biggs disagreed.

    “What they’re implying is, this is required by law,” he said, “which couldn’t be further from the truth.”

    Pearce called the wording in the mailing from Redflex to vehicle owners “absolutely inappropriate.”

    “They think this is official stuff from the courts when they get this,” he said. “And they believe what they read, that they’re obligated somehow to violate their rights. And they’re not.””

    • Mike Waters says:

      Maybe he is worried that if someone gets his plate number some jokers will use that info to get him a bunch of scam tickets?

      Surely not – they can’t be THAT easy to fool can they? 🙂

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