City Of Phoenix Desperate

The city of Phoenix is the first in Arizona to announce that they are no longer going to allow many motorists slapped with huge fines for speeding to pay in installments. This move, which will undoubtedly cost more time and money for the city when all is said and done, will require cash strapped citizens to apply for a “loan” to cover the cost of a traffic fine. Of course, if they had not put so much stock in cashing in on a commuting public and charging such unreasonable fines, this might not be an issue.

A story on has some interesting comments coming from the city, DPS and attorneys:

“The city of Phoenix is in such bad shape right now, financially, that this is a complete revenue stream.”
Your best bet to avoid a speeding ticket is to stay within the speed limit, according to the state Department of Public Safety.
DPS’ Kevin Wood said there’s no such thing as a cushion for exceeding the speed limit.
“DPS officers have 100 percent discretion, and it’s totally up to them depending on the stop, the circumstances of it,” Wood said.
The officers aren’t impressed by the most-used excuse, “I was just going with the flow of traffic,” he added.
“If the flow of traffic is doing 15 mph over the posted speed limit, the odds are one of those people who’s doing that is going to get stopped.”
Wood added, “I suspect if you talk to 100 police officers, they will tell you speeding is speeding. Here with the DPS, the maximum speed limit is what it says.”

This is interesting logic in light of Redflex’s standard of 10+ MPH over the limit being deemed as “speeding.” Maybe DPS and Redflex need to compare notes again because something isn’t adding up.

What’s also interesting is that these comments seem to suggest that DPS advocates obstructing traffic to avoid tickets and fines. As you may know by now, it is variance of speed that is most dangerous, not actually speeding itself.

Something else that DPS and Phoenix PD officers may like to review is that the law in the state of AZ calls for “reasonable and prudent speed,” so saying that the limit is the maximum is not actually true, but the “scientific poll” that must have been conducted by Officer Wood seems to suggest that it is.

The other part they left out is that photo radar tickets are often given out to motorists who were not even exceeding the limit, which causes massive government waste and strain on an already overwhelmed court system. Of course, there isn’t actually an officer present when the “violations” are captured, so it’s up to Redflex’s unchecked and frequently faulty equipment to act as an un-sworn officer of the law.

Unsecured loan centers should be flooded with applications very soon meaning more wasted government time and fraud is coming your way Phoenix!

26 Responses to City Of Phoenix Desperate

  1. yah but, says:

    I have an idea for an active protest. Get 4 or five cars and go into rush hour traffic on one of the major artaries in Phoenix and drive side-by-side at exactly the speed limit… I bet that would get some attention and make a point as to why the speed limit is NOT the speed limit for a reason.

    • Are you talking about how that would cause an obstruction or a more dangerous situation when one car needs to swerve to avoid something, causing a chain reaction accident?

      • yah but, says:

        that’s just one problem of the many undesireable situations such a set of “law abiding citizens” would create.

    • Alucard says:

      For maximum effect, I recommend more groups of 5 cars (say, 5 or 6 groups running in each direction), and the rolling protest should also continue past the rush hour. My guess is that the effect after rush hour would be more pronounced. I wonder what people would think if each of the protesting vehicles put a large sticker on the back that read “RedFlex and ATS: Driving the speed limit for your safety!”

      Speaking about “rolling speed limit blockades”, this was a tactic used in Baltimore and DC to slow down traffic years ago. A revenue patrol officer would be in each lane, then they’d synch up (to prevent people from passing) and drive the speed limit. Typically this was done around the beltways (495 & 695).

  2. Sure says:

    How about get all 1600 members of CF.

  3. Stacey says:

    Well, Redflex, it is April 8th. Are those cameras back up in Jefferson Parish?

    Click to access la-rdfdemand.pdf

  4. B says:

    I caught the very end of the debate online, but I think SB1443 just passed out of the House T&I committee, 5-3.

  5. After thinking about this for a while, two things come to mind:

    1. The City of Phoenix is still unwilling to do the right thing and cut waste in the budget. They are only willing to threaten the elimination of services and extortion through taxes.

    2. DPS really has a low opinion of Arizona motorists and doesn’t have any consistency in their messages. It’s truly amazing.

  6. Dr. H says:

    You need to fight and break this system. Some folks win by insisting that w/o a “certified complaint” there is no case. Some folks have won by relying on the old Common Law principle of “no injured party, no offense.” Keep pushing!!

  7. Mike says:

    DPS is to law enforcement what Etch-a-sketch is to art.

  8. LoneWolf says:

    Wow, talk about double standards. The city and state have been trying to regulate or make the payday loan industry go away because they believe it’s an expensive burden to the citizens. Many people look at it like it’s a loan-sharking scam. So now they want to push people towards getting these types of loans so they can pay their tickets? Incredible.. How about a title loan so when you can’t afford to pay the loan off, you lose your vehicle which is probably a good thing since you won’t be using it to speed anymore, right?

    Here’s an idea since the city wants to feed off of a legal black market.. how about selling tons of confiscated Mary J to states and countries around the world where the stuff is legal? How about sending some drug dealers out on our streets to rake in millions for the city? It’s a step below the legal black market, but since they’ve gone this far with photo scams and loan sharks, why not just go deeper?


  9. I love when these politicians and PR personnel, which is the category we can put Kevin Wood in, hide behind the “sentiment of patrol officers.”

    It would be interesting to see the poll he conducted and what questions he asked them before he made his statements about how they feel.

    Don’t fall for this nonsense.

    The fact of the matter is, DPS, Kevin Wood and Director Halliday are unwilling to denounce photo radar because of the revenue it pumps in to their department. This cracking down on speed buffers is just another way they are saying, “Public Be Damned.”

  10. LibertyDefenderAZ says:

    Sad just sad… Good thing the cameras are coming down in November!

  11. B says:

    There’s a lot of psychology here that’s working its way through this process..

    The longer this “battle” goes on, the more people just accept the corrupted system as just another symptom of what’s wrong with government.

    It seems like the general attitude at the Legislature is more, “Well, we’re here with photo radar – let’s entrench it and maximize it.”

    You even hear many people out there who’ve given up. “It’s not going anywhere,” “Just live with it – I hate it too, but what can you do? We can’t get rid of it…”, etc.

    It’s like they’re all in denial and won’t even consider getting rid of it, like we HAVE to have it “to be safe,” or some other crap like that.

    It’ll be interesting to see what happens as this year grinds on…

  12. Stacey says:

    DPS should be finding some more cash in a car soon.

  13. RPr says:

    Phx cant afford to pay for anything but they can afford to hire a lobbyist to try and keep photo radar.

  14. Jim says:

    Am I supposed to believe that DPS is here to protect us? I read this and I wonder, have we really become so corrupt that those who we are supposed to trust are extorting from us? I weep for our future.

    • Mark S says:

      Have you noticed that they removed the “To Protect and To Serve” slogan off of all the LEO vehicles?

      Police are no longer there to protect and serve the public. They are there to harass, scrutinize, arrest, and cite the citizens.

      I was stopped the other day when I was taking my daily walk. I don’t carry any I.D. with me on my walk. Just my cell phone. The officer told me I need to produce ID. I asked him if I am under arrest or being detained and he said that I am not. I then asked if I may go since I am not under arrest and he said that I could after I produce I.D. I politely told him I know my rights and he cannot just stop someone for no reason and ask for I.D. He said he could arrest me for resisting arrest and I let him know that he earlier said I was not being detained or under arrest. I politely told him to either arrest me or let me go on my way. He finally let me go, but he followed me almost the whole time. It was the beginning of my walk and he stopped following me after about 15 minuets. I called the Glendale PD and asked to speak to his supervisor and let him know what happened. He said he will review the dash cam video and correct the officers behavior if necessary. The officer stopped following me after I made the call. This was just plain harassment.

      We are slowly entering a police state in this country. We have had a lot of our rights and freedoms stripped away all in the name of safety and security.

  15. Lost Hope in AZ says:

    Mark S,
    Good for you in standing up to the Glendale Prick. It seems to be their standard operating procedure on how to treat citiziens all over this country. They are the law and what they say you better do or else has got to stop! Try traveling to the east coast anymore by car and chances are good you will get stopped for some made up reason or they like to say “A routine traffic stop” just to search your vehicle for contriband. Makes you wonder why now on cable news they are reporting that more Americans are leaving the United States for good to live in other country’s…

  16. GripperDon says:

    Where can you move to, that is as affordable, as safe, has as good health care, and as good a climate? Please let me know!!!

  17. Just Thinking says:

    I can’t think of a another place like it. That’s why we have to keep working and never let up until the Scameras are gone. When this is all over, we will know we all have made Arizona a better place to live. Then, maybe we get some of our tourists back also. Next, we need to have a clean sweep of all of the politicians who turned their back on us. It is time we put people in office that represent the people, not just their own interests, and use their jobs as a way to stroke their big fat egos

  18. Ivory Bach says:

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