The “Errors” just keep on a comin!

A common theme that is heard from pro-automated ticketing folks is the accuracy and “almost perfect” record of the automated ticketing equipment.

They may be accurate at times, though we have no way if checking here in Arizona, as the courts will not let an accused person subpoena the camera calibration records in their defense, and there is no oversight of the calibration process by independent audit. What this says to the public is… “We’re infallible… you know… just like the pope.” and sends the message that “you are guilty because we say you are… forget about the facts… shut-up, pay-up, and get out!

What is amazing is not only do these systems make mistakes but they are also made “accurately dishonest”, to coin a phrase, by the entities responsible for operating them.  There are literally thousands of examples of automated ticketing errors, honest, and manipulated, costing innocent citizens money, time and stress for no other reason than to make a buck off them.

…and these people have the unmitigated gall to say, “don’t break the law, and you won’t get a ticket”.

Here are just a few examples, but there are many more.  So would you trust them?

Madrid, Spain Caught Issuing Red Light Camera Tickets On Yellow

Ohio, Texas, Washington, Australia, Germany: Photo Ticket Accuracy Troubles

Texas: Short Yellow Brings $130,500 In Red Light Camera Refunds

California, Missouri, Texas, Australia: Accuracy and Legal Problems for Speed Cameras

Florida, Washington, France: Traffic Cameras Face Legal and Accuracy Problems

Netherlands: 289 Red Light Camera Tickets Refunded

Canada, UK: Automated Cameras Involved in Mistakes and Accidents

Colorado, Italy: Speed Camera Operators Caught Disregarding Law

Another Minneapolis Red Light Camera Error Caught on Tape

California: Red Light Camera Refunds Reach $3.1 Million

1,740 red-light-camera tickets to go away

Speed fines refund after faulty camera find

Arizona, Hungary, Maryland, UK: Speed Cameras Plagued by Accuracy Problems

Minnesota: $2.6 Million in Red Light Camera Tickets Refunded

Chicago Red Light Cameras: Short Yellow Causes More Crashes, More Tickets

…I can do this all day long folks…  but you get the picture.

5 Responses to The “Errors” just keep on a comin!

  1. This is a great follow-up to all the errors in automated ticketing that were presented to the crowd at IgnitePhoenix.

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