Sinking Ship: Redflex Stock Tumbles

Down 6.7% over the last five days… 24% over past month… 34% over past three months… 44% over past year… Down a staggering 63% over the past five years.

Scottsdale-based rival American Traffic Solutions “not faring much better,” says one internal source. The privately-owned firm is burning through a Goldman Sachs cash infusion; may be faced with “meaningful” layoff prospects soon as larger contracts begin to stall nationwide and “healthy” toll revenues continue to decline…



8 Responses to Sinking Ship: Redflex Stock Tumbles

  1. LoneWolf says:

    Sound effects: glug glug glug glug glug…… crunch…. bloooop!

    It’s only going to get worse. If Janet doesn’t renew the scam in July, the speed cams will be coming down. When the citizens of this state vote the scam out in November, it’s gone for good and don’t be surpised if most other states follow. Maybe you scam companies can defeat certain laws so new ones will work in your favor, but be rest assured you can’t defeat the will of the vast majority of voting citizens who truly oppose your scam. And don’t think we don’t know about your little opinion poll scam.. you know, the ones that contain response bias… where questions are rigged so people will respond exactly the way you want them to…. (more on this later)

    My advice would be to start packing before you lose any more money. It’s over. You’re only buying extra time so you can extend your agony here. Give it up. PARS won’t save you. It was a weak move on your part because it comes to show how scared you are, not to mention the fact that it’s a way to divert the media’s attention away from your real issues. My best advice would be to fold, otherwise we’re going to take you down hard, very hard.

  2. Glyph says:

    Burn baby, burn!

  3. oh boy says:

    How are the Local TV stations going to react when they realize how bad they have been relentlessly HANDLED and MANIPULATED by the scamera companies and their well paid mouthpieces. When they finally WAKE UP, I wonder if giving them another RATTLE will still work?

  4. oh boy says:

    And Redflex stock is not taking a DUMP , right.
    Blah Blah Blah Blah…..I hope you sold your stock before it becomes a PENNY STOCK. It drops REAL FAST once it hits 99 cents.
    And by the way, Yes we will. Stick around – You are invited to the PARTY in July!

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