Lip Service and Lobbyists

As promised, the action is starting to heat up. Over the weekend, The Arizona Republic(Gannett Co.), a famed pro camera publication, ran a story about newly appointed DPS Director Robert Halliday’s assessment that DPS patrolmen needed to be more visible on AZ roads. Channel 12, also owned by Gannett Co., aired an accompanying story that night.

The gist of both stories is that Halliday favored more “Cops Not Cameras,” which is a change in tune from the DPS during the term of Roger Vanderpool. That tag line should sound familiar if you’ve been paying attention to this blog since its inception in August of 2008.

Courtesy of The Arizona Republic, Nick Oza

A CameraFRAUD volunteer called DPS Director Halliday’s office on Monday to ask for a clarification on Halliday’s position regarding photo enforcement and a message was left with his assistant. It’s been 48 hours and the phone call was not returned, so we can only assume that Halliday is not willing to denounce photo radar or come out in favor of banning it.

***UPDATE*** DPS responded to CameraFRAUD and they are considering our offer to bring Director Halliday in for an interview. Stay tuned.

He and Governor Jan Brewer, who recently appointed him, seem to march to the same beat in that regard. If you remember, she mentioned on the record and on the air with Jay Lawrence’s KTAR Radio Show that she did not like the system. When given the chance to terminate the state contract with Redflex, she shrunk from her position, using the excuse that it would be too expensive due to penalties for ending the program early.

Halliday is now pushing for an increase of 280 DPS officers from the current level and Brewer is pushing for an 18% (one cent on every dollar) increase in the state sales tax. While their interests could go hand-in-hand, that connection has not been made yet. What’s clear is that neither is willing to do the right thing and admit that the state of Arizona was lied to by Redflex Traffic Systems about the safety record and the nature of the program during the term of former Governor Napolitano and end the dangerous practice of photo enforcement.

As if that weren’t enough to pontificate on, a story on on Monday described our friend Jay Heiler’s latest game of media and public manipulation. Heiler has now contrived some type of road safety association by registering it through a lobbyist firm. The main goal of this group is clearly damage control after countless public relations disasters for the photo radar industry and namely his current company, Redflex.

A volunteer called the Arizona wing of APCO Worldwide, the lobbyist firm which registered the web address for for The Partnership For Advancing Road Safety (PARS), there was no answer and the voicemail belonged that that of one Jay Heiler. It’s not too difficult to connect the dots on that association, but what’s unclear, is what Heiler plans to do with PARS and if it will have a presence in Arizona.

The contract for the freeway camera system between Redflex and the state of Arizona expires on July 1st. Governor Brewer has indicated that she will not renew it. Signatures for the Ban Photo Radar in Arizona initiative are due at the same time and a public vote would happen in November.

35 Responses to Lip Service and Lobbyists

  1. AntiCam says:

    Here’s hoping that this crap goes away!

    BTW – Saw a CameraFraud Bumper Sticker on the commiecam control box at Lincoln Blvd and I-25 in Lone Tree, CO. It’s a shame it wasn’t a little bit bigger and readable. Thank you, kind sir, for getting the message out. I just wish there was a CO branch of CameraFraud. I’d be there with my sign tomorrow.


    “Strategic Philanthropy?” hahahahaha what a bunch of soulless ghouls.

  3. Sure says:

    Good piece. Yep, we got a whole lot of scumbags running this state and running this scam. It is really going to hurt these politicians when it comes out as to who they associate with:

    Phoenix, AZ
    1,122 Volunteers

    Welcome to CameraFRAUD. We are united in our effort to get rid of every speed camera, red light camera, and photo radar van here in Arizona and across the country. We were suc…

    Check out this Meetup Group →

    Phoenix, AZ
    1,122 Volunteers

    Welcome to CameraFRAUD. We are united in our effort to get rid of every speed camera, red light camera, and photo radar van here in Arizona and across the country. We were suc…

    Check out this Meetup Group →

  4. It’s funny how PARS claims to be focused on road safety but their focus clearly is just cameras. There are so many facets to road safety that to focus only on one aspect (the $$$ generation) should make it clear that the organization is just a shill.

    Actually, it’s looks like their website is a response to mine… (

  5. SB 1129 is proposing the termination of the state’s photo enforcement. Do you think the Senate should vote in favor or against this bill?

    Join the conversation at!

    • Mike Waters says:

      THat site might give you a warm feeling, but going down to the State legislature and registering with the lobbying system will do more good. You do NOT have to be a lobbyest to register!

      Free parking on Jefferson W of 17th Av, walk to either the Senate or House buildings and register at one of the computer terminals just inside the door.

      You can register for a friend as well, you need name, address, phone number, then pick a userid and password.

      It takes about 2 minutes.

      After that you can comment from the internet on ANY bill before the state legislature.


  6. Sure says:

    APCO Worldwide Training Video:

  7. oh boy says:

    I Just saw the poll on channel 3 about ending photo enforcement..73% against cameras 27% for cameras
    Looks like Redflex is going to have to re-define “SMALL Vocal MINORITY”

    • What was the report about? Hopefully it’s on their website too.

    • Brent says:

      What they don’t understand is we are the majority- the vast majority; and while only some of us are vocal, each of us represents ten of thousands of voters.

      Literally, tens of thousands of people have signed the petition and for every voter out there who doesn’t get the chance to sign and express their support on the petition, the odds are about 2:1 in our favor they will still vote on the right side of the issue. If anyone wants to place a wager on the November’s “Proposition XXX” (number TBD), I’m going to wager 70/30 or greater that the cameras have an early retirement. Hopefully Redflex will be ‘green’ and recycle them for the valuable scrap metal..

      • alucard says:

        I will lay odds of $1000 to $1 in favor of the scameras coming down. This means that, if I win, I get $1. If I lose, I pay out $1000.

        When the scameras get voted out, my guess is within 24 hours, one or more class action lawsuits will be filed against RedFlex and the various jurisdictions to recover money, clearing driver records, removing suspensions, etc. which occurred as a result of the inception of this dastardly fraud.

  8. oh boy says:

    I was looking at past videos on the subject and off to the side was the question and a place to vote yes or no. after you vote it shows current results. I will look again and try to get you the name of the story.

  9. oh boy says:

    @CameraFraudAZ, Now it is 76% that want scameras scrapped…From: FEB 10, 2010 “DPS Director wants to scrap or restructure photo radar cams.”

  10. oh boy says:

    I sure would hate to be in Redflex’s position. Looks like lots of cracks in the Dam and the truth is spilling out all over the place.

    • LoneWolf says:

      I like watching them sweat. and the more they change strategies, the more fuel it adds to our fire. Our fire’s getting hotter and it’s burning longer…. somebody’s gonna get burned.

    • Brent says:

      LOL! This sounds like the type of business that ATS or Redflex would try to be a part of.. and then get hacked..

    • Mike Waters says:

      Of course we all know that Redflex could NEVER be hacked!

      I wonder if Jay Heiller would like to get a few thousand photo radar tickets next week?

    • B says:

      I immediately thought of OnStar when I read this. You can’t even buy a GM without that system… When you combine that with event data recorders, you have a lot of surveillance data coming out of GM cars.

  11. RPr says:

    Florida going to ban the scam

    There are volumes of studies showing how unsafe intersections become after installation of red light cameras as well as a vast amount of documented proof municipalities routinely take measures to create more violations in order to generate revenue. Cities have been found guilty of shortening the yellow light in order to have more vehicles cited as the red light camera system in those cities lost money. Several studies in Australia, Texas, Virginia, California, and most recently at the University of South Florida have shown a dramatic increase in the number of crashes and serious injuries resulting after the cameras were installed. There are only a handful of studies showing the opposite and the bulk of those studies are called into question due to the funding source for the studies.

  12. Sure says:

    Job Opening at Redflex, Must know how to peddle bullsh*t:

    Job Description- Director of Public Information

    Location: Phoenix, AZ

    Salary: Base up to $90,000

    Summary: This position is responsible for communications for assisting current REDFLEX clients with Public Information. This assignment is focused on working with clients in their local media markets with earned and paid media campaigns to educate communities about site selection of safety cameras, the dangers of red light and speed on local roadways, and the resultant benefits of driver behavior modification.

    Redflex Traffic Systems, Inc. has contracts with more than 240 U.S. cities, and is the largest provider of digital red light and speed enforcement services in North America. With photo speed programs in nine states and photo red light programs across 22 states, REDFLEX has consistently led the market in contract wins, system installation rates and market share.

    Our organization empowers you to do your best work.

    Duties and Responsibilities:

    Lead development and execution of effective outreach programs
    Consult with current client PIO’s.

    Earned Media: Assist local governments with press events, town halls, press releases.

    Paid Media: Print, radio, TV public service announcement creative, media planning, and traffic oversight.

    Preview Requests for Proposals and draft responses for marketing and public outreach

    Research Public Safety Facts and develop Powerpoint presentations in support

    Public Outreach support kit management

    Minimum Job Requirements:

    This position requires a four year college degree.

    Experience in Government Public Information with minimum of 5 years
    Experience with media relations with a minimum of 10 years

    Physical Job Requirements:

    Travel by Airplane and Automobile (50% travel required)

    Lift 20 pounds (computer, supplies, trade booth equipment)

    Ability to sit for extended periods at desk, in conferences.

    Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities Required:

    Excellent written and verbal communication skills
    Excellent relationship management skills
    Interest in or experience with Public Policy/Political Science/Government a plus
    Grass roots development experience a plus
    Excels working in teams
    Self starter
    Strong multi-tasking skills
    Works well under pressure/Excels in fast paced/high growth environment
    Strong knowledge of Microsoft Office

  13. oh boy says:

    It looks like someone took our advise on updating their resume and getting out before it is TOO late. You can bet many others are THINKING about it right now. One less TROLL! ( Have not seen many trolls lately, maybe they are ALL busy working on their resumes.)

  14. oh boy says:

    They forgot the number one requirement. “Ability to tell Many Lies and keep a straight face without feeling like a low life.”

  15. Doc says:

    After all th’ bull$#!+…FINALLY! Light @ th’ end of th’ tunnel! Just remember 1 thing, gang…Janet Napolitano is @ the root of this problem. Redflex & ATS were her means of enactment. I’m not saying their culpibality in this is reduced…just that remember the catalyst…DAMMIT JANET!

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