RedFlex stock continues to tank

We have reported before that RedFlex is a sinking ship, and the bad news just keeps coming for the scamera company.

Today RedFlex sank to a new 52 week low. Apparently investors are beginning to get the clue that Americans don’t like being taken advantage of. This on news that RedFlex will not be paying dividends for this half-year released in late February, and a recent story run by Fox cable news shedding light on their racketeering efforts.

52 week 1.62 Low – 2.95 High  ~ as of 12:10am EST

Have a look at the charts…
1 U.S. dollar = 1.08991826 Australian dollars

This loss of over 4% of their stock value today highlights the need for us all to continue to starve the monster. We are having a terrific affect on their ability to expand their scam.

41 Responses to RedFlex stock continues to tank

  1. Stacey says:

    But we still have idiots in the Chandler City Council, except Jeff Weninger who was the only who voted against renewing the contract.

  2. Alucard says:

    If you look at the 3-month chart, you will observe that the stock price at the beginning of the period was 2.45, then dropped to 1.65 as of yesterday. This is roughly a 33% drop in value.

    As for Chandler, we can still “nullify” their decision in November when we vote on the ballot initiative, but we must relentlessly pursue that goal without fail and with all possible vigor.

  3. Stacey says:

    Loopholes, loopholes! We don’t need no stinkin loopholes. Jay, fix this problem – NOW! And stop calling me Janet, it is governor to you!

  4. Alucard says:

    From the tone of “Victory For Safety’s” message, it appears he wants us to succeed. Otherwise, he would have no need to troll our board with a fake bulletin and assertions of being unable to gain the necessary signatures for the initiative.

    Of course, these messages could also be the crying call from a weakened opposition that realizes they’ve been defeated before final call.

    I contend that cameras do NOT and CANNOT improve safety or save lives; they are not proactive in this regard. Instead, their computer program takes pictures and videos of motorists that fit whatever criteria is programmed into them. They react after-the-fact. Pictures and videos of collisions recorded by scameras illustrates this contention nicely.

    Rather than look at “Victory For Safety” as a lemon, let’s use him as a means to rally, make lemonade, and score a real victory for safety! Real safety starts with proactive traffic engineering and shutting down the scameras for good — THE CAMERAS ARE COMING DOWN!

  5. Brent says:

    IN THE LAST 1 MONTH >>>>> DOWN 23%

    IN THE LAST 3 MONTHS >>>> DOWN 60%


  6. Dracula says:

    Truth be told Police and street Traffic officers do not “prevent” accidents or improve safety either.

    They are reactive, They can only respond to accidents or issue citations “after the fact”.

    Using your contentions and your logic, because police do not actually “prevent” those accidents or “crimes” in progress they should be eliminated too.

    “Prevention” of accidents or enhanced safety(including saving lives)is done by their “perceived” presence, and through fear of prosecution. Nothing more.

    Any position stating Chandler loses money on the program only validates that this is not a revenues source for the city.

    Fatality rates in these intersections are down.

    I sometimes agree with your argument as it relates to STATE highway photo radar. But not here, and not statewide.

    I think that red lights, and community street safety is a different matter. I wish the cameras were in school zones.

    Now that a city can demonstrate factually that photo cameras reduce red light fatalities, it could and SHOULD cost them big dollars in litigation if safety features are later removed to appease a political position.

    Political position ?

    Yes, because as demonstrated by CF membership and organizational links to political campaigns, its seems pretty clear that your efforts agitate for some other purposes as well.

    Each community should be able to decide for itself.I disagree with your POLITICAL move for a STATE wide initiative of that sort. Pro or Con.

    Interesting how your politics are pliable. You are not much better than ACORN. Welcome to the club

    • Stacey says:

      They are in school zones. These guys got a ticket from a defective camera:

    • Will Kay says:

      Dracula, DPS, ATS, Redflex, and all you other trolls out there, how do you explain the FACT that these photo enforcement systems violate more than one Arizona Revised Statute? What about all of the citizens, and there are MANY, that feel their Constitutional rights are being violated? How about the retired police chief who was hired to try and sell the court system on violating PROPER service? Due Process? Jefferson Parish, Louisiana has Federal investigators looking into all kinds of nasty corruption, which is exactly what you get when for profit corporations lay in bed with public service entities. THEY ARE BREAKING STATE AND FEDERAL LAWS! Do you honestly believe that corporations that break laws are doing so in the name of safety?

      Businesses are in business for one purpose only, TO MAKE MONEY. Corporations have what’s called a FIDUCIARY RESPONSIBILITY to their shareholders. That simply means they MUST make them money, increase dividends, or they’re held accountable.

      If you honestly and truly feel that the roads in this or any other state are that unsafe, then don’t drive. It’s that simple.

  7. oh boy says:

    Dracula, When are you trolls going to figure out that red light cams don’t reduce accidents. The reason there may be less accidents at some intersections is because so many people are taking alternate routes to avoid the cameras. I have never once seen any article talk about traffic volume now as apposed to back when…Accidents are down? Compared to what? Please lets talk apples to apples here. If you want to know why accidents are down please check out Caty Couric CBS NEWS-Traffic Deaths Decline on youtube. P.s. Have you sold your Redflex stock yet?

  8. oh boy says:

    Dracula, Whatever happened to the two hundred cameras that were supposed to be part of the program on state highways. I’d say CameraFraud scored quite a victory early in the game…( The state stopped at 75 total fixed and mobile.) We are gaining more and more momentum every day. Two National news stories that prove our point in as many days. (FOX & CBS)hard to argue with them as they are trusted and highly respected for telling it like it is.

    You might as well make better use of your time updating your resume instead playing on our website. By the way, How are you going to explain the gap in employment on your applications. Surely you know that no one would ever hire anyone who ever worked for Redflex or ATS. Lots of luck finding another job. HEE HEE HEE

  9. JOKN says:

    I heard in the AM that chandler Is keepin redfux around and it’s safety not the revenue? so I say the why not give the $$$$ to charity,,,,,,,THEN. They lie like a rug and they know it, if for some reason the people vote in (NOVEMBER) to keep them,,, look out you ain’t seen nothin yet

  10. oh boy says:

    JOKN, they can’t vote to keep the cameras. They only have so many employees and they can’t really be sure how they will vote. HEE HEE HEE

  11. RPr says:

    Feds widen investigation into Redflex and ATS!

    Video on the top right

  12. Stacey says:

    Photos from Chandler city council meeting:

    Phoenix, AZ
    1,121 Volunteers

    Welcome to CameraFRAUD. We are united in our effort to get rid of every speed camera, red light camera, and photo radar van here in Arizona and across the country. We were suc…

    Check out this Meetup Group →

  13. J.W. says:

    From the AZ Central article:

    “Under the contract, Chandler pays Redflex $19 for every camera activation even though many don’t result in tickets and fines.”

    That right there only highlights the fact that this company is out for our money and has every incentive to do what ever they can to get those lights to trigger, be it shorting yellows or flat out falsifying documents.

    On the other hand the more these things are triggered with out being able to identify the person who triggered them, then more it’ll hurt Chandler’s wallet and the less desirable this scheme becomes to them.

  14. oh boy says:

    Dracula, Victory and all you other trolls that are getting paid to tell all your lies, remember, CameraFraud tells the truth for FREE.
    How does it feel to sell out your fellow Americans?
    We would not do that for ANY PRICE!

  15. LoneWolf says:

    Coalition Formed to Promote Public Road Safety

    This is making headlines across several news & business websites.

    “While a vocal minority may oppose road safety cameras, our research indicates just the opposite — 80 percent of the public support intersection safety cameras and 67 percent support speed safety cameras,” said Kelly. “Automated road safety cameras share one thing in common with other proven safety countermeasures – they save lives. And that’s the message PARS intends to communicate to everyone we can reach.”

    I guess their mothers against red-light running (or whatever that Mickey Mouse club was that they started) wasn’t good enough so now their lamest.. I mean latest attempt to sway opinions is to start an organization that looks like it’s all for safety, but too bad all these for-profit companies that are the major partners in this coalition kinda says something about this coalition, ya think?

    “Additional partners of PARS include American Traffic Solutions, headquartered in Scottsdale, AZ; LaserCraft, headquartered in Norcross, GA; Redflex Traffic Systems, headquartered in Phoenix, AZ; Traffipax, headquartered in Columbia, MD, and Redspeed Illinois, headquartered in Lombard, IL. They account for more than 88 percent of the more than 4,000 intersection safety and speed cameras installed in North America”.

    They’re really trying hard to push the scam, aren’t they? They’ve tossed in a bunch of bogus unsupported numbers and left out all the other factors that could possibly affect the outcome of those numbers. They know we’re a threat so their only option is to band together like a gang and hope to bring us all down. Perhaps now is the time to form a national alliance with all other anti-scam organizations and work together to bring photo enforcement down all across the US.

  16. oh boy says:

    LoneWolf Great article! It is becomming more and more obvious we are kicking their butts. Redflex had to circle the wagons and band together as they know they do not have the ability to take us on alone. We have them between a rock and a hardplace and they know it. No time to let up now……

  17. oh boy says:

    Just think, In a year or so, people of Arizona will be saying RED.Who?…..

  18. oh boy says:

    Redflex stock DROPS again today. (and that is no lie!)

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