Fox News Channel with Douglas Kennedy

The video is finally up and ready! Sorry about the delay.


13 Responses to Fox News Channel with Douglas Kennedy

  1. Lane says:

    Wow! It was pretty cool that they let Shawn give an immediate rebuttal to Sig-Heiler’s “all about safety” lie. Way to go.

  2. photoradarscam says:

    That was pretty good coverage. Amazing how much more honest the coverage is when the media group isn’t local and doesn’t have any vested interest in what gets reported.

    Local media outlets have to manage their relationships to ensure that they stay on the inside for news and information, don’t offend anyone, and don’t offend any potential advertisers.

  3. Jury Nullification says:

    Good work.. Exposing the truth one news show at a time.

  4. Dylan says:

    Jay Heiler comes off (on this and other reports) as such a corporate whore..

    His family should be ashamed of him. He’ll be at the top of the blacklist in November.. (Along with the Tuton’s, Shoba, and the other creepers).

  5. Stacey says:

    An old Arizona Republic article says that Jay Heiler’s favorite book was Modern Times by Paul Johnson. Was he using it as an instruction guide or what?

    Here is a description of the book:

    Paul Johnson tells us that nearly every repressive regime that managed to kill millions of its own people and untold numbers of others was spawned by some utopian philosophy.

    Hitler’s Nazi dream was based on a pure race. Mao destroyed the culture, economy and the lives of a whole nation through repression and starvation in the name of some Marxist notion of the ultimate good. Lenin and Stalin starved and murdered whole classes of people in the name of communism.

    As Johnson said of Lenin, “His humanitarianism was a very abstract passion. It embraced humanity in general but he seems to have had little love for, or even interest in, humanity in particular.”

    Meanwhile, the greater good that marked the century came from a laissez faire attitude in democratic republics that allowed innovators to innovate, entrepreneurs to invest and people, in general, choices in their politics, religion and even consumption.

    The information age was a transforming force when coupled with freedom and the right to property. The Berlin Wall fell, and communism shrivelled like a watered down Wicked Witch in the “Merry Old Land of Oz”.

    Paul Johnson in “Modern Times” that moral relativism is what made all this possible. No longer were regimes responsible for what they did to individuals, for the ends justified the means in trying to forge a “great society”. If 8 million Kulaks had to be sent to Siberia to starve and die in camps for the benefit of all society, then so be it.

    Stalin and his liberal supporters in the West were blind to individual suffering even on a massive scale, if only for the sake of the idea. It did not matter that the idea itself could never work. It was the good intentions of the perpetrators of the deed that counted. But ultimately, the utopian idea would become a cudgel for thugs to rule and to maintain their rule in the face of the human misery it spawned

  6. oh boy says:

    Check out Redflex stock! It looks like it is sinking faster than the Titanic. If any of you trolls out there have enough conviction to actually own Redflex stock, you may want to consider DUMPING it while you can still get SOMETHING for it. HEE HEE HEE….

    • B says:

      The positive thing to come out of this is that groups like Camerafraud ARE having an impact. The politicians are being forced to take a 2nd look at the systems… Notice they didn’t just renew with a 3 year extension… they took more of a wait and see approach with a 1 year extension…

      They’re probably waiting to see what happens in November.

  7. B says:

    It’s great to see the national press giving this story some reasonably honest coverage of the Camerafraud point of view finally. They also did it without burying it inbetween the usual, local DPS regurgitation of their gerrymandered statistics, or the tears of a certain retired police chief from PV – clearly hired by Redflex as a counter PR move to Sheriff Babeu… (Although we had to tolerate listening to Jay Heiler’s PR spin again).

    BTW – I’m not sure the blonde Fox anchor really understood the Camerafraud cause… “they took away the chase…” what?? 🙂

  8. Steve says:

    The blonde Fox anchor probably doesn’t have these cameras pointing at her from several of these Redflex traps every day on the way to and from work. Law abiding citizens don’t like being surveiled any more than speeders do. And in my opinion, Jay Hailer is a corporate whore. After our initiative passes in November, he’ll be unemployed too.

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