Monthly Meeting Tuesday

It’s not time to celebrate but we’ve had another great month and captured the spotlight again. This is the most critical time in our ballot initiative effort. We now have LESS THAN 120 DAYS to collect signatures for the BAN PHOTO RADAR IN AZ initiative.

The opposition is still waiting to take their best shot, if history is any indication.

Tactics Employed by Redflex/Go Media. Photo Courtesy of

We’ve been on local news, we’ve been in the national press and now we’ve been on National Cable Television News.

There will be a couple exciting announcements that you don’t want to miss.

Tuesday, 7 p.m., you know the place, check the Meetup and RSVP.

28 Responses to Monthly Meeting Tuesday

  1. photoradarscam says:

    Another city caught with illegally short yellow lights:

    • LoneWolf says:

      Makes me wonder how many thousands of citizens have been cheated by cameras that opponents of photo enforcement haven’t monitored over the years. Obviously, the city or the scam company isn’t going to $$$say$$$ anything.

      • That’s one of the biggest problems with PE. Aside from things like yellow light timing that an individual can verify (kind of), what are you going to do, call the police and tell them their precious machine isn’t working right? How many time a day do they get those calls? And by making tickets too troublesome to contest, most people just don’t bother.

      • In my opinion, anyone caught shortening yellow lights should be subject to prosecution for criminal negligence. This is not a game to make money, even though they play it that way. Shortening yellow lights puts lives in danger, period.

      • LoneWolf says:

        Just for the heck of it, I did some calculations. A tenth of a second for yellow lights doesn’t seem like it would make much of a difference, but in actuality, it makes a big difference.

        A vehicle going 25mph = 132,000ft/hr
        Nearly 4 ft in a tenth of a second

        A vehicle going 40mph = 211,200ft/hr
        Nearly 6ft in a tenth of a second

        6ft is half the width of a single cross lane if it’s 12ft or 2/3rd the width if the cross lane is 9ft.

        In order to determine the standard width of lanes, I did a little research and came up with this gem of an article:

        If this study is true and our lanes are wider than what’s suggested in this article, then that means the state and local municipalities didn’t include this as a solution in their engineering studies before installing the scameras. They went straight for the gold. (Of course we know they failed to research a lot of things before implementing the scam, but this is just one of several alternatives they should’ve looked into if it were all about safety.. $$$ but we know better $$$)

      • kandaris says:

        I have seen literally dozens of these kinds of reports over the past two years… While over 1700 “errors” is significant by anyone’s standard, what I’d like to see is a compiled document of all of the examples of error that we can collect, compiled into one document that I can hand to the next loser that stands there and tells me they don’t believe that these things make mistakes. It happens at least once every time I collect signatures and I’m tired of telling them to go check for themselves. Hell, how deluded can I be?… just that statement from them should tell me that they don’t care about the facts of the situation or any situation for that matter.

        • SD Anderson says:

          I agree. We could use a large fact sheet that covers not only the mistakes, but also the money motivated corruption associated with photo enforcement. The evidence is scattered throughout this website, but it would be helpful to put it all on one sheet for easy access. If anyone would care to join me, we can meet up on the board I created and butt heads together and create the ultimate fact/rebuttal sheet. It’s easy to join and I had already created a category specifically for such a project. But if you’d prefer to use the meetup board, we can do that too. Let’s just get it done! Your help would be deeply appreciated (CF volunteers only).

          • kandaris says:

            I’d help with it. We just need to have a bucket so to speak to dump articles that have verifiable evidence that there were equipment malfunctions. I know just off the top of my head that several cite thousands of cases of erroneous tickets each. Then once we have them all on one place we can arrange them in the most clear and concise way.

          • SD Anderson says:

            Here’s something I started:

            I have several different buckets on this new board.. Anyone can use it or the meetup board.

        • This information is already at my website at

          If I am missing any, let me know.

    • LoneWolf says:

      These morons don’t want to think outside the box, do they?

      “We think it will decrease safety,” Steele said. “Motorists will use that extra second of time not to slow down but to speed up as an extension of their green time. We see that a lot in Chicago and we think we could see more. ”

      Then add another second to all sides red and quit making up excuses not to find safer and more efficient alternatives to the cash cows which many, like you Mr Steele, believe is the one and only way to reduce violations and collisions. Idiots!

    • photoradarscam says:

      These idiots think that their city is the first to explore these ideas and they refuse to look at all of the research that’s already out there and the experience of other cities.

      This is all especially due to the fact that they refuse to consult real traffic engineers on these issues because TEs should be current on all of the latest research and data.

      Instead, these city councils and police chiefs think they know all about traffic safety even though they have no background in the field.

      • LoneWolf says:

        Yup, plus money talks loudly and clearly.. They can’t seem to see beyond the almighty $$$dollar$$$ sign.

  2. Sure says:

    Oh, Gregg, where are you? Come on now, you have been very quite lately!

    Phoenix, AZ
    1,121 Volunteers

    Welcome to CameraFRAUD. We are united in our effort to get rid of every speed camera, red light camera, and photo radar van here in Arizona and across the country. We were suc…

    Check out this Meetup Group →

  3. Stacey says:

    Chandler Alert

    Continue Your E-mails

    According to a CF member, Chandler City Council members welcome any support from anyone caring to write emails in and make calls but to get them in before Thursday evening as that’s when the actual vote will take place.

    Any documentation we could provide them with is also welcome, as well as any horror stories we may have in Chandler or other local cities. If you live, work, shop, or even stop for a cup of coffee on your way to somewhere else, but use the streets of Chandler they want your input.

    City Council website with e-mail address to mayor and members:

    Attend City Council Meeting Thursday March 11th 7:00 p.m.

    Thursday, the Chandler City Council will be voting on whether to renew and expand its contract with Redflex. Redflex will give a presentation and others may speak as well. Just fill out the speaker comment card and it is item #14. If you don’t feel like speaking just bring a sign.

    Number to City Council:

    Phone: 480-782-2200
    Fax: 480-782-2233

    Where:Meeting at Downtown Library
    22 S. Delaware St.
    Chandler AZ 85225
    (480) 782-2803

    Time: 7:00p.m.


  4. Stacey says:

    Having fun in Spain!

  5. Stacey says:

    New Chandler Article with comment section

  6. oh boy says:

    We should not feel too bad about the Chandler vote. The more I am involved in this group and local politics The more I realize that many of these so called hearings are Bogus as the outcome is pre-determined. One would only have to have been present at the Phoenix city councel meeting on the food tax to see how easily they can manipulate it. They allowed representatives from Fire, Police, and 911 plenty of time to tell the sad stories and why they needed money soooooo bad. They allowed citizens who opposed it only two minutes and they had to give their name, address, and if they were for or against. In reality they barely had one minute to speak….seemed very one sided to me.

  7. Nate Forrest says:

    The word on the street is that you do not have anywhere near enough signatures and are afraid that most of them are invalid. Give us the number Shawn..

  8. oh boy says:

    Nate Forrest. I guess you are wondering when to start spending your companies severely limited resources on the scam add campaign in Arizona..the answer is “don’t bother”. You have lost Arizona and you might as well spend the money trying to Bull Sh_t some poor backward country of your scameras benefits.
    Thats getting tougher because with Tv, The internet, cellphones,etc., people in all countries are getting smarter. Hell, even the camel jockys have GPS.

  9. oh boy says:

    NATE, you need to give us some credit. We are just trying to save you some embarrassment. If you knew how many signatures we REALLY have, you would most likely POOP YOUR PANTS!

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