Automated Ticketing takes another direct hit!


Lawsuit seeks refunds for drivers who received red-light camera tickets in Springfield

The stakes for states and municipalities attempting to run this scam just got a lot higher.  In a precedent setting decision this week, the Missouri State Superior court struck down the legality of issuing tickets in this manner.

“It took less than 24 hours for someone to file a class-action lawsuit to get back the $803,000 in red light camera fees paid to Springfield since 2007…

 Jason Umbarger– the lawyer in the state Supreme Court case that ruled Springfield’s policy of handling ticket disputes through administrative hearings was not proper –filed the potential lawsuit Wednesday morning.”

Read about it here.

Ante up you crooks… its time to pay the piper.

What this means is that cities and states run the risk of further class action suits by using these automated ticketing systems and now that another precedent case has been set, class action lawsuits become a much more powerful way to fight this injustice.

2 Responses to Automated Ticketing takes another direct hit!

  1. Sure says:

    Toledo Impounds Cars Due To Red Light Camera

  2. Alucard says:

    Yes! The best way to hit these scamera companies is right where it hurts the most — their pocketbook!

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