Sheriff Paul and CameraFRAUD – Support the Cause! (Fundraiser 2/18/10)

San Tan Flat in Queen Creek is the location!

You know the cameras are a scam. You’ve been watching our efforts with admiration. You may even have joined the Meetup Group, left comments on the blog and Twittered us!

Now it’s time to show your support as we redouble our efforts. What’s in it for you? Well for starters, you can see the Sheriff speak live and in person, listen to some live music, have a cowboy-sized meal and meet some friendly folks.  They’ll be the kind who feel the same way you do about what state politicians have hoisted on the taxpayer’s shoulders under the guise of “safety.” It’s a $25 donation per person to attend. You can sign up by donating, or just show up! Cowboy attire is optional. Scameras are prohibited!

**100% of the proceeds from the fundraiser will go to the ongoing Arizona Citizens Against Photo Radar public awareness campaign about the abuses of photo radar and the citizens ballot initiative to completely ban photo traffic enforcement in the state of Arizona. Currently 15 other states have similar bans.**

Sheriff Paul Babeu, CameraFRAUD Booth, AZ State Fair 2009

The Place: San Tan Flat Bar & Grill – 6185 West Hunt Highway Queen Creek, AZ 85242

The Time: 6 P.M. Thursday, February 18th 2010

The Man: Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu

The Music: Mike Easterday

How Much: $25 donation per person. Sign up or show up! (food and drinks are extra)

The Food: Home Cookin’ (menu)

Sheriff Babeu, Show Down at High Noon vs Redflex Traffic Systems

28 Responses to Sheriff Paul and CameraFRAUD – Support the Cause! (Fundraiser 2/18/10)

  1. photoradarscam says:

    Redflex lies again… testing lab for calibration of equipment in Australia DOESN’T EXIST!

    The article doesn’t seem to assess the importance of the news. In my opinion, this is grounds for a huge class action lawsuit. Who calibrates the equipment here in AZ?

  2. Sure says:

    That sheriff is good lookin.

  3. what a discrace says:

    I am ashamed of a public law enforcment offical denouncing a program that spanks the little kids who speed. The only ones against this are the ones who drive recklessly by speeding. You are a fraud and I don’t support you or your cause.

    • the_insider says:

      ATS troll…what’s more of a disgrace, a Sheriff standing up for the concerns of his citizens, or ATS forcing its employees to write heavily-coached letters to their state and national senators in support of the cameras?

      If the Great Silent Majority really supports the cameras, why does ATS need to intimidate employees into a letter-writing campaign in hopes of keeping the people from having their say in November?

      • PersonalFreedom says:

        Indeed theinsider! insider here too.. ATS did force them to write those letters and probably 97% of the workers did write the letter! mindless serfs! they also asked them all to have their families and friends to write letters as well. Of course ATS told them to bring in the letters their families and friends write and ATS would send them in for them.
        ‘what a disgrace’ – wreckless driving and speeding are completely different things! Wrecks are caused by people not paying attention or driving wrecklessly not by speeding, have you looked at the amount of wrecks per capita on the autoban? (spelling?) no speed limit and for some reason there are less wrecks, weird huh? bring the scameras down! Peace to all.

    • photoradarscam says:

      It’s too bad people like yourself will not spend time and to a little research before making comment like this.

      In fact, if you read ADOT’s webpage (you do trust ADOT don’t you?), “Contrary to popular belief, speed in itself is not a major cause of accidents.”

      I also love comments like this because it shows that you actually believe that us volunteers spend hours and hours and hundreds and thousands of dollars of our own money “just so we can speed.” The ironic reality is that it’s easier to speed WITH the cameras because we know their locations and simply slow down or hide our face for 1/4 mile if that really is a concern. Speed cameras make it EASIER to speed!

    • Sure says:

      Didn’t the sheriff also remove the cameras in his county because the accident and death rate went up?

    • That’s funny Lieutenant, you can post under as many names as you want to, but we know it’s you.

      Shall I pass on your messages to the Sheriff?

      • Will Kay says:

        DPS Lt King by any chance? Seriously!?! Whoever Lieutenant you are, you can’t even spell the word disgrace right genius.

    • B says:

      What is a disgrace is that you’re not willing to listen to the other side of the argument and just live on presumptions about those who don’t agree with you, troll.

      Really – Who knew there were so many camera lovers who trolled this site… Unless they’re just paid Redflex plants trying to cause trouble, like our friend Mr. Ostro…

  4. RPr says:

    I hear there will be a big announcement at the fundraiser tonight.

  5. If you noticed that the website was down for a while yesterday

  6. RPr says:

    Uh Oh the State Press is starting to figure it out.

  7. B says:

    How about this for news, photo radar, and the economy: Mesa’s accidents have dropped 18%. Why has this happened? They say it’s PHOTO RADAR – hahaha.

    From our friends at AZCentral:

    “The city also had 7 percent fewer vehicle collisions in 2009. Police responded to 6,081 last year and 6,561 in 2008, police figures show. Injury collisions dropped 18 percent.

    “What is attributed to this is our overall traffic plan,” Meza said. That plan includes “an emphasis of our patrol officers to analyze accident data and an emphasis on photo-radar placement. It’s an overall strategy to create a safer environment on our streets.”

    Mesa police uses 31 red-light cameras to nab drivers running red lights, five stationary cameras to photograph speeding drivers.”

    Bullshat… Wasn’t all of that equipment there in 2008??

    Have they suddenly added a ton of photo radar equipment in 2009, with their budget in tatters? Not that I’ve heard about. (If they have, that’d be interesting to know, considering how broke they are as a city.)

    The bottom line: This is just more proof that “it’s the economy, stupid.”

    A lot of illegal immigrants have bailed on Mesa as 1) the construction and other low-ed jobs have disappeared, and 2) the state put that employer sanctions law on the books.

    However, look at the City of Mesa spin. How many of those 31 red light cameras can be moved (Note that didn’t allow comments for people to disprove this BS.)

    It’s a shame that this recession will probably continue just long enough for these economically-based, statistical anomalies to continue to be quoted as “hard evidence” that photo radar “works”. I wonder what their spin will be if the economy turns around and accidents spike… “We need MORE cameras to turn the tide like we did in 2009!”??

  8. I think we should all be required by law to wear a helmet camera that feeds directly to the Police and our Representatives down at the capital.

    This way if we did anything wrong we could get fined or thrown in jail immediately. Furthermore, if there was not a law for it…the legislature could rush in a bill to stop any other behavior they see as inappropriate.

    Remember…Freedom is cool when its controlled.

  9. Sure says:

    I love slavery, I mean freedom.

    The questions is were the number counts included in the study?

  10. Mike says:

    I couldn’t make it out to the fund raiser but I just donated another $50 on the web site.

    The cameras are going down!

  11. The San Tan Flats event rocked. That place is beautiful. It is kind of far, but I expected it to be further. Nice drive. I went with Anand and saw all the Usual Suspects (great movie) there. Got to talk with Sheriff Babeau. He is an interesting guy. He was telling us about his efforts to stop corruption in Pinal County. Great stories. Beautiful place out there though. I would definitely recommend it!

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