Sign Making Party

They’re tattered. Some are outdated. Some aren’t bold enough and none were made just before the announcement of the Showdown At High Noon.


Let’s make some new signs and enjoy some food and drink at the same time. Bring something to share and some supplies. You can probably guess where it is, but if not, check the meetup.

6:30 p.m. Friday, February 5th.

24 Responses to Sign Making Party

  1. Brent says:

    Get ready RedFlex.. You and your scumbag confederates at At$ will only be generating revenue from selling cameras for scrap metal in a few more months.

    The weakling aussies and drunken brits may stand for the type of shananigans your comrades in the UK have rolled out- but we won’t.

    This is America.

    You don’t like the protections in our constitutions provide (which you’re currently violating), see yourself out, and don’t come back.

    Employees of Redflex and Ats.. after election season you’ll probably want to start fibbing on your resume and omit the span of time you worked for these disgusting corporations as a party to violating your fellow citizens and the law.

    James Tuton, CEO of ATS… FELON

    Karen Finley, CEO of Redflex.. Propagandist Hustler and future un-employable has-been.

    • Brenda says:

      Well said!!! LOL

    • CameraHater says:

      God, I wish I could say you were wrong, Brent (I am Australian). But, sadly, you are right on the money. 😦

      The old, tough, independent, Aussie spirit that once stood shoulder-to-shoulder with our American allies and together (Oz in a small way) crushed imperial Japan has died. Crocodile Dundee was a valedictory, not a cultural icon, as far as this country is concerned. Too many of my countrymen are simply mindless, compliant trolls…. And Redflex and the other scamera profiteers gain hugely from this.

      All I can say is this. America, don’t give in! Don’t surrender your rights. Don’t surrender the principles that have made the USA the light of the world (despite cynicism in some quarters). Don’t let unchecked greed set in place a totalitarian, oppressive matrix in the way that has developed down here!

      Americans should look at the rollback of freedom in places like Australia and the UK with dismay, as a symptom of the decline of the West.

      In this little southern gulag’s case, frankly, I think it is partly driven by our origin as a penal colony. People are WAY too used to doing what the Govertnment tells them without question. We have far more people here than in the USA, who have the attitude, “the law is the law and must be obeyed, 100%, and at all times” (however ridiculous, unfair and unjust). For one thing, that’s what made our mass gun confiscation achieveable a few years back.

      So keep going Camerafraud! And rest assured that any useful intelligence that comes my way about Redflex and its depredations, will be passed on.

      Oh, and BTW, if I could emigrate – I WOULD. I love the States and enjoy every minute I get to spend in the Land of the Free!

      *Rant over*

    • John wayne says:

      well I’m sure if people have to post any resumes it’ll be applying to bang your mother, stop speeding, simple shit, America was great when accountability and responsibility were paramount, now it’s wine about this, wine about that..grow a pair, obey the law, and stop cryin like ur in a damn soap opera, such damn cry babies, it’s one thing to protest taxes, or wars, but ur protesting over cameras catching YOU breakin the law, and like a child u cry no fair, lol I love it, goodluck on ur “showdown” what u all should do is have a showdown with ur manhood about growin a pair, follow the law and there wnt b nooooo problem 😉

      • CameraHater says:

        Sorry, Duke, but you got it wrong here (and not just your spelling). I think you’ll find most of the gtroup here are VERY pro-law and order.

        What we oppose is arbitrary laws such as speed limits set artificially low, and traffic light yellow periods shortened to maximise revenue. We oppose blanket, no-discretion enforcement by machines. We oppose the destruction of cherished legal safeguards (e.g., assumption of innocence) in pursuit of the Almighty Dollar. And we oppose a mistaken focus on low grade speeding when the REAL research shows that excessive speed is responsible for only a tiny fraction of accidents. This dollar-chase is costing lives!

        Far from being a tough John Wayne character, I suspect you are a compliant, mindlessly obedient troll, snapping to atention and doing what Big Brother tells you, like way too many of my benighted countrymen…

        You seem to me to be the exact opposite of the strong, rugged individualists that made America the superpower, and free country that it is.

      • Please contribute to a meaningful discussion.

      • kandaris says:

        hmmm, kinda showcases the quality of individual we are up against here. If you have no facts, no principles, and no vocabulary I guess the only thing you are left with is this type of drivel.

  2. Ron says:

    Insider report from staff at ats suggests Tuton is getting nervous about upcoming loss of Arizona, and is shifting company focus to acquiring new business in CA instead of fighting the AZ battle..

  3. Sure says:

    Thanks everybody who showed up to help make signs. Also, thanks, Todd, for all that food!

  4. Nice of AZFamily to show up tonight, but I think we need a media fact sheet based on what went up their website tonight. There were a lot of details missed.

    Good to learn these things now.

    Okay it’s obviously time for bed. See you all tomorrow!

  5. kandaris says:

    Thanks to everyone who showed up last night! We got a lot done. I was very pleased with the turn-out as we got even more sign makers than RSVP’d, and we made dozens of signs. You guys are awesome. I’m proud to know you and will be proud to stand next to you today.

    –The cameras are coming down!

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