Someone at Likes Us

Actually, he may or may not like us, but he seems to be the first one over there to tell it like our supporters see it. Love him or hate him, cartoonist Steve Benson is good at stirring up thoughts and emotions.

Steve has this one right on. Thanks for the imagery. We’ll dedicate our blog space to your work for today.

Courtesy of Steve Benson/The Arizona Republic

21 Responses to Someone at Likes Us

  1. Matt says:

    Right on.

  2. nick says:

    I think Steve gets it… I might be wrong, but I think he gets it. He was Charles Goyette’s sidekick doing caricatures for Charles’ book signing.

  3. RPr says:

    who does this look like?

  4. HenryL says:

    Legislator Antenori has his bill to require a 1 sec grace on red light tickets. You’d think that would get rid of most red light camera tickets, but it will not. The cities will switch to issuing mostly right turn tickets, which occur throughout the duration of the red light. Emeryville CA is an example of that. Their cameras are provided by Redflex, and a member of the public obtained a Redflex report showing that nearly all the tickets were in the curb lane and were for 2 secs. or more late – obviously right turn tickets. See the report here:

    If Antenori is really sincere about wanting to end red light camera abuse, he needs to put some limit on rolling right tickets. I suggest a quota – no more rolling right tickets than the number of tickets in the adjacent straight thru lane. Or something like that.

  5. Josh says:

    I’ve got a better suggestion, but would be more difficult to program. How about no red light tickets until the first car from the perpendicular direction crosses 1/2 way into the street no red light tickets issued..

  6. Raymond says:

    Yellow-light grace period upped
    Story Discussion By HOWARD FISCHER, Capitol Media Services | Posted: Friday, January 29, 2010 5:00 am | (0) Comments

    Font Size: Default font size Larger font size PHOENIX — Good news for motorist trying to beat the light: State lawmakers want to give you another second to do it without getting your picture snapped.

    Members of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee approved a measure Thursday that forbids cities and counties from setting their cameras designed to catch red-light runners so someone is photographed the moment the light actually turns red. Instead, they would have to offer a one-second “grace” period.

    Flagstaff doesn’t use cameras at intersections to photograph red-light runners.

    The move is part of legislation crafted by Rep. Frank Antenori, R-Tucson. He contends that some communities are setting their traffic signals and red-light cameras in a way designed more produce citations and generate revenues than actually made the roads safer.

    HB 2338 also requires that the duration of the yellow light — the warning that the signal is about to turn red — be at least as long as standards that would have to be established by the Arizona Department of Transportation.

    Thursday’s vote came over the objections from lobbyists from several cities which operate photo enforcement cameras at intersections. Jeff Kros of the League of Arizona Cities and Towns, who testified against the bill for them, said these are issues that should be left to local traffic engineers.

    Posted in State-and-regional on Friday, January 29, 2010 5:00 am Updated: 9:35 pm.

    • B says:

      OR they could just lengthen the yellow lights and turn off the cameras.

      BTW – this won’t fly. Too much revenue will be lost for the cameras to even serve their original purpose… That is, unless they have future plans for those RLC only cameras (i.e. speed enforcement, video surveillance, etc.) that will sustain the revenue stream.

      • If they lengthen the yellow lights, the cameras will be turned off anyway because they are no longer profitable.

        When violations are cut by 50-75% like they have been in other municipalities that employ the same standards, those little annoyances just seem to work themselves out.

    • B says:

      “said these are issues that should be left to local traffic engineers.”
      …that can be bought and paid for outside of the public eye.

  7. James Howard says:

    How about changing the law in Arizona so the point of violation is the stop bar, not the imaginary line of the curb from the intersecting street? I bet the red light cameras in Tucson would become a money loser if they did that, and would come down.

  8. kandaris says:

    How about doing what we’re working on, and removing the temptation for the state and cities to cheat by getting rid of these things completely.

    I’m just sayin…

    These kinds of penny ante BS moves are political garbage. Its just another distraction. The things are wrong, a conflict of interest, and they need to go, PERIOD Anything less is cheating the citizens of Arizona.

    • Better, more clear legislation on yellow light timing is needed, regardless of red light cameras.

      Any effort, like ours, to ban Photo Traffic Enforcement should have nothing to do with yellow light timing. I think that’s a separate issue, but also very important.

      What everyone should remember is that our ban photo radar initiative contains the strongest language and would be the hardest to overturn.

  9. RPr says:

    A new study finds that laws banning hand-held cell phone use while driving have not reduced the number of auto accidents in the District or elsewhere.

    The Highway Loss Data Institute examined insurance claim records in D.C., New York, Connecticut and California, as well as nearby areas lacking cell phone bans.

    The findings: Cell phone bans don’t lower crash rates.

    Read more at the Washington Examiner:

  10. Louisiana says:

    The cartoon is so funny……

    • Dr Jett says:

      This is great! Where can we get one? Even Sheriff Joe would want for his deputies. Imagine the great publicity having demonstrations like this one. Well, Sheriff Joe squanders enough money on publicity stunts, so we shouldn’t give him any ideas and camerafraud isn’t likely to do it. It is fun to watch though.

  11. B says:

    Steve Benson had better be careful if he wants to keep his job there at the Republic/AZCentral…

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