When ATS Gets Up On The Wrong Side of the Bed

You can’t make this stuff up! There was what you could call a little encounter with an ATS employee on twitter this morning after returning home from the 3 TV segment. If you don’t use twitter, this could be a little confusing, but “@” means that someone is saying something directly to you and “RT” means “retweet” as in repeating another users messages to everyone who follows your feed. Brett seemed a little out of sorts this morning and found us on twitter after not updating his for 197 days or so.

BrettTGarner @CameraFraudAz Thats because your a f**king taint!

RT @BrettTGarner: @CameraFraudAz Thats because your a f*cking taint! (Sorry I had to edit that one Brett. And it’s you’re, not your)

BrettTGarner @CameraFraudAz Who cares you are out numbered 4 to 1 in the polls for cameras. you are a dangerous group of people.

CameraFraudAz @BrettTGarner Photo Radar has never survived a public vote and we have plenty of studies on our website to show that it causes accidents

BrettTGarner @CameraFraudAz 80% of americans are for it. you 20% is whats wrong with this society

RT @BrettTGarner: @CameraFraudAz 80% of americans are for it. you 20% is whats wrong with this society. (interesting take)

CameraFraudAz @BrettTGarner Where do those numbers come from Brett?

BrettTGarner @CameraFraudAz oh you dont know, wow for a group that has all the numbers surprised you dont have that little bit of info

CameraFraudAz @BrettTGarner I noticed from facebook that you like to play farmville a lot. How’s that going? http://www.facebook.com/brett.t.garner

BrettTGarner @CameraFraudAz Good and I noticed your an idiot

BrettTGarner @CameraFraudAz you think that every pulic official that agrees with red light cameras, speed cameras that they are trying to f**k you over

CameraFraudAz @BrettTGarner “trying to” or “is?” Which one of them are you friends with Brett?

BrettTGarner @CameraFraudAz If you are against red light cameras that is probably because you are the one getting the tickets for running the light.

CameraFraudAz @BrettTGarner I’ve never had a red light ticket Brett. Did you know just adding one second to yellow light times reduces accidents..

CameraFraudAz @BrettTGarner way more than your dangerous red light cameras do? They don’t teach you that at ATS I bet.

BrettTGarner if you look more close you will see who my employer is. I know what i am doing is helping the community and i have lots of work to do

BrettTGarner lots of new intersections to survey then install. more are going up then coming down

I’m sure Brett’s sentiments don’t echo those of everybody at ATS, but he sure seems to be passionate about it. Maybe he has some more kind words on his very public(until he makes it private) Facebook page.

53 Responses to When ATS Gets Up On The Wrong Side of the Bed

  1. Stacey says:

    New AZ Central Article:

    javascript: azcServiceObjCreate(‘liveitaz’)

  2. Stacey says:

    You should have seen the “gentlemen” of Redflex flipping me off at our protest recently.

    I honestly would not mess with these employees. Talk about criminal element:

    In Italy, a speed camera company was caught in a fraud scandal that involved 109 officials and contractors. Italian police found 81,555 speed camera tickets worth $16 million were fraudulently issued. Prosecutors believe that some of these cameras were calibrated in such a way that motorists adhering to the speed limit would receive citations. Photo radar units bearing the same individual serial number were also being used by different municipalities located hundreds of miles apart. Thus preventing proper calibration testing requirements. As a result, $16 million fraudulently issued tickets, between 2007 and 2009, have been cancelled, refunds will be given and license points will be removed.

    In January, the makers of the T-Red brand of red light cameras were similarly arrested for fraud after prosecutors found motorists were being trapped at intersections with short yellows and improperly certified equipment

    Based out of Phoenix, Australian corporation Redflex violated federal law by using radar units that were not FCC certified.

    In 2008, Arizona Secretary of State Jan Brewer confirmed that Redflex documents used to convict motorists of speeding in Lafayette, Louisiana contained elements that had been falsified. Four Arizona laws were violated while purporting to certify a speed camera deployment form for use in official hearings. http://www.thenewspaper.com/news/24/2464.asp

    In June, Christopher Everette Jacobs, a Redflex employee in Longview, Texas was indicted on nine counts, including three of aggravated sexual assault, four of sexual performance by a child and two of possession or promotion of child pornography.

    The case against Jacobs began after sheriff’s office investigators received a complaint from a woman that a neighbor had been taking pictures of her 8-year-old daughter.

    Redflex employee, Roderick Ruffin, was arrested in Scottsdale for “extreme DUI” while driving an automated ticketing van .

    Another driver was accused of aggravated assault and found guilty of driving at a speed greater than reasonable and had his license suspended.

    These are the types of criminals that Redflex has hired that have access to your DMV records.

    • Doc says:


  3. Joe Manna says:

    It amazes me the ad-hominem arguments proponents for photo enforcement make. Clearly, he has a vested interest in support American Traffic Systems (ATS) as evident by his Facebook profile. His arguments are baseless and weak, just like the rest of the photo enforcement industry.

    Here were my replies to Brett and @CameraFraud:

    @CameraFraudAz At least you helped him re-engage on twitter, his last update was 197 days ago. lol
    @BrettTGarner @CameraFraudAz – Sounds like we should have a debate about it and talk about the issue at hand, ad hominem attacks are lame.
    @CameraFraudAz We found his agenda — “Employer: American Traffic Solutions” “Position: ViMS Technician”
    @BrettTGarner I respect you work for ATS, but please debate properly. Saying people are idiots is not a way to win an argument.
    @CameraFraudAz RE: Brett Tyler Garner (@BrettTGarner)- works for ATS and “I survey intersections for potential red light cameras.”
    @BrettTGarner @CameraFraudAz – Clearly, if cameras are an accurate solution, why bother having police? Hell, just equip them with Tasers. 😉
    @BrettTGarner I had to suffer through four hours of online traffic school hell because of an ATS camera.
    @CameraFraudAz A snark piece on his responses and an open response to them is necessary. If nothing else, to put ATS on PR alert. 😉
    @CameraFraudAz @BrettTGarner You know, I was hammered last night. I could have drove drunk, got flashed and paid $500 fine and not DUI.
    @CameraFraudAz haha, the silence is deafening. I guess he figured we’re just a bunch of newbs who don’t know how to use the Web.

    No response from Brett once we discovered he works for ATS. Not even a clarification on his views. It can only be seen he has been propagandized by ATS with bunk statistics and data.

    Twitter’s a great way to keep track of the discussion on CameraFraudAZ’s movement. Be sure to save a search in your Twitter software for “CameraFraudAZ” and join the discussion. 🙂

    With warm regards,

  4. Lane says:

    Huh.. if 80% of Americans are for photo radar cameras then ATS and Redflex have nothing to worry about then, do they?

    So then what’s Brett getting so excited about if that’s true? Because he knows that’s simply not the case, that’s why they’re worried.

    • photoradarscam says:

      Then the 17 elections so far where photo enforcement has failed are just anomalies? Perhaps he could point us to some election results where photo enforcement has passed? (They don’t exist).

  5. LoneWolf says:

    Nice picture of Brett holding a weapon on his Facebook page. Evidently, he supports the second ammendment of the constitution which gives him the right to bear arms but he doesn’t support the other ammendments that give rights to due process, fair trials, to face an accuser, etc (5th & 6th & others)… He must feel good about himself being able to pick and choose which parts of the constitution works best for him.

  6. B says:

    This guy just responded with baseless, chirped, and regurgitated “facts” he’s been programmed to say because Camerafraud is directly ATTACKING HIS JOB. He’s probably more scared of being unemployed than he is concerned about safety (and who wouldn’t be in this economy).

    “lots of new intersections to survey then install. more are going up then coming down” – From an employee on the inside… these cameras aren’t going anywhere…

    * His Facebook page will be private by the end of next week… Guaranteed… He’s probably going to catch hell for this.

    * Nice AR-15, bro… and WE’RE the dangerous ones…

  7. Stacey says:

    ““trying to” or “is?” ”


  8. J.W. says:

    Ha hows this for irony

    Coming from an ATS “Violations Processor”

    K**** K*** Randomness #1 So I buy my AmB a web cam for Christmas so she can talk to her friends. I have never used a web cam but why does it weird me out being on top off my monitor?? I unplug it when she goes back home like it will come on automatically or something, it like stares at me, WTF? LOL…..

    • PJ says:

      JW look at her relationship status, she says she’s dating a guy named Kourtney Brown, who apparently runs some sleazy sex site.
      Some of those ATS employees who post their profiles are real slimebags.
      However one guy supported patriots and Free Talk Live, so I guess they’re not all bad believe it or not!

      • J.W. says:

        Then there is this interesting tid-bit

        K**** K*** March 17th, 2010 and you know this maaaaaaaan!!??!!

        I**** B**** whats goin on??? you going shopping for my bday on that 17th??? lol

        K**** K*** Well DUH….. that and out comes the mother effin inter lock! Woooo

        I wonder, could she be referring to an ignition interlock device that is installed on her car. Knowing the types of people they employ at these companies I don’t think this is is too far of a stretch of the imagination to say yes.

  9. J.W. says:

    KK Also states:

    K**** K*** I always feel like somebody’s watchin meeee and I have no privacy oh wo oh! LMAO

    Does she not see the irony in that given that it is her job to do the same thing to people all over the country. Can’t she taste her own medicine?

  10. Stacey says:

    Another fine example of your typical, lying ATS employee:

  11. Steve D says:

    I would wish more news stations would pick up stories like this and show them on the news. It would be great PR for redflex and ATS

  12. Steve says:

    Brett Garner’s skewed sense of himself as a public servant, is just another example of how the revenue element of the photo radar scam is a corrupting influence in our society.

    How many people want to wake up each day and see themselves as a tax collector for an illegitimate tax, a person who deprives others of their constitutional rights, because the state needs the money, and they get a cut also (even if only through a pay check)? People routinely justify worse things in their lives every day. Some day when the government comes along and takes that gun away from him, maybe Brett will wake up and start looking for ways to get his constitutional rights back.

  13. Glyph says:

    Nice Facebook pic Brett! (and you know what Freud says about guns…)

  14. I think the lesson here is to choose wisely what you say or do, because it could come back to bite you, but we are all human beings and we make mistakes.

    What these poor people from ATS who have all too readily accessible info fail to realize is that they are quick to jump on others “errors” while they themselves are just as flawed as the next person.

    I am still amazed at how many of them still have so much public information on Facebook. My guess is that things will change on that front Monday morning. If execs at ATS don’t put some kind of moratorium on employees representing their company on social media, I would be shocked. I’m not saying that’s right or wrong, but it seems to be the trend among corporations. As soon as someone makes an error in judgment, everyone loses the privilege that allowed it, so that they won’t be prone to making the same error. That’s really the essence of the “nanny state.”

    I think these people should use better judgment, but who can really “regulate” them in to doing so? As soon as facebook and twitter evolve or become obsolete a la myspace, some other outlet will surface that allows people to act like fools. Wouldn’t it just be easier to take away all freedoms to keep anyone from ever making “poor decisions” and do “offensive” things?

    I was conflicted on whether or not to post this conversation, but in the end, I’m glad I did. It would be very easy for Brett to have kept these thoughts to himself and for everyone on that list of ATS employees on Facebook to make their profiles and employers private. They have that luxury, but AZ motorists do not. Our information is constantly tracked by private, foreign and domestic corporations so that we can be “safer.” We did not choose to have that tracking and we will choose to strike it down in November when given the chance.

    As foolish as the Brett and the rest of the ATS employees seem, I am happy to fight for their rights and their privacy, even when they don’t seem to want them. One day they will.

    But for the sake of all that is good and holy, make your social media profile private people! And be very careful what you say on twitter because that info stays out there for longer than you would like it to!

    Okay, I will now step down off the soap box. Go to Church, go watch football, drink a latte, drink a bloody mary and do what ever you do. Just never forget that we are all people and we all have our flaws.

  15. Joe Manna says:

    Using social media is a privilege and responsibility. Managing one’s information they have publicly available on a non-government system (i.e., Facebook/Twitter) is an important task for everyone to do.

    Privacy isn’t dead – it’s still here and you have to use it lose it. When we ignore various privacy options given to us, or when our rights are infringed upon (Private MVR’s freely accessible to contractors [Redflex]), we must stand up and fight for the people who don’t know better. There’s a higher calling for us to step forward and fight for out neighbor’s rights.

    All this advice comes to substance when a company’s employees (or “agents” if you will) reply publicly to a political, contractual issue with no regard for the other side. Basically, he woke up and bitched at @CameraFraudAZ with mindless/baseless crap and he failed to consider the impact of responding to tech-savvy people and the genuine, grassroots efforts that make up CameraFraud.

    Yes, Brett T. Garner from American Traffic Systems — your ass did get handed to you. Publicly. Next time, think about the issue first before spewing your propaganda on us. I hope come Monday at 11AM you still have a job, because this is a correctable offense and you should have to be let go for brand damage to the company.

    And to be fair — we’re not an angry mob, either. This isn’t Anonymous. However, if you are pro-camera and support giving government more rights than the people — that’s fine. Explain your views minding a little intellect, statistics and data. If you come forward with a reasonable-sounding platform, that’s fine, and we can agree to disagree and let our viewers decide for themselves.

    As far as I know… NO ONE has come forward to rationally talk about their perspective on pro-photo enforcement. This leaves a great opportunity for those out there to take a moment, volunteer, even anonymously and share your views.

    Brett Garner has made the example of what NOT to do. Be the example for Brett to follow and engage us in a civil discussion.

    The cameras are coming down. The people are smarter than this.


  16. Sure says:

    Hooray for the people of Kansas.

  17. RPr says:


    Police in the UK are planning to use unmanned spy drones, controversially deployed in Afghanistan, for the ­”routine” monitoring of antisocial motorists, ­protesters, agricultural thieves and fly-tippers, in a significant expansion of covert state surveillance.

    The arms manufacturer BAE Systems, which produces a range of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) for war zones, is adapting the military-style planes for a consortium of government agencies led by Kent police.

  18. Steve says:

    When we point out that we are all human beings and we all make mistakes, there’s one thing that many people might be forgetting about here.

    Brett supports a mechanism and a company where for the average citizen, there is no forgiveness for what are most often minor and unintentional speeding infractions or marginal yellow-light violations. Either you pay, or you go to court to defend yourself and then you pay. Eventually, most of us are going to make human errors and when we do, the state will be there to collect money from us over the fact that we are human and we do make human errors. Our only choice is A, B, or C. If Brett gets to keep his job it’ll be because he received leniency in excess of what he believes the rest of us dersrve. There are a lot of people out there now that simply can’t afford $181.50 right now. Brett might understand them a little better if he becomes one of them.

    • Cathy says:

      “Brett supports a mechanism and a company where for the average citizen, there is no forgiveness for what are most often minor and unintentional speeding infractions or marginal yellow-light violations.”

      And we do use the terms “infractions” and “violations” here loosely. Because, at least here in Tucson, the traffic engineering at red light intersections is not merely lousy but ILLEGAL according to national standards.

      Not only that, but I recently came across a photo radar van that was parked shortly after a SPEED LIMIT 55 sign that had recently been covered with a SPEED LIMIT 65 sign, except that front sign had fallen off. (I saw it lying on the shoulder, in front of the other sign. By the next Monday morning, it had been reattached.)

      This isn’t just about “marginal…violations.” This is about MANIPULATING traffic control devices–shortening yellow lights, redefining intersection boundaries, capitalizing on the unpredictable–to generate revenue.

      There’s nothing safe about that.

      Those cameras are coming down.

  19. Stacey says:

    Does anyone TRUST Brett??????

  20. RPr says:


    More infractions means more money, but it also means more accidents. “Now they’re actually killing their citizens to make money off these things,” Hurst said.

  21. Bret Garnuhr says:

    He knot right to gud. Him no Inglesh?

  22. ProCamera says:

    To the Webmast on this thread. I would suggest pulling this article or I will make it my mission to put the information I have posted twice (an was removed) about the head of Arizona Citizens Against Photo Radar.

    Don’t think you have the ability to remove comments from the mutliple articles that appear in the local AZCentral website which is frequented by many more people than this site.

    • Sure says:

      Intimidation, extortion, blackmail, threats all come to mind.

      You stupid piss ant Redflex and ATS employees can babble all you want and it isn’t going to do a bit of good.

      Again, it is frightening to think a loser like you can access my DMV records and find out where I live!

      And I know AZ central has deleted your posts before.

  23. Dr Jett says:

    Red China has an open immigration policy for people like you that don’t believe in freedom. If you learn Chinese, you might even get a government job.
    Why don’t you make it a mission to show up at the Showdown at High Noon on Feb 6th at Redflex Hdqtrs and bring all of your pro-camera supporters. We always welcome counter protesters, but nobody who supports the scameras ever appears in person. I’ll even bring an extra bottle of water so you don’t get dehydrated yelling by yourself since none of the pro-camera supporters believe enough in their cause to show up.

    • ProCamera says:

      Dr Jett,

      I agree that few (if any) people will be there to counter protest. But it is not because they do not believe cameras are needed. It is because they believe that your cause will never come to fruition. Or that they believe that even if your proposition goes on the ballot, it will lose in public vote when the vote is during a major election cycle (This november, we are electing a new senator and all the Congress members). So when people are there for other reasons, it is easy to vote for the cameras and against what many claim as the wishes of the criminal speeders that want to do away with the method in which they are being caught.

      Many people like me feel that you have no expectation of privacy on a publicly funded roadway. Just as I have no expectation of privacy when I go into a retail store. And we should use all available means to regulate the use of those roadways. Being that a camera can do that, it is beneficial to use it.

      • Camera Hater says:

        “We should use all available means to regulate the use of our roadways”. WTF!? Do you know how mindlessly fanatical that sounds? You’ve got some real Taliban thinking happening there, my friend.

        This goes to the heart of this debate. The pro photo enforcement people set the value of the US Constitution, Common Law rights, natural justice principles and privacy at zero in their pursuit of the almighty dollar.

        In the televised debate a couple of months back, the ATS spokesman actually made the valid point that one of the issues on the table is just how rigorous we want to be as a society in enforcing the law (even if that “enforcement” is actually costing lives and making the roads more dangerous)..

        It’s a fascinating question. After all, with the current high real tax rates, we could probably afford CCTV in every house and just about every urban public space as well.

        With a huge surveillance force, strict limitation of access to weapons, severe penalties, roll back of civil liberties and the Bill of Rights, we could probably just about wipe out violent crime.

        But who would wind to live in a totalitarian nightmare world like that??

        The answer – ATS and Redflex trolls.

        That’s why the “any means available” line is so scary.

        These Traffic Taliban really believe that…

        • Malfeasant says:

          hehe, problem is uk already does that, and people still kill each other with knives, blunt objects, pointed sticks, bananas, whatever they can get their hands on, and the police don’t solve any more of those cases even with their many cameras…

          Those who will give up liberty for security deserve neither.

  24. Steve D says:

    Procamera, do you have to report this on your redflex time sheet lol?

  25. Dr Jett says:

    Try reading the US Constitution and let me know where you find the info about using 24/7 surveilance against the citizens and where you found the details about ‘criminal’ speeding. The ‘criminals’ that I am concerned about are the ones guilty of the RICO Act; DPS, Az Legislature, Janet Napolitano, Redflex, ATS, et al. Explains why 80-90% of people approached to sign the petition to end photo radar sign it.
    Repeat: Uh duh!

  26. Hey isn’t this ironic?

    “Brett became a fan of Amending the Constitution so Corporations Can’t Buy Elections.” · Become a Fan

  27. Brian says:

    Regardless, if you’re not pulled of and offered a citation that you sign, there is no law, legal binding in this – hence the purpose of TRYING to serve the people that don’t pay these worthless tickets. Keep it going AND not to mention Scottsdale, they have a new computer glitch I paid all my fines and they are trying to bill me for over 1,300. I think the glitch is there broke and think I might pay.


  28. Todd Maxwell says:

    Does anyone know of any fallout concerning Brett Tyler’s diatribe? I am a small business owner and I would have terminated his employment immediately had he worked for me. With an industry looking for public support they cannot afford this sort of “publicity”, especially from employees

  29. Beau Jangles says:

    Umm Yep…. Still smells like tuna fish!

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