Showdown at High Noon: Sheriff Paul vs Redflex

Redflex was already shaking in their boots, but this one should send them running for the hills. Sheriff Paul Babeu has called for a protest of Redflex Traffic Systems unconstitutional and dangerous contract with the State of Arizona. The code name for this event is #CF2010. When it’s all over, only the reputation of one will remain standing. The showdown will be held at High Noon, 12:00 PM on February 6th, across the street from Redflex headquarters.

Us good guys have always known that the facts were on our side. Now we have the law on our side too. If those yellow bellies from Redflex even cross our path, Sheriff Paul and CameraFRAUD volunteers will blow them away with the truth: It’s all about the money and it was never about safety.

This is bigger than Dow vs Heiler. This is THE ONE EVENT that we need all of our supporters to attend. There will be other guests planned and one special surprise that we won’t spill the beans about yet. #CF2010, spread the word on Twitter, Facebook, Email and however else you communicate.

We will not back down from this foreign, for profit company that endangers the lives and shakes down Arizona motorists under the guise of safety.

Showdown with the Sheriff at High Noon

Saturday February 6th, Across the street from Redflex HQ at
23751 N. 23rd Ave, Ste 150
Phoenix, Arizona 85085-1854

78 Responses to Showdown at High Noon: Sheriff Paul vs Redflex

  1. Stacey says:

    Yep, we need to get some signs made soon.

  2. Lane says:

    Question: I know that Sheriff Joe Arpaio happens to also be against the photo radar cameras. Is that an asset or a liability? 😉

    • RPr says:

      I dont think Sheriff Joe likes protests LOL

    • Brent says:

      I would say in the long run it’s an asset. That being said, I don’t think he needs to be at a demonstration like this one because the lamestream media will then distort the event simply because he shows up.

      Sheriff Paul though is an honest guy who doesn’t bring such media-focused scrutiny because he is truly a man of the people.

  3. alucard says:

    Yes, agreed on the sign making party. We need to make a “Will Flash For Cash” sign or three, so I can show up with my powerful flash unit! Now, if only I could construct one of those camera heads….

    • Dr Jett says:

      Get some cardboard and tape and you will have a lightweight version. Thin plexiglas will work for a lense. Paint it and you are done.

  4. photoradarscam says:

    Sam Crump has announced that he is going to run for Congress – Shadegg’s current seat. With Sam’s work to try to repeal photo radar last year, I propose that CameraFraud endorse Sam Crump for State Rep.

    • Dr Jett says:

      Supporting politicians who are working with the citizens to rid Arizona of photo radar is a good idea. We also need a black list of the politicians who are selling out our country to greedy corporations like ATS & Redfux.
      We should make signs promoting Sheriff Babeau for Maricopa County Sheriff. The savings on law suits alone for our county would be $2.5 million per year given the cost of Sheriff Joe’s illegal practices as Sheriff.

    • B says:

      I’m sad to see his support at the state level be lost, but good luck to him!

      • Fred Scotty says:

        Hey I’m running for governor will you guys support me. I hate these damn scameras and the for profit foreign companies that tried to make Arizona a police state.

        • LoneWolf says:

          Are you serious? Much of it depends on your other political views. Hint: If you rid the state of scameras but wish to raise taxes and deploy a cop on every corner, I don’t think you’d have my vote. On the other hand, if you think a lot like Ron Paul who wants less gov involvement in peoples’ lives, then you may have my vote. Do you have a website or some info on your political views and experiences that we can see?

          • Fred Scotty says:

            I would love to rid the state of scameras and I would even like turn around and exploit the companies that brought scameras here like they have exploited the citizens of Arizona. I don’t have a website yet. If it where up to me I would pit a cop on every corner and fill the 96 empty DPS positions by cutting the 22 million that was reserved by the state for scameras and hire some decent officers. If you would like to talk further you can email me at

            • LoneWolf says:

              I can deal with a few more patrols on our freeways but not a cop on every corner.. no police state!

              Is Fred Scotty your real name or just an internet nic? Not a single tidbit of info comes up when searching this name… Sorry, but I have a habit of researching the validity of peoples’ claims. I’m not saying you’re not a real candidate for gov, but I would be more convinced about someone’s authenticity if there were some publicity involved…

  5. JOKN says:


  6. RPr says:

    Sheriff Paul’s website has a couple of interesting links

  7. photoradarscam says:

    Another dismal failure of photo enforcement:

    Good job DPS, someone was speeding 5 times and you have NO IDEA who they are.

    • RPr says:

      Too many people are falsely accused by photo radar.

    • photoradarscam says:

      Exactly. Even with an obvious race mismatch, the tickets were issued.

    • Alucard says:

      They gotta do something to compensate for the loss of the spinning dollar signs that the company currently enjoys. So, when the almighty dollar enters the picture, why not issue tickets with obvious mismatches? 😉

    • guttersn1pe says:

      The crack citation processors over at Redflex continue to do a fantastic job. Maybe there needs to be a race AND gender mismatch for them to screen it out.

      I’m curious if these positions really exist or if it’s just Redflex propaganda and every violation is sent regardless of what the photo looks like.

    • metelhed says:

      Doesn’t anyone else find it disturbing that the photographs made it to the public so quickly? Granted, Larry’s a celebrity, but does this mean anyone who drives by a camera can have their location disclosed to the public at Redflex’s discretion?

  8. WOW says:

    So why are you protesting on a Saturday when it is probably safe to assume hardly anyone will be there?

  9. RPr says:

    This is what Redflex and its competitor, American Traffic Solutions, truly fear. Brewer’s openness to the plan likely stems from her close ties to Jay Heiler, the top lobbyist for Redflex. When she took office in 2008, Brewer’s first move was to turn to Heiler for advice on staffing her administration.

    • B says:

      This is a ploy I’m surprised they hadn’t thought of before: Putting a photo ban for ONLY speed cameras – and to NOT ban ALL photo enforcement – on the ballot, to bleed away support from the measure.

      It’s the ol’, “It doesn’t hurt me, so I don’t mind it,” so much… Speed cameras catch and ultimately annoy a LOT more people than red light cameras do, and the common sense (though uninformed and incorrect) view is that RLCs “do save lives”. (They don’t say it “reduces accidents” anymore because this is starting to be disproven more widely in the media…)

      The irony of it all: Redflex secretly supporting a ban on speed cameras… hahaha. “We’re just here to enforce the law…” (turn off mic) “if we can make money on it… Hey guys… Maybe we can write these freeway cameras off as a tax loss and use that savings as marketing funds to sell our speed and red light cameras to more financially strapped cities.. Hell, as the population grows and cities get larger and larger, who NEEDS cameras out in the boonies? The majority of the drivers are in the cities anyway… Why didn’t we think of this sooner?? (Besides – I’m tired of taking that extra 2-3 minutes to get to downtown…)”

      (I’m STILL waiting for Redflex to lobby the legislature to raise the speed limit to 75 as another act of desperation to marginalize speeders that would trigger their cameras at 86+, instead of just 76+, and make it harder to justify getting rid of the cameras for those on the fence on the issue.)

  10. Stacey says:

    Ch 15

    A report released by the Arizona Office of the Auditor General on Tuesday said the projected revenue for the first year of The Arizona Department of Public Safety-Photo Enforcement Program was $37 million.

  11. B says:

    Off-topic: seems to delete ANY posts with the word in it.

    And they aren’t pro-camera, right?

  12. Stacey says:

    Yea, B, they don’t like us!

    • B says:

      I’ve never had a post deleted for no reason until now, and the only thing that was different (from other posts in the same article) was that it had a URL to in it – poof… gone after being up for a couple of hours, for no reason. None.

      That is 1000000% proof that those bastards have decided that Camerafraud is public enemy #1 (or at least someone in charge of comment moderation,) and it strongly suggests that the pro-camera interests have someone on the “inside” at…

      • I’ve had the same thing happen to me. Just make sure to call them out on it. Be creative with how you say “CameraFRAUD” also.

        I’m sure they just added it to their database of inappropriate terms. Don’t let AZCentral get away with that nonsense.

        • B says:

          No, no – I had a post that was up for a couple of hours, and suddenly it was gone. No “abuse”, no reason, nothing. None of my other posts were gone – just the one with the URL “”.

          You know, that might be the URL they’re checking for –, not “”…

  13. Sure says:

    Yeah, you better watch out, they will delete your account. I am not kidding either.

  14. John says:

    You guys are losers

  15. Mustafa says:

    Ok, I don’t like cameras either, but what you advocate is breaking the Law. In other words, you want to be able to drive as fast as you can without any regard to other drivers on the street or the Law. So your argument is what, remove cameras so we can break the Law? It’s simple, don’t speed and if you do well then man-up and pay-up. Sounds to me that this is all about nothing, just some lazy people trying to make some money without having a real job.

    • Mike says:

      Uhh, did you even click on that link on the top of the page?

      • Mustafa says:

        Yes and to be frank I see that you guys are not honest with the public either. To put it politely it’s an overreach on some points that you are making on that page. But, what do I know right since people on here feel that if you don’t agree with you must be an uneducated idiot. So much for freedom of speech, the very same thing that holds dear, or at least it wants to project that image.

        • LoneWolf says:

          Please, by all means, since you’re an educated law abiding citizen who’d never think about going 1 mph over the speed limit, show us where we’re being dishonest with the public.

          Let’s clarify something here. There’s a difference between a camera lover who visits this website and wants to know a bit more about the other side they don’t always get to see on AZ Rebublic and those camera lovers who come here just looking to pick a fight with someone. Most of us have little tolerance for anyone who wants to come here and rub the “don’t speed and you have nothing to worry about” phrase in our faces. Our entire purpose here is to show the public that there are PE issues far greater than the ‘just do the speed limit’ and ‘stop at redlights’ involved. If you believe our mission is to intentionally deceive the public, then throw some cold hard facts and every bit of evidence to back them up on the table for us.

    • Mustafa is an idiot says:

      Dude, get a life. We have had to work very hard as volunteers with very little appreciation for it because we stand on principle. Something you and those like you obviously can’t understand. These companies and our elected officials are lying to us and telling us that it’s for our own good all the while using our own institutuions against us. You need to educate yourself on what we stand for before you make an even bigger fool of yourself than you already have. Follow Mike’s advice and read the “WHY” page loser.

    • Stacey says:

      No, DPS advocates breaking the law when they advertise that it is okay to go 10 mph over the speed limit when one comes upon a camera.

    • B says:

      No, Mustafa – we’re advocating CHANGING the law with our proposition, and that has a lot of wealthy investors scared.

      And no, we’re not saying, “Drive as fast as you want.” We’re saying that we want more DPS officers out there pulling the RIGHT people over… the aholes weaving in and out of traffic, cutting people off. We want retards driving below the speed limit in the high lane and obstructing traffic (intentionally or not) pulled over.

      We don’t want a $181 fine for going 76 in a 65 at 4AM when nobody is on the road. It doesn’t make any sense, does it, that you can drive 84 MPH to Tucson from here at 9AM, on a two-lane highway full of large trucks, but if you’re going 76 on the US60 at 4AM and nobody else is on the road, BAM – a ticket?

      Bottom line: We want human (i.e. common sense) law enforcement. We want REAL safety, not the ILLUSION of safety.

      Or, if you’re an older person, here’s another analogy: “We want Andy Taylor, not a Barney Fife (that’s also on the take).”

      “Sounds to me that this is all about nothing, just some lazy people trying to make some money without having a real job.” – This might be the most ignorant analysis I’ve ever read about Camerafraud members (and I’ve read a lot of them).

    • photoradarscam says:

      DPS PROMOTES speeding by using only photo enforcement to catch people who exceed the posted limit.

      If I want, I can safely speed just about everywhere except the 1/4 mile leading up to the cameras… and that’s a LOT of roadway.

      And… if I don’t want to slow down, I just put on a monkey mask. Problem solved.

      If you were really serious about safety like CF is, you really should be advocating for REAL law enforcement, not this poor excuse for law enforcement.

      • B says:

        From the beginning, I’m sure that DPS and Redflex counted on closing that loophole with point-to-point, license plate tracking. It would already be turned on if not for the backlash they’ve faced…

  16. Don’t let keep you from getting the word out. They will not be able to ignore our cause for very much longer with what’s in store and who we have on our side.

    Keep up the good work!!

  17. RedLightrunnerVictim says:

    Mustafa you nailed it……if everyone drove the speed limit then where is the fraud???? Its simple, drive the speed limit, follow the law and no ticket is issued. Stop on red PERIOD. AZ is the #1 state for red light runners

    If you have extra money, please donate to a respectable non profit organization. RDMS is an organization started by parents who’s children were killed by red light runners, we need those cameras.

    • Red light running is a problem, but I’m not sure what cameras do to stop it, especially for distracted drivers. Usually accidents increase in intersections that they are installed.

      Curiously, it’s been proven that if just one second of yellow light time is added to the federal standard, accidents drop dramatically.

    • jgunn says:

      Because it is simply IMPOSSIBLE to follow the speed limit all the time. Speed limits drop. Speed limits become an unknown in unfamiliar areas. I guarantee you if you drive you at some point during your daily driving you speed, you law breaker. Australia currently sets tolerance for the cameras at 2-3MPH. That’s coming here soon if we don’t stop this crap now.

      And please, pray tell me how a red light camera will physically stop someone from running a red light and tboning you. If you are lucky it probably will take a snapshot and if they make it through that light they will tbone someone at the next light. Or maybe it will get a good video of someone getting tboned. Boy that is a great gain worth fighting for.

    • Stacey says:

      If this was about safety don’t you think that 40 million would have gone to a non-profit organization?

      But it didn’t!

    • LoneWolf says:

      Thousands of kids get kidnapped each year. Maybe every car should have cameras mounted in them. Thousands get abused and many get killed every year by their own parents. Maybe every single household should have cameras planted in every single room. Damn, it’s a good thing cameras will be there to save the day. Just remember this… last year, 2 very young boys were killed by a mentally disturbed neighbor. He was caught on camera, which is good, but the camera did NOTHING to stop him from killing those innocent children!

      Sure, we can look like the UK with 6,000+ cameras dotted everywhere on that tiny island. Why do they have so many? Everytime an accident occurs in a certain area, that results in a new camera being installed there. So why aren’t the other cameras preventing people from getting into accidents elsewhere? Do we need to sacrifice every bit of our privacy in the name of safety or can we just think a little smarter and implement a system called “prevention”? We have that technology but who wants it since it won’t make any money?

      • Malfeasant says:

        speaking of the UK, there was an article on about britain’s “deepening alcohol problem” – that wouldn’t have anything to do with being watched 24/7 would it?
        and you mention the cameras in homes- they’re doing that in UK too in some child neglect cases-

      • LoneWolf says:

        I always used to think that the boy in the plastic bubble was a metaphor for a highly insecure society. We continue to build walls around us to protect us from other evil people and an evolving dangerous environment. We create new laws for everytime someone, especially kids, get killed. We feel the need to have that ever-watchful eye upon us, to help keep us in line and to record our mistakes and hold us accountable when we do step out of line. The only safe haven for all of us, and especially the kids, is that plastic bubble. Germs cannot penetrate, sterilized baby food cannot contaminate the body or choke anyone. The evil that is outside cannot penetrate that bubble. The caretaker is always watching and responding to every need, and not a single chance can be taken to step outside that bubble because death is almost guaranteed. This is exactly where we’re heading unless we put our foot down and understand that the world as we know it isn’t going to change. People can change but they probably won’t. But life has always been about taking chances. And to reduce the chance that something bad will happen to someone, we use prevention… For roads, it should be better engineering. For childrens’ safety, the parents and their caretakers need to take care of the kids, not the gov. For criminal offenses behind the steering wheel, cops need to stop it before someone else gets hurt. Maybe automobile engines shouldn’t be built to exceed 85mph… whatever…. we seriously need to put a stop to this nonsense and “face and fix” these issues, not take pictures of them!

    • photoradarscam says:

      Because even if you follow the law, you still get tickets. Look at Larry Fitzgerald… now he has to deal with 6 tickets he’s not responsible for. How can you support a law enforcement program that INTENTIONALLY harasses the innocent in the hopes that Larry will just pay the tickets rather than fight them?

      And look at all of these other malfunctions:

    • metelhed says:

      If safety was on the minds of the politicians or Redflex/ATS, wouldn’t they be pushing for more proven methods to reduce red-light running? How about longer yellow light times or red-to-green delays? Why not program all lights at intersections to have a one to two second delay from red to green to ensure traffic clears the intersection before cross-traffic has the green? Stop fooling yourself that this is about anything but revenue. You’re being played for a fool by a profit-driven corporation and money-hungry government. You’re a prime example of how easy it is to tap into intolerance and turn it into profit.

    • metelhed says:

      Oh, and you ARE aware the photo-enforcement industry no longer contributes to your campaigns? (scroll to bottom) If even they don’t believe in you, why should you bother supporting them?

  18. Stacey says:

    92.3 is talking about photo radar right now:

    10:40 a.m.

  19. Stacey says:

    20 reasons to oppose photo radar:

    Phoenix, AZ
    1,121 Volunteers

    Welcome to CameraFRAUD. We are united in our effort to get rid of every speed camera, red light camera, and photo radar van here in Arizona and across the country. We were suc…

    Check out this Meetup Group →

    I updated the accident data

  20. RPr says:

    the cameras are coming down

  21. Stacey says:

    Well, we made it out to Glendale Glitters and Glows. LOTS of people there! We made sure to let everyone know that their city council wants to bring the cameras out there. People weren’t happy about that.

    Once we all finally met up (no thanks to me -lol) I got video with our other members that were there. I will make a little video later on.

    Phoenix, AZ
    1,121 Volunteers

    Welcome to CameraFRAUD. We are united in our effort to get rid of every speed camera, red light camera, and photo radar van here in Arizona and across the country. We were suc…

    Check out this Meetup Group →

  22. Dr Jett says:

    Mustafa & B,
    Neither one of you understand the most important part of obeying the traffic laws. Your discourse is senseless because the REAL PROBLEM is that the 50 state governments are ignoring the FEDERAL LAWS that govern the nations highways. The speed limit sign isn’t the REAL SPEED VALUE that would determine a SAFE SPEED because the national highway engineering studies have never been done to determine the speed that 85-95% of the drivers actually use while driving on any of our highways.
    The Uniform Vehicle Code is not enforced as it should be to eliminate all of this confusion with each state making up it’s own traffic laws to garner the most money. Speed isn’t even the major cause of most accidents. Most people pass a state driving test that is so simple that it requires NO SKILLS. Poor driving skills are the primary cause of accidents. How else could people crash while driving on a straight freeway unless they fell asleep?
    You have probably never heard about this. Here is a source of free education:
    This is why I also recommend joining the because this is how I learned about the Federal Laws. Only $35.00 per year to protect you from ALL TYPES of traffic tickets. Education about the law will set you free. Camerafraud members can use code #225277 and get 14 months for the same price as 12 months Don’t expect your state government who is strictly interested in robbing the citizens on the highways to tell the truth. All the legistlatures are interested in is using the highways as a form of ‘taxation without representation”. The government wants $$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

  23. […] Sign Making Party They’re tattered. Some are outdated. Some aren’t bold enough and none were made before the announcement of the Show Down At High Noon. […]

  24. FormerEmployee says:

    Wow no post about the flop your “show down” was today. THE CAMERAS ARE STAYING UP!!!

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