Sheriff Paul Babeu Endorses AZ Citizens Against Photo Radar

Arizona is lucky to have Sheriff Paul. He was elected after promising to fight the spread of the scameras and the newest CameraFRAUD video proves that he is a man of his word. Let’s be honest, it’s very difficult for a publicly elected official to stand up against a system like Photo Traffic Enforcement when it’s a revenue generator for the state or municipality. It’s also difficult to align yourself on one side of a hot button issue, when it would be easier to pass the buck and stay neutral. That’s what makes Sheriff Paul so special. A truly valuable public figure and law enforcement official is supposed to work for the people. He stands up for what’s right when so many bow down in the interest of profit over safety.

Arizona Citizens Against Photo Radar will be holding a fundraiser dinner with Sheriff Paul on February 18th. Check back for more details as they come. A local business has also offered to donate a percentage of every sale they make to the cause as well. See their ad below.

Thanks to the voters of Pinal County for choosing so wisely. Thanks to Sheriff Paul for supporting our cause.

The Cameras Are Coming Down!

11 Responses to Sheriff Paul Babeu Endorses AZ Citizens Against Photo Radar

  1. Karen Palen says:

    My real life family has a lot of property and a long history in Eloy Arizona. How can we help?

    Family of “Doctor Howard Holmes”

    • With your help we could hold a signature gathering at an event there. Is there an annual event in Eloy that would be appropriate?

    • Walter says:

      If you are a registered voter in Arizona. We could send you signature forms, or you can print some for yourself. There is a file on the meet up page in the file section. You can down load and print yourself or load onto a removable storage device. Then you could take that to any print/office supply store and they can print it for you. The forms must be printed on Legal size paper in the landscape setting. And the notary page MUST be printed on the back of the signature page. The legal description page can be printed on letter size paper but must be attached to the other pages at all times when you collect signatures.

      Donations are also always accepted. There is a “Donate Now” button on the right side of this page.

  2. Dr Jett says:

    We should start a Sheriff Babeau election committee for Sheriff of Maricopa County after we get the initiative on the ballot. Then we can get rid of this crooked politician that we are stuck with now. Sheriff Joe is becoming a national joke with all of his illegal shenanagans and human rights violations that are the basis for his organization. Sheriff Babeau vs the fattest excuse for a sheriff in America.

    • B says:

      If that came to pass, that would be HUGE.

      However, two things:

      1) They’ll just wait for a governor more friendly to them to come along and get it implemented again.

      2) I SERIOUSLY doubt if good ol’ Jay Heiler (having his hooks in deep down there in downtown) and other procamera lobbyists will allow a contract expiration to happen. They’ll find a way to keep the cash flowing…

    • Doc says:

      1st off, Governor Brewer signed into law more punative Photo Enforcement measures on July 13th, 2009. If ya’ don’t like the program, Governor, WHY would make it more punative & stringent? That’s not adding up, Governor.

      2nd, If you don’t like the program Governor Brewer, WHY don’t you support the ballot initiative…because ANYBODY that is involved to the SLIGHTEST DEGREE in politics KNOWS that photo enforcement of ANY KIND has NEVER SURVIVED a vote of the citizens…EVER…anywhere…Ma’am.

      3rd, Isn’t it true Governor Brewer, that you simply don’t wanna make a hard call on this topic? Maybe take a stand on your word…Because you actually think you’ve got a snowballs chance in HELL of beating AZ State Treasurer Dean Martin in the Gubanatorial race this year? And a commitment on this topic might piss off all 37 people in the state who are communio-socialists, and actually WANT this illegal tax?

      OH! AND, exactly how much of WHAT did yer buddy, th’ socialist Jay Heiler, give you & ol’ Senator Nelson anyway…on TOP of the $16.50 skimmed off th’ top of each ‘paid’ scam ticket??? Is THAT your motivation for not doing your Constitutional duty & eliminating this Orwellian crap, Ma’am?

      I guess really what I’m tryin’ to say is that socialism doesn’t work well here…try N. Korea or Great Britain..they like cameras there…

  3. LoneWolf says:

    Redflex Pushes Ticket-rule Change

    Quote: “Wintersteen told The Associated Press he supported changing a rule so violators could be served through first-class mail rather than in person, so he agreed to work with Redflex on the petition.”

    Yeah, that’s really going to work. Redflex is a sinking ship here and this is yet another desperate attempt to rake in the bucks before the ship sinks.

    • Mark S says:

      Changes like this need to go in front of the voters. I still fail to see how they are going to verify that someone actually received the notice of violation in the mail. It doesn’t mention anything about registered mail.

    • Will Kay says:

      That’s both illegal and unconstitutional. For one, you are not able to confront your accuser, and two, this would totally sidestep Due Process. Any good hearted, Constitution supporting lawyer would be all over it the second it was passed.

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