Scottsdale Strikes Again! Another Innocent Victim of Photo Radar

Don't Waste My Time
In a follow-on to previous articles about the burden of erroneous photo tickets on the innocent, another innocent driver has had to resort to the local media to resolve a problem with an erroneous ticket. Eleven years ago, Terry Fox received a photo ticket from Scottsdale for a car he no longer owned. Terry dutifully filled out the form saying it wasn’t his and heard nothing back (which is typical). Eleven years later, the City of Scottsdale is demanding to be paid.

But the City of Scottsdale was no help in resolving this issue. Terry reports that “The girl at the window told me, suggested, that I pay that ticket and she said my driver’s license was probably already suspended on it.” He had to resort to calling 12 For Action in order to resolve this matter.

Thanks to this failure in the Scottsdale photo enforcement system, Terry was now forced to request an evidentiary hearing and then report to court for the hearing in order to clear the matter. When the judge checked the file for evidence, none was found.

Terry got his money back, but at the expense of spending many hours of frustration trying to resolve the issue, miles of driving to the courts and to the city, and possible time off of work to attend the court hearing.

For those who say, “Don’t speed and you have nothing to worry about,” think again. Terry didn’t speed and he had plenty to worry about and deal with.

Just like the designer of the novelty plate ‘N JOY AZ’, who is frequently accused of speeding and running red lights in places he has never been. Or the couple in Wyoming who tells us that Redflex has trouble telling the difference between a Wyoming truck and a car license plate and hasn’t been to Arizona in decades. Or the 600 unfortunate victims of Scottsdale’s faulty equipment.

Many more examples of equipment malfunction and erroneous tickets can be found at

8 Responses to Scottsdale Strikes Again! Another Innocent Victim of Photo Radar

  1. Steve says:

    I refuse to do any type of business in the city of Snotsdale

  2. Stacey says:

    New Camerafraud video with Sheriff Babeu:

  3. Yes says:

    Great new video! It really lays out the issues well. Congrats to the producer-creator.

    • photoradarscam says:

      Perefect. My point all along. The typically good driver who’s driving their own car gets caught, and most everyone else goes by unaffected. I’ll never get a ticket, I hide my face every time regardless of my speed and I have a photo-resistant license plate. The people who typically drive a bit faster know how to beat the cameras, and everyone else gets the tickets.

  4. JOKN says:

    Great video …….

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