Another City Shows Increased Accidents from Red Light Cameras

Peoria would like you to believe that they are alone in experiencing an increase in accidents due to red light cameras, but they are not. They join Los Angeles, Grande Prairie (Canada), Clarksville, TN, Temple Terrace, FL, and now Spokane, WA in recent announcements about the failure of RLC’s to make intersections safer. The Seattle Times reports:

Intersections where Spokane installed red light cameras in 2008 in the name of safety saw an increase in crashes and injuries in the first year of the controversial program.

There were 38 collisions at the three intersections the year after the city began fining violators caught on tape. That’s up from 32 the previous year, according to police collision reports provided to The Spokesman-Review.

Injury accidents at the intersections also rose from 11 the year before to 14 after.

Like the other cities, Spokane officials scrambled for excuses and justifications as to why the citizens should continue to be subjected to intersections where they face a greater chance of injuries so that the city can continue to enjoy what amounted to $108,000 in profit for 2009:

Spokane Mayor Mary Verner called the data “interesting,” but cautioned that it’s too early to make a final judgment on camera enforcement.

“The program has been effective in that we seem to have caught a lot of people running red lights,” Verner said. “If we’re not seeing a decline of injury collisions, then we need to figure out why not.”

If Spokane officials were honest, they’d join the likes of Southland City, CA, San Bernardino, CA in pulling the plug on their camera programs, a move that truly would make their cities safer.


20 Responses to Another City Shows Increased Accidents from Red Light Cameras

  1. Nick says:

    Heh, I use to live in Spokane note more then 6 months ago.

    And when they started rolling out Red Light cams on Nevada, Mission and Francis people would slam on there brakes or still try to run the Yellow but even faster then normal trying to beat that damn camera. Seen 3 Fender-benders my self on those intersections…

    Spokanes City counsel are a bunch in morons any ways, they took all of the emergency HUD money to build a parking garage that later went out of business 2 years later.

  2. artie says:

    i’ve gotten like six and i just threw them away…so he has nothing to worry about!!!

  3. B says:

    Did everyone see the latest PR from DPS on the news last night?

    It was something to the effect of, “The number of accidents is as low as it has been since 1995…”

    They’re going to pound this over and over again. Those stats MUST be debunked…

    • photoradarscam says:

      What channel? Do you have a link?

    • Stacey says:

      What data did they supply?

    • B says:

      They weren’t specific about the data. It was a blurb on last night on Channel 15 at 10PM.

    • Slim says:

      I thought channel 15 stopped broadcasting news, because nobody with a functioning brain cell in their heads watches their mindless drivel. Blah blah blah. But DPS’ stats may be in the ball park…if you don’t consider that everybody’s still paying off Christmas, so nobody’s going anywhere unless they have too. Therefore, less traffic=less accidents. Hey McFly…dduuuhhh. These ‘trained law enforcement officers sure do spout off their lies, don’t they? But don’t lie to them, that’s against the law.

  4. JOKN says:

    You did hear about the OBAMA math….
    Be a kool-aid drinker and get with the program….

    Is what they want “NOT”

  5. Will Kay says:

    Here’s a link to another red light camera foul-up:

    Red light ticket mix-up causes man headaches

  6. Duece says:

    Must be a camera fraud follower…Lets all step up and help this guy….

    • LoneWolf says:

      All the more reason why real officers should be patroling the highways and pulling over idiots like this before they hurt someone. What’s more is that some people like to be entertainers in front of cameras so isn’t it possible that the mere presence of these things might prompt people to do idiotic things?

  7. Sure says:

    Hey Deuce,

    That guy is an idiot! But try again.

  8. JOKN says:

    I love SAN DIEGO but if this is true now what……..

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