2010 Means More Chances for AZ State Legislature to *Choke*

Arizona’s state legislature is back in session starting next week and we are all waiting with bated breath. 2009 brought us the birth and death of many bills intended to ban photo radar in some form or another.

Make no mistake, photo radar will be done in Arizona on November 2nd, after our initiative goes on the ballot and is voted on. But it will be amusing to watch the wonks at the state capital line up on each side of the debate.

Courtesy of KTAR.com, there’s an article giving us our first target for the new year, House Speaker Kirk Adams. Apparently Kirk thinks photo radar is a good idea because “people speed.” How profound Speaker Adams. They also slam on their brakes to avoid tickets from freeway scameras and red light cameras. If Kirk followed that statement up with, “and we need to make money,” it would make a lot more sense. I think it’s time to make a few phone calls, no?

Kirk Adams

House of Representatives
1700 W. Washington
Room 113
Phoenix, AZ 85007
Phone Number: (602) 926-5495
Fax Number: (602) 417-3019


20 Responses to 2010 Means More Chances for AZ State Legislature to *Choke*

  1. Frankie says:

    How can Lafayette, LA get photo enforcement on the ballot? Redflex owns the media.

    • Walter says:

      Redflex owns the media here also. The lobbyist for redflex flip flops back and forth between working for Redflex and News channel 12. Channel 12 news will do almost anything to twist a photo radar story into some kind of a propaganda campaign

  2. Stacey says:

    Monthly Newsletter

    We are going to send one out once a month. If you’d like to submit a blurb let me know. It doesn’t have to be long or too detailed.

  3. Dan G says:

    While Kirk Adams may stand steadfast in his beliefs, he nonetheless deserves to be constantly barraged by angry voters for his contempt of those voters.

    It doesn’t matter what he thinks if this comes to a vote and the people bring the cameras down!

  4. WesleyTech says:

    I called and was told he would “Get the message”

  5. Alyssa says:

    I just called and left a short and ‘sweet’ message. Perhaps I hit a little below the belt, but so does Photo Radar and it’s supporters.

  6. Dr Jett says:

    I received an answering machine. Maybe he is getting too many calls, but I think that he will understand that the citizens are going to vote for legislators that are willing to represent us instead of Redfux. Last I heard Australians can’t vote in Arizona elections.

  7. Stacey says:

    I will make sure to call his office to complain.

  8. Walter says:

    “How profound Speaker Adams. They also slam on their brakes to avoid tickets from freeway scameras and red light cameras.”

    People who are going 15 or more mph UNDER the speed limit will instinctively hit their brakes when they see the cameras.

    If you look at the speed of the vehicles involved in most accidents. You will find the the adverage speed is well below the posted speed limit.

  9. Brent says:

    RedFlex & ATS.. You have 10 months left. The harder you fight with your guttersnipe lobbyists at the capital and use your worn-out mouthpieces over at DPS, the more you will be exposed.

    Probably easier to cut your loses and start trimming staff now- they won’t want to be working for your companies once election season starts..

  10. Brent says:

    Here’s some great advice for RedFlex for their November corporate activites from our friends at Uhaul corporation..

  11. B says:

    Well – there you go. There’s the PROOF that Kirk Adams is the sole reason that the reason that Sam Crump’s speed camera ban bill failed last year. Rep. Crump had been PROMISED that his bill would get a full house vote, and then suddenly it was denied a whole house vote so it could proceed to the Senate.

    To Rep. Adams – You’re a money whore and a police state coward, you son of a bitch… And I’d say that to your face if I had the chance.

  12. Slim says:

    Looks like Kirk doesn’t like his job as “Speaker of the House”. Well, why don’t you just QUIT.-Circle K called, they’re looking for their stock boy, boy!-Lets get a Man in your spot that actually stands on what the folks that elected him want him too, not what the fascist lobbyists PAY your sorry ass too, smelly WHORE!

  13. Will Kay says:

    Check out the link to this article. This is EXACTLY what we at camerafraud have been talking about for months now while all the pro-camera people and supporters have been denying the fact that technology like this exists and ignoring the fact that governments are using tools like these at the same time calling us tin hat wearing fools. I have no doubt they will start, or already have started using, this technology here in the states.

    “Police target Unregistered Cars with new Revenue Making Machine in South Auastralia.”


  14. Slim says:

    The guy that turned me on to this site has been accused so many times of being a ‘conspiracy theorist’. Even I was sceptical at some of his ranting about us being ‘tracked’ by the government. I think this is exactly what he was talking about. However, those guys need to learn to use ‘spellcheck’, because ‘Australia’ is spelled incorrectly on their site. Maybe Arizonans should write to redflex & suggest that our state reps be used as guinea pigs when they experiment with their new toy here. Kirk can be first, then L. Mason, then J. Nelson, & the list goes on from there.

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