CameraFRAUD Monthly Meeting 1/5/10

All hands on deck! We skipped last month’s meeting because of assorted scheduling conflicts, but are back on for the New Year.

CameraFRAUD and Arizona Citizens Against Photo Radar have received much attention lately and for good reason. The scameras will be turned off in November as long as we stay on track.

Shawn will be on KTAR 92.3’s  the Darrell Ankarlo Show also on Tuesday, so don’t forget to check that out. He will be discussing the NY Times Article as well as other pertinent issues surrounding photo traffic enforcement in AZ.

See everyone there! As always, check the meetup for details.


7 Responses to CameraFRAUD Monthly Meeting 1/5/10

  1. I’ve been hammering on the AZ Republic for a few days for not covering the NYT/AP article. Well they finally had a little blog pop up tonight. It’s basically buried.

  2. Dr Jett says:

    This was a reply to the Arizona Repugnant about their coverage of the article by The New York Times:
    The legislators could save face by reporting the accident statistics for rear end collisions and other mayhem caused by photo radar. Ask Randy Travis and his family how they feel about getting run into by a vehicle while their car was broken down on the side of I-17 South near Anthem last year. The flash of the radar device distracted a driver who plowed into them when he lost control of his vehicle. Last time that I saw Randy, he was still wearing a cast because of the ‘safety’ of photo radar. He gladly signed on the petition to end photo radar along with 80% of the other people that I have asked to sign the petition. That is why photo radar has never survived a vote in the USA. 14 states have already banned photo radar. Redflex can create all of the fake statistics they want, but it won’t help them when it comes to a vote.

  3. Stacey says:

    West Rock Alderman Darnell Goldson Fights Back

    Then Goldson stood to speak. He posed questions none of his colleagues could answer: How many traffic injuries and deaths in New Haven are caused by red-light runners? Is there evidence the cameras would make the streets safer?

    Goldson asked the board to hold off on passing the resolution until those questions are answered. He urged them to “slow down” before issuing public support to a law that could lead to a loss of privacy rights further down the line.

    “I don’t see what the rush is,” he said.

    He said he ran for alderman partly because people have the impression that the board makes decisions without full information, rushing into decisions that have lasting impact.

    Goldson made a motion to send the resolution back to committee for further examination.

    Goldson then made a personal plea. He said his father was the victim of illegal wiretapping by New Haven police. Goldson’s father was one of thousands. The 1960s-era New Haven operation — considered the most intensive illegal policy spying on political activists and dissidents in a period when local similar “red squads” operated throughout the country — cost the city $1.75 million in a class-action lawsuit settlement.

    Goldson ticked off a series of incidents of government abuse of civil rights — Japanese American internment in the wake of the Pearl Harbor attack, the Tuskegee syphilis experiment on black sharecroppers — and warned against making the wrong decision.

    “I love my city, … but I don’t always trust my government,” Goldson said. He urged the board not to issue a general approbation of a red light camera law without nailing down specifics that the board agrees with.

    Hill Alderwoman Andrea Jackson-Brooks stood with him. She urged her colleagues to write their own letter instead of issuing a resolution on behalf of the board.

  4. Imagine that, the judge who “streamlined” the photo enforcement process for Paradise Valley is a crook:

  5. Jason N. says:

    That picture is hilarious! It had me laughing my ass off for a sec 🙂

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