Is Anyone Surprised?

From the woman who brought you the largest fixed freeway scamera system in the United States, we bring you The Underwear Bomber. However one may feel about the nature of this attempted attack, something Arizonans knew all along is now apparent to the rest of the country: Putting Nappy in charge is irresponsible at best and potentially dangerous.

In Arizona, she put the measure to approve the contract with Redlfex and their freeway mounted automated ticketing machines in to an annual budget. There was little if any debate over it. The contract was never voted on by the public or a legislative body. As a result, Arizona motorists have been issued almost 600,000 photo radar tickets in less than a year. What she left behind when beckoned to D.C. to run The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) was a court system overwhelmed with civil traffic violations, a state budget in ruin, a more dangerous border and an angry public. I suppose we should be thankful that she was jettisoned out of our great state, but her new job doesn’t exactly hide her ineffectiveness.

Even The Huffington Post has seen enough. It posted a scathing article by a former U.N. Ambassador, calling her unqualified. A google search for calls to resign yields more than a few results. The queen of surveillance has proved once again, that capturing violations, felonies or even terrorists on video does not prevent them. Did Janet really ever care about safety? Arizonans know one thing about its former Attorney General, Governor and Scamera Queen, she’s great at pushing her own agenda and the public be damned.

20 Responses to Is Anyone Surprised?

  1. Brent says:

    This woman is so sheerly incompetant, I can’t believe she hasn’t been fired yet. Her being hired to this administration was a mistake in the first place. She only won re-election for a second term in Arizona because no formidable candidate ran against her and she hadn’t escalated her rabid screwups, which became more apparent in ’07 and ’08.

    Obama could score some (much needed points) in the court of public opinion by terminating her without any “re-assignment” or for that matter ‘golden-parachute’ compensation..

  2. B says:

    This isn’t directly related, but it’s tied into the cameras.

    Remember those “17% down, 18% down, 19% down” DPS statistics for accidents since the cameras are activated?

    Well, I wonder if this has anything to do with it…

    You think that the exodus of one third of all illegal immigrants from the state (according to a DC think tank in the article) just might have had a slight effect in the number of accidents? Of course, if it did have an effect, we’ll never hear about it…

  3. RPr says:

    Should Janet Napolitano be fired or asked to resign from her cabinet position as head of Department of Homeland Security over her handling of the Christmas Day terror bombing attempt?
    Yes 63 %
    No 37 %

    Total number of votes 512

  4. Stacey says:

    Baytown, Texas Residents Demand Vote on Red Light Cameras

  5. Josh says:

    Look how much safer our roads are with these camera’s. Keeps people from driving impaired, from driving recklessly. I mean sheesh, lets get these every 10 feet on the free way to keep our streets safer..

    /End Sarcasm

    Check this out, this girl was driving impaired, hit 4 cars and still managed to not get pulled over by a real DPS officer. But look, we have talivan video.. see John Q Public, it’s safer out there.

    • Stacey says:

      DPS Commander Tom Woodward says patrolmen found the Loop 101 cameras onerous. He said they might have put the public’s safety at risk. “ It deterred officers assigned to the East Valley from working that area,” Woodward says. “We still responded to calls, but officers were not in that area working traffic proactively as much as they were prior to photo enforcement.”

  6. JOKN says:

    Janet Napolitano. If Brains were dynamite she would not have enough to blow her nose. Half the people don’t know how to drive out here ie.. 55 in the fast lane or slower traffic stay right and I’m passing theM in the slow lans AND ON AND ON???? EDUCATION EDUCATION EDUCATION EDUCATION. NOT SCAMERA’S

    All because our politican’s can’t or don’t control spending like regular people have to.

  7. Brent says:

    I would like to encourage all readers to please join the Facebook group/page called “CameraFraud National”. This will allow us and other Facebook users to help educate and inform the Arizona public about this issue.

    The link is below. If you have Facebook, please do this:

  8. Doc says:

    Brent; I can’t believe she hasn’t been arrested…

    There’s a bet on another site that says she’ll be gone by 01/21/10. I took the bet, & say that barring further interruptions of the muslim in chief’s surfing safari, she’ll be 86’d by 01/08/10.

  9. Bill Conley says:

    AZ was happy to see her leave..but now the country gets to feel our pain..
    What an incompetent boob.. but what do you expect from the Obama administration.

    • RPr says:

      Camerafraud cost them 100 million dollars in 2009

      • Brent says:

        Their losses will continue.. By the way, check out all the open positions on the ATS website.. They must really have employee retention problems already.. especially their “Field Technicians” (fancy name for a fraudster..)

        I see their retention getting far worse in the next ten months..

  10. Brent says:

    New Florida Class Action lawsuit against ATS and their “host” city:

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