Open Letter About Dangerous Redflex Contracts

The truth is really getting out there about Red Light Cameras(RLC’s). Studies and statistics time and again prove that placing cameras in intersections actually makes them more dangerous. To make it worse, the temptation to shorten yellow lights, thus creating more violations proves too strong for many cities to pass up. Paradise Valley, AZ was forced to admit that they had erroneously issued thousands of tickets due to a shortened yellow light. How many accidents did this practice cause? What if it had been a bigger and more heavily used intersection that the T-Shaped crossing of Tatum and McDonald?

Recently the city of Chillicothe, OH had its citizens vote to ban Photo Enforcement of any kind in that city, thus terminating the contract it had signed with Redflex Traffic Systems.

Chillicothe’s council President-Elect Bruce Arnold took it upon himself to write a letter to the citizens of a nearby Ohio city that is considering a similar contract. His letter warns them not to fall for the same tactics Redflex Disinformation Agents used on his city. His letter describes the cameras as dangerous and a drain on the local economy.

“First, they do not promote safety as they portray. Numerous government and independent studies have proven that the cameras greatly increase property damage accidents with rear-end collisions while only minor reductions in actual intersection accidents are achieved.” -Bruce Arnold

The rest can be read here.


6 Responses to Open Letter About Dangerous Redflex Contracts

  1. I think Redflex could best be described as Locusts.

  2. LoneWolf says:

    Montana City Rushes Camera Ordinance, Plans to Shorten Yellows

    Red-light camera monkey business may be a national trend

  3. LoneWolf says:

    I had other links I tried posting but for some reason, they keep getting rejected. I get a message stating that I’ve already said that even though the links are different. The most it would allow me to post is 2 links at a time which I’m sure is due to an anti-spam feature built into this WordPress application.

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