CameraFRAUD Open Forum: The Legacy of Janet

As Redflex, ATS, DP$ and our Court System in Arizona struggle to uphold the terminally flawed Photo Traffic Enforcement System that was arbitrarily imposed on AZ motorists by Spy-In-Chief, Janet Napolitano, it seems as if corners are being cut left and right.

Fixed cameras on freeways are now routinely malfunctioning. Drivers are being sent tickets that have pictures which could not possibly be deciphered, or even have the silhouette of a person in them. Worst of all, the courts are now so backed up that normal civil cases involving non traffic matters are scheduled out more than a year.

We’d like to hear your observations about these issues as well as others that may have arisen due to the blatant lies and patchwork justice born of this system, which all Arizonans pay the price for. Thanks goes out to one Janet Napolitano and a state legislature that has been unwilling to do the right thing and end the surveillance program.

23 Responses to CameraFRAUD Open Forum: The Legacy of Janet

  1. Boot-er says:

    Nappy, is unqualified, and always has been, to do this job. It was a political move to put her there, and was most certainly not in the interest of the American Public.

  2. JOKN says:

    Went to court and Judge keegan through out the ticket, I was in and out like the burger place , I may have been lucky in how fast i was in and out , i also heard people say just pay it and be done , but that’s what redfux wants i will fight clog up the system if that’s what it takes so be it. Also was on 17 north with cruise on went past on no flash , past 2nd with cruise in and flash machines do malfunction and need to be calibrated. Thanx Janet Napolitano (I’ve seen better faces on iodine bottles) x)

  3. Stacey says:

    Can I get an AMEN! I saw a picture of a driver who looked liked she had a beam of light come out of her face and she was wearing sunglasses to boot. She looked like an alien so I am not quite sure how the hell they identified her.

    Saw a red flash the other night from one of the cameras and it about scared the bejesus out of me!

    This country is going to hell in a handbasket.

  4. Dr Jett says:

    Janet should have considered this information which is the guideline for ALL traffic control devices:
    Every federal regulation or Constitutional right requires uniformity of process and expectation; the uniformity mandates within federal traffic control regulations is ubiquitous and are in part defined here;

    MUTCD: Section 1A.06 Uniformity of Traffic Control Devices
Uniformity of devices simplifies the task of the road user because it aids in recognition and understanding, thereby reducing perception/reaction time. Uniformity assists road users, law enforcement officers, and traffic courts by giving everyone the same interpretation. Uniformity assists public highway officials through efficiency in manufacture, installation, maintenance, and administration. Uniformity means treating similar situations in a similar way. The use of uniform traffic control devices does not, in itself, constitute uniformity. A standard device used where it is not appropriate is as objectionable as a nonstandard device; in fact, this might be worse, because such misuse might result in disrespect at those locations where the device is needed and appropriate.
    I guess that she didn’t check out the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices that governs traffic control and safety on ALL HIGHWAYS in the USA because all she cared about were $$$$$$$$$$$$ to pay for her lack of ability to work with the legislature to balance the Az State budget. Shame on Janet and her cronies in the legislature. May the fleas of 1000 camels infest the whole group that slipped the PE bill through surreptiously.

    • photoradarscam says:

      Dr., Cameras are NOT traffic control devices! They do nothing to control traffic, they only photograph it!

      This is why you can cover them with bags, post it notes, wrapping paper, etc. and not really have to worry about any consequences.

      • Dr Jett says:

        You are right technically, but what is the effect of placing them on the roadways; traffic control since vehicles slow down for them and then speed up again. Red light cameras have a similar effect, but in both cases the cameras do change traffic flow in a negative manner. That is why the increased accident rate caused by cameras interrupting the normal flow of traffic that 85% of the drivers would use which is actually safer if the cameras weren’t in place.

      • Stacey says:

        Yeah, what do you call a device that increases accidents?

  5. Glyph says:

    Napolitano didn’t consider anything but money.

    At least now she’s in a position that she could be relieved of. When I heard that she was being considered for a Supreme Court Justice position a few months ago, my heart jumped into my throat and I started to pray that she’d get cancer or something. Thankfully the position was given to Sotomayor, and Napolitano remains very fire-able.

  6. RPr says:

    Santa is coming

  7. robertharris47 says:

    These are dangerous times we all live in. These devices represent the nationlization and internationalization of law enforcement. I am from Texas and we are actively seeking candidates to endorse who oppose these devices and getting the word out to voters. The time for BiPartisanship is gone. Please find a condidate that is against these cameras and vote for them. Dont Vote the standard party ticket. Vote on the issues. This issue I believe is more damaging to the american way of life than solicialist healthcare.

  8. Stacey says:

    Phoenix police ask for help for a family in need.

    Ofc. Bryan Sargent #4613 found a needy family during a residential burglary investigation. The household consists of a recently divorced woman and her three children.

    The mother, Lisa Combs related during the investigation that the family dog needed major surgery and the children agreed to give up having Christmas presents to pay for the surgery. Mom is not able to provide any gifts this year and planned to gain some money to help pay for the surgery by selling items to a pawn shop. During the burglary several items of value were stolen including firearms which were going to off-set some of the cost of the surgery and hopefully buy some presents for the children.

    Due to the crime not only will Ms. Combs be unable to buy any presents but she was unable to pay her water bill resulting in the city turning off her water at the home which she rents. She has since made arrangements to have the water turned back on but is still in poor financial shape.

    Ms. Combs came home to check on the dog who was recovering from its surgery when she found the crime had occurred. Officers helped her load the female Lab into the car when we finished investigating. Ms. Combs related that the vet advised her that he suspected neurological damage to the dog and advised extensive testing would be required to find and fix the problem. The vet believes that the injuries to the dog may have happened during the burglary and that is was not a result of the previous medical condition or surgery.

    Ms. Combs related that she cannot afford to get the needed tests and treatment and she will have to have to put the dog down after all.

    When asked about the children’s father and the possibility of his financial contribution for gifts during Christmas Ms. Combs stated that he recently lost his job and was in as bad of shape financially as she is.

    Ms. Combs was asked if there were any presents that the children would want or need and she stated that all three needed clothes. Ms. Combs was asked if she wanted or needed anything and she stated that all she wanted is to see her children have a nice Christmas and declined to give gift ideas for herself.

    Listed are the children’s names, ages and sizes:

    Austin (male) size 32-waist 30-length pant, mens medium shirt

    Colton (male) size 12-14 pant, child’s large shirt

    Shelby (female) size 10-12 pant, child’s large shirt

    Contact Officer Karen Freund at for more information on how to help.

  9. RPr says:

    New Mexico The Cameras are coming Down!

  10. LoneWolf says:

    Stacey posted this on the meetup board. I thought it was a great article and well written by the Chillicothe president of the city council. He’s directing this letter to the public and to the city of Mansfield. It would be nice if Arizona gov would pick up a clue on what PE could be doing to our own economy and what our cities could do to increase safety here without using PE.

    Red light cameras can be a huge drain on the local economy

    December 11, 2009

    I am council president-elect in Chillicothe. We recently voted out the use of red light cameras in our city.

    First, they do not promote safety as they portray. Numerous government and independent studies have proven that the cameras greatly increase property damage accidents with rear-end collisions while only minor reductions in actual intersection accidents are achieved.

    A one-second time addition to a yellow light increases intersection safety by 80 percent. A two-second all red-light almost eliminates all accidents. These solutions cost your community nothing. So why not make these changes first if safety is the concern. Almost all the red light camera citations are issued in split seconds, far from being dangerous situations.

    Second, the red light cameras will be a huge drain on your local economy. Every local dollar collected from the cameras is a deduction of money available for consumer spending. A dollar roughly circulates in an economy two and a half times. So if $ 500,000 is collected it hurts your economy by $1.25 million. With current economic conditions, there is no way your area can afford to lose the money cameras will remove from your economy.

    Third, the cameras are illegal, deceitful and dishonest. They are in conflict with Ohio law and regulations. A moving vehicle violation for radar speed or red light infraction must be personally witnessed by the arresting officer and the citation is to be issued to the operator of the vehicle — not the vehicle. The vehicle is for identification purposes only. These cameras are against our rights and civil liberties.

    Fourth, these cameras will ruin your reputation and tourism business. Recently Chillicothe and Heath were rated by the National Motorist Association as being tied as the third worst cities in America to visit. These cameras become traps. Instead of visitors being welcome with open arms they are greeted with a picture of their vehicle and a hefty fine. Then they vow never return to your community.

    Mansfield, don’t let your city make the mistake we did. Contact your council person and let them know how you feel.

    Bruce Arnold


    • Will Kay says:

      The issue with the lights’ timing is EXACTLY what I’ve been telling people. Where I used to live in Jacksonville, NC was just that, longer yellows and all red intersections, and there were hardly ever any accidents.

  11. They know what to do in the Netherlands

  12. Stacey says:

    This is what I want for Christmas

  13. Anand says:

    Evil pure Evil! Its odd to me that she was so big on the cameras but Im so upset about with Janet is that she has not come out to say anything about the Fort Hood attack in Texas. THIS WAS TERRORISIM! She is head of the Department of Homeland Security. Why is she not saying anything or doing any speeches. I wander where her alliance lies and how she has messed up this state is what makes me so mad. At her position layed at her feet by Obama she HAS to say something about the attacks

  14. oh boy says:

    photoradarscam is right. Cameras do alter traffic patterns. They sure alter mine. I just feel sorry for all the little businesses that are located near all the red light camera locations. Once I know a camera is present, I just don’t drive through that intersection anymore..There is not an intersection in town that I really HAVE to drive through..I don’t think that I am the only person avoiding these intersections.

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