Photo Enforcement Continues to Burden the Innocent


Don't Waste My Time

Don't Waste My Time

Innocent vehicle owners continue to be victimized, harassed, and burdened with erroneous photo enforcement tickets. Despite promises and claims by officials that all tickets are reviewed for accuracy prior to being issued, many obvious erroneous tickets are issued every day.


In this latest article in the Arizona Daily Star, we learn that the designer of the novelty plate ‘N JOY AZ’ who has the one and only real license plate on his vehicle constantly receives tickets that should have been issued to vehicles displaying the novelty plate. Despite obvious vehicle description mismatches and the fact that novelty plates are often placed on the fronts of vehicles rather than the rear, DPS, Redflex, and other scamera companies are unable or unwilling to let these discrepancies deter their quest for profit.

Novelty plates in the wrong location aren’t the only problems that scamera companies have with being correct. A couple in Wyoming tells us that Redflex has trouble telling the difference between a Wyoming truck and a car license plate.

Of course, there are the classic incidents where parked vehicles received speeding tickets in the Netherlands and the UK.

And then there are the incidents where the equipment malfunctions or is set wrong, like when 600 tickets in Scottsdale were tossed due to a faulty sensor.

Don’t speed and you have nothing to worry about? Think again… We ALL need to be worried about this theft of time and resources taken from the innocent drivers who are burdened with spending time and money and incurring expenses in order to clear their records.

6 Responses to Photo Enforcement Continues to Burden the Innocent

  1. James Howard says:

    The article made clear that the DPS has no oversight of their program.

    On I-10 west out of Phoenix on Wednesday, in the long construction zone, within 1000 feet there was a speed limit 55, then a 65, then a 55, then a photo radar vehicle. What a scam.

  2. Dr Jett says:

    I think that I will just quit speeding because I believe in our government and it will protect us! Boy, I feel safer already. Wait a minute, I must be delusional because I was reading the ACTUAL LAW about traffic enforcement and it doesn’t mention anything about using the police (DPS) to gather REVENUE!!!
    Federal law does not tell an entity what to post per se, but it does require a comprehensive engineering study be done on virtually every roadway, and if a speed limit is warranted, it shall be based on a clearly articulated documented study, that would accomplish the requirements of Section 1A.02 and define the range of a probable cause safety violation.

    3. If speed limit is not warranted then Basic Speed Rule per the UVC §1-801 applies.

    Basic Speed Rule: No person shall drive a vehicle greater than is reasonable and prudent under the conditions and having regard to the actual and potential hazards then existing.
    The “Basic Speed Law” is our nation’s speed standard for enforcement purposes. If the driver is driving safe for conditions then present it’s a safe act; and in the context of a federal regulatory system laws can only have one meaning, expectation and the exercise of police powers thereof must be uniform.
    Read more in the Discussion section at

  3. Camera Hater says:

    Here in Victoria, Australia, which must be the world capital of the scameras, we have had cases where over 600 people have challenged fines from a malfunctioning scamera… and been rejected. We even had cases where a driver was charged for doing 120 mph, when the battered old Nissan she was driving could only manage 55 mph flat out! The slimeball police Obergruppenfuhrer who runs the scam even admitted the scameras are only checked every three months!

  4. Enness says:

    I use my cruise control set a couple MPH under the limit when on the freeway. Whenever I see a speed camera, I slow down to at least 10 MPH under the limit simply because I do not trust the cameras. today, I was traveling just under the limit of 55 when I saw the photo enforcement warning sign. I slowed to 45 MPh and as I approached the camera, it flashed. I was 20 mph under the so called trigger of 10 MPH over the limit yet, the camera flashed as I passed. I am now waiting to see if a citation arrives in the mail. Do they ticket you for 10 MPH UNDER the limit? I also wonder if a speeding vehicle traveling in the opposite traffic lane triggered the camera. My wife witnessed the entire event. If they try to ticket me by fraud, I will fight kicking and screaming.

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