Notice anything different this weekend?

Conspicuously absent is a DP$ Talivan every 20 miles on Arizona’s freeways!

If you remember Thanksgiving weekend from 2008, DP$ and then-governor Janet Napolitano vowed, in the name of safety, to place a mobile Scamera Talivan every 20 miles on Intertsates 10 and 40. See DP$’ Press Release here. Afterwards, DP$ was quick to pat themselves on the back for all the lives the camera saved that weekend. But if you read Vanderpool’s statement for this year, he makes 2008 sound pretty dangerous…

During the Thanksgiving holiday last year, Wednesday through Sunday, DPS Officers investigated 390 collisions, including 110 that involved injuries and one that resulted in a fatality.

Evidently, safety simply wasn’t a priority this year. It will be interesting to see DP$’ stats for this Thanksgiving Weekend. If they’re down compared to 2008, they won’t be able to credit their greedy Talivan’s Scameras!

11 Responses to Notice anything different this weekend?

  1. 4409 says:

    The real story is this…

    The pirates at DPS(Department of Socialists) are sneakier than you think.

    I’m sure they strategically did not run the vans this year because they crunched the accident ratio numbers and they knew they were going to be higher than last year.

    Lets face it the spot light is on them and if these numbers were larger than last year it could spell doom in 2010 for DPS and other pirates running the scam.

    It simply was not worth the risk of losing their cash cow NOT about the safety of the people if the real reason they did not run the vans.

    Amazing the pathetic depths of fraud these morons will go to.

    Lets see if they pull the same scam on Christmas and New Years.


    Keeping an eye the Pirates so you don’t have to!

  2. Sick of Government says:

    I saw quite a few along the 101 north & southbound near Scottsdale Saturday.

  3. Steve says:

    I didn’t see any of the scam vans this weekend in the usual places. My guess is that DPS and/or Redflex realized that the risk of the Talivans causing additional accidents this weekend(given all of the out-of-state drivers who may be startled by them) was just too high, considering that we can all do the math and that we’re looking to take the cameras down.

    Yesterday, I downloaded a DPS “Request for Copy of Accident Report” form from the DPS web-site. I plan to get a copy of the report to find out if that incident where the little girl who got thrown from her family vehicle when the driver suddenly swerved, had any relation to the “Photo Enforcement Zone” that we could all see in the video footage of the wreck. If it did, I could see them taking the Talivans all off of the roads this weekend, just in case. If that wreck was related to the photo endorcement zone, you gotta know that DPS and Redflex are scrambling right now to cover things up and to put some damage control planning in place to minimize the negative affects for when the public finds out what happened.

  4. I think what’s important lately isn’t the news that they have put out – it’s the news they haven’t put out. The cameras have been up over a year. They should have data by now, but there have been no press releases…

  5. Mark S says:

    OMG!! There was total BLOODSHED on Arizona Highways this past holiday due to the lack of photo enforcement. It was pandemonium on I-40 where thousands of people lost their lives. OMG, this has to STOP. DPS needs to have a photo enforcement every half mile to prevent this next holiday!

  6. James Howard says:

    There were move than enough vans along I-10 west of PHX. Something like 5 westbound and 5 eastbound between milemarker 70 and PHX. This in addition to all the fixed spots. None of them got a photo of my face, I wear a bandanna.

  7. What’s troubling to me is how the Senator makes light of the privacy issues involving red-light cameras! THAT SHOULD BE THE MAIN CONCERN! Don’t these politicians swear an oath to uphold the Constitution before taking public office? Why don’t they just get it? Why is it not at the forefront of this issue that red-light cameras are unconstitutional and invade our privacy? Does this idea not cross their simpleton minds and why do they not care? It’s as if they’re insane! It’s so obvious. Too many politicians only see this as an economic or safety hazard but not an illegal offense to our Constitutional protections and human rights. In some cases, these cameras bring a moral question into consideration given that certain religions forbid a person’s image to be recorded or duplicated. This age we live in is pitiful! It seems like issues of freedom rank very low on the agenda of politicians’ priorities. It’s as if they’ve purposely abandoned and forgotten altogether what America is simply supposed to represent: Freedom to come and go as one chooses without harassment! Just because some acts of terrorism occur doesn’t mean our freedom and Constitutional protections should be ignored, that’s bullshit! I want my privacy back! Death to the DHS and NSA!

    • B says:

      To quote George Carlin, we don’t have any Constitutional “rights”.

      All we have are “temporary privileges”, and the government is slowly taking those away (usually in the name of safety or for “the children”).

      The constitutional argument against the cameras today falls on deaf ears and eyes blinded by the glare of the “sin tax” revenue streams the cameras bring in to 1) their governments, 2) their re-election fund ($16.50 from each speed camera ticket), and 3) their bureaucrat friends who work for the camera companies and keep their jobs going.

      In other words, the constitutional argument is an ivory tower argument that is dead in the water to the average Arizonan that wants to “get even” with speeders. The only REAL arguments will be the debunking of the intentionally skewed, deceptive statistics that Redflex and DPS keeps putting out there… and it’s going to take a LOT of donated money or other free (yet positive and honest) press coverage to get the message out there.

      The truth, and the ability to get it out there, will set Arizona free – and nothing less…

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