Lawsuits Against Scam Cam Companies?

Lawyers across the country are filing suits against Automated Ticketing Companies like Redflex Traffic Systems and ATS. A memo by the Arizona Legislative Council was published in an article today on There are a few damning statements made, especially regarding the contract that Redflex has with the state. A case predicated on Photo Traffic Enforcement companies operating illegally because they do not hold private investigators licenses could take a foothold, based on this memo. Similar cases have been filed in other states but interpretations by various judges have differed.

Redflex and ATS have issued millions of photo tickets in the state of Arizona, all of which could be declared illegal if this memo is interpreted in an unfavorable way towards the two companies by a judge.


26 Responses to Lawsuits Against Scam Cam Companies?

  1. Frankie says:

    A lawsuit was filed in Lafayette, LA for the same thing about 1 1/2 years ago and Redflex bought their way out of it.

  2. capitalfraud says:

    Look at the last page of the memo: the Dallas County District Court issued a final ruling saying scamera companies need a license.

    Note this is an example of Heiler lying during the debate. He said the cases had been “laughed out of court.” Lie.

    Heiler Lie #2: Heiler said there was no evidence that cameras did anything but reduce accidents. Lie.

    Heiler Lie #3: Heiler said only “small” cities voted out cameras by a “tiny margin” with “low turnout” and that there was no national movement to ban cameras. Lie.

    See the list of “small” cities like Cincinnati and the “tiny margins” like 86% of voters and record voter turnout. No national movement? Montana, Mississippi, and Maine were added to the anti-scamera column this year alone, on top of the local bans enacted in Louisiana, Ohio and Texas. Apparently it’s only a movement if it’s going in Redflex’s direction.

  3. JOKN says:

    Hopefully this will be the straw that breaks there back not to mention the election coming up in 2010…
    Go camera fraud GO………….

  4. I tried to warn the House Transportation Committee but they didn’t listen…

  5. RPr says:

    Baytown Texas shortens yellow light timing

    Increased accidents

    • Mark S says:

      And what happened when they lengthened the yellow timing? Both accident rates AND camera revenue fell like a rock thrown from the edge of the Grand Canyon.

  6. Investigator Bill says:

    The video shows Heiler as not following the rules of debate by interupting and by being unprofessional by using words as “that is a lie”, among other unprofessionalisms.

    Heiler is seen in a defense mode and will be the person to take the fall. My prediction, D.P.S. and the State will soon blame Heiler as the one that did not do his research and sold the State a bogus program.

    • Camera Hater says:

      Right on the money, Bill! Heiler was the one stopping to personal attacks like “you’re spreading scurrilous rumours” (or similar). While Heiler’s experience as a PR heavy showed, in many ways I think it backfired. Shawn appeared committed, sincere and passionate. Heiler appeared rehearsed, polished, and a little too slick methinks. Also his tactic of belittling Shawn and Camera Fraud’s activities as “you guys having fun” failed majorly…

    • The Keeper of the Seven Keys says:

      Yeah. Exactly. Personally, I would not share previous topic commenters’ admiration of Heiler’s debate “mastership”. He sounds and behaves quite lame for higly paid professional PR BStter he supposed to be – good 3/4 of rookie lawyers just from law school could perform much better.

  7. stayzcool says:

    Great job Shawn! You really had Heiler “on the run”. I’ll bet he could not wait to get away from you. (Too much TRUTH hurts). I hope he is smart enough to keep his resume current, looks like he may be needing it sooner than he thought.

  8. Stacey says:

    My mom is an attorney and watched the video and knew he didn’t have a leg to stand on when he started in on the personal attacks.

  9. LoneWolf says:

    It’s an age-old strategy that Jay tried to pull. He tried his best to make Shawn look like a screw-up so he can come out shining.. but I think it backfired on him. He appeared to me that he was acting out of desperation because Shawn had him cornered on everything.

  10. Stacey says:

    Jay Heiler is a squirellous guy!

  11. Stacey says:

    Heiler’s squirellous attack was nothing for our seasoned leader. Here at camerafraud we have a intense training program like no other. Our members travel to schools around the world learning techniques to combat the rodent like tactics of our adversaries:

  12. Stacey says:

    I have to say I do get a laugh when I go to youtube and watch attacking monkeys. Bwhahaha

  13. Stacey says:

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

  14. Dr Jett says:

    This is only one of the violations that they are guilty of committing. I have started to find information about the Federal Highway Laws that defines the authority that has been usurped by the states to collect revenue at the expense of the citizens. Watch the discussion page as I start publishing more information.

  15. Louisiana says:

    I was the person who brought the issue to the PI boad in Louisiana. They agreed that Redflex should be licensed. Redflex sued them and alledged they didn’t have the right to hold the board meeting because Redfelx didn’t get proper notification of the meeting. Even though Redflex (Charlie Buckels) and two high priced attorneys from Kean Miller were at the board meeting. They did tie the PI board up for many months in court. Redflex even put a temporary restraining order against the board to stop them from enforcing their ruling. Finally, when it was all done – the judge ultimately ruled that the PI board couldn’t enforce their ruling. The PI Board is very small, and doesn’t have many funds. They lacked the financial ability to appeal the judge’s decision.

    The Redflex stratedgy is to force their opponent to spend money. And, they want you to run out before the real issues are debated. Then they run to the press declaring constituional victories…….when really they’re been winning cases on procedural issues mostlyand not substative issues.

    I hope the Arizona legislature does something about this.

    We haven’t given up in Louisiana.

    Denice C. Skinner

  16. Investigator Bill says:

    Thank you for this important case law. Should Camera Fraud not have the Case Number, please forward this Louisiana case number to Camera Fraud, or please post this on your blog. A Maricopa County Superior Court Judge will also be interested when Camera Fraud takes Red Flex to Superior Court. In Arizona, Red Flex is committing a Class 1 Misdemeanor for operating without a license.

  17. Louisiana says:

    I agree Bill. We have the exact same PI law in Louisiana. In fact, our PI law, from what I understand, was the first in the nation and then other states like Texas and Arizona followed. Our laws are word for word. I feel like if we had moved on to appeal the district court, we would have gotten relief.

    I also think if an individual brings it up in court, rather than the board, we may have different results.

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