Fight Your Photo Radar Ticket for $95

The Law Firm of Kielsky, Rike & Elgart PLLC was featured on KTAR 92.3 as well as this morning for their unique Photo Radar Defense offer. They will fight many photo radar and red light camera tickets for a flat fee of $95. Michael Kielsky, attorney and partner at the firm told Arizona Citizens Against Photo Radar that the fee won’t cover the firm’s costs in most cases, but he feels very strongly about it.


They also have an ad on explaining some of the details of the program. Like every offer of its kind, there are exceptions.

Arizona Citizens Against Photo Radar and are not affiliated with the firm, but are pleased that Michael Kielsky is reaching out to the community in this way.  He describes himself as a Constitutional Lawyer and says Photo Traffic Enforcement violates the right to confront one’s accuser.

Sound familiar?

Kielsky, Rike & Elgart is based in Mesa and can be reached at 480-626-5415


19 Responses to Fight Your Photo Radar Ticket for $95

  1. who says:

    I’m sure they would love to get a part the so called ‘goldmine’ also! Same as the angel gps people, the plate spray people etc!

  2. Totally! says:

    I’d rather pay $95 than $181 with the added benefit of depriving the scammers with more capital to put in more scameras. Also the elected theives will be denied their piece too so it will definitely take the motive out of it for them.

    • ProCamera says:

      That is only if the lawyer gets you off. If not, you just pay $95 for a lawyer to stand next to you in court when found responsible.

  3. At least paying the lawyer will keep your money in your local economy as opposed to paying the camera company who is taking it and putting it into corporate coffers. Just like up here in Winnipeg where they (ACS)only employ 13 people, they don’t invest or donate locally and have taken about $40 million out of our economy in the last 7 years.

    • who says:

      Well down here in AZ, Redflex and ATS probably employ atleast 350 local phoenix people? That’s alot of paychecks supporting families and supporting the local economy.

    • Stacey says:

      And how much goes to Australia, Who?

      That is money that could have been spent in local busineeses – creating jobs!

      • who says:

        How would I know?! but atleast 350 jobs were created like I said above!

      • Camera Hater says:

        I don’t know, but I am sure, a sieable proportion, Stace. I am deeply embarrassed that these maggots come from my country. What a “charming” recompense for America for saving us from being slaughtered wholesale by the Japanese in 1942. Mortifying is the word. If it’s any consolation, given that I am writing from “Traffic Taliban Central”, our laws here in the “gulug in the South Seas” trample even more on whats left of our civil liberties and the Common Law. *sigh*

  4. RPr says:

    Baytown Texas is now collecting signatures!

  5. Stacey says:

    Hooray for Baytown!

  6. Mark S says:

    Today is day 121 for my scamera ticket and I have NOT been served. Woohoo!!!

    And thanks to the Plate Flipper, I have not received any more scam tickets.

  7. AZbiker says:

    I’m not even a lawyer, but I brought up that defense a couple of weeks ago (violates our 6th Amendment rights) but was soundly ‘put in my place’. Still seems pretty black & white to me.

  8. Joe says:

    As much as I’m on his side ( really, I am), he forgets the simple issue of the “confrontation clause” in the constitution. This is law school 101… The wording of the confrontation clause is rather specific in that it mentions criminal cases (not infractions). Seriously folks: Look it up and read it (it’s even on wikipedia).

    While the basic of US constitutional law apply (due process, etc), you can’t really ignore the very clear wording of the confrontation clause. As much as I’d LIKE to have the right to confront my accuser in court, (and if it were a criminal case, I WOULD have such a right), there is nothing in the constitution that guarantees that right in matters of this level (traffic infractions). On the street with regular people, this argument holds a lot of water. But in court, the argument falls flat (and fast).

    AZbiker (just above me) probably experienced this as he was “put in his place”. He probably demanded the right to face his accuser and was simply turned down. The judge knows this much about the law already.

  9. AZbiker says:

    Actually, I’ve never been ticketed by one of these scameras. Haven’t had a ticket since about ’97 or so. Wrong again Joe.

  10. joe says:


    […]Fight Your Photo Radar Ticket for $95 « – The Cameras are Coming Down[…]…

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