Tired of the Flash? Here’s What to Do!

Arizona Citizens Against Photo Radar is making a major push to get enough signatures to put the Ban Photo Radar Initiative on the ballot for the State of Arizona next November. The signature gathering saw a recent uptick at The Arizona State Fair.

Here’s how you can join the effort in 4 four steps.

1. Read up on what’s required to gather signatures along with the instructions and sign the agreement

2. Print out your own signature pages and copies of the initiative

3. Staple a copy of the initiative to the signature pages

4. Grab a clipboard and get started! It’s so easy!

*** Signature pages must be notarized. Most banks will do notary service for free. We  have a notary at every CameraFRAUD meeting on the second Tuesday of each month, so feel free to stop in. Check the Meetup section for reminders. ***greedcameras

Completed pages can be mailed to:

Arizona Citizens Against Photo Radar

16605 E. Palisades Blvd, Ste 110-287

Fountain Hills, AZ 85268


5 Responses to Tired of the Flash? Here’s What to Do!

  1. photoradarscam says:

    I was told that we can’t print petition sheets on our own printers because the sheets must be exactly duplicated and our local printers/computers may slightly scale printing. So I thought we could only get the petitions from a printing place like or Alphagraphics. Can anyone confirm?

  2. B says:

    A common mistake for newbies is to have people from any county sign the same petition. Here’s the rule: Each page must be for one county. In other words, if you decide that the 8.5 x 14″ page is going to be for Maricopa County, only Maricopa County signees can sign it. Signees from other counties on that sheet will be thrown out as invalid, even though they are valid and registered Arizona voters. If you have someone that wants to sign, but they’re from a different county, you must start a new sheet for that county (and label it as such, to keep it straight).

    By far the most common county of signees will be Maricopa, but you will have some Pinal signees, and you’ll have various others as well.

    If you are really serious and you’ll be somewhere where out-of-county people will be, you can carry a signing board with a sheet for each county on it, with Maricopa in the front and the rest in alphabetical order and having a tab taped to the bottom of them for organizing them.

  3. William Evans says:

    Why hasn’t anyone taken the state and or counties to court under the state law that forbids anyone from impeding the flow of traffic? I’ve never passed one of these photo radar cameras or vans without being slowed down bwlow the posted speed limit.

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