Breaking: Cameras Rejected Nationwide



Photo Radar / Photo Enforcement has never survived a public vote in the United States

Breaking News:  Automated ticketing schemes– including red light cameras– appear to have been defeated by public vote in two communities in Ohio as well as one in Texas.

Beleaguered Redflex Group of Australia appears to have failed in their attempts to keep their invasive surveillance and ticketing products on the roadways in Heath / Chillicothe Ohio, while American Traffic Solutions faces termination in College Station, Texas.

UPDATE: ATS paid community outsiders to hold pro-cam signs and call police on actual voters:


News 3 asked a consultant from “Keep College Station Safe” and ATS, if the two men were paid. The consultant, also from

Houston, told News 3 at least 12 people were “under contract.”


UPDATE 2: From

In addition to kicking two camera supporters from the city council, 72 percent of those voting in Chillicothe, Ohio approved a total prohibition on the use of red light cameras and speed cameras. In College Station, Texas the vote was much closer, but at the end of the night 52 percent wanted the red light cameras to come down. In Heath, Ohio 51 percent voted against the cameras. A total of nine cities nationwide have used the initiative process to ban camera enforcement since 1991, with camera proponents never having won a public vote.


Heath residents have decided they want a new mayor — and they don’t want photo enforcement cameras along major roads. Mark Johns was elected to take the reins of the city even as voters shut down the short-lived revenue stream generated by the cameras.

UPDATE 4: “Voters say “yes” to ban red-light, speed cameras; no to some incumbents:”

Chillicothe voters spoke overwhelming for change in city government Tuesday. Four incumbents and the city’s red light and speed cameras were ousted in unofficial vote totals posted Tuesday. Councilmembers Cindy Henderson, R-At Large, and Bill Bonner, D-5th Ward, along with Council President Bob Shoultz and City Auditor Bill Morrissey all lost re-election after opposition to red-light cameras brought high turnout at the polls…

..Shoultz, a Republican, lost his Council President seat to downtown businessman Bruce Arnold, who has been outspoken against the cameras and even filed a lawsuit against the city alleging they were unlawful.


93 Responses to Breaking: Cameras Rejected Nationwide

  1. RPr says:

    The cameras are coming down!

    • Brent says:

      I love how AT$ actually paid people to go there and “lobby” for their fraud, yet not one local citizen wanted to connect their name to the fund to support Scamera$.

      Pathetic corporate wh0res..

    • ATS Supporter says:

      I love how paranoid you all are about how this is a scheme. Since redlight cameras have gone up the number of people running lights have decreased. I dont understand why you refuse to have them unless you all are breaking the law and risking the lives of everyone else by running red lights. I am a Paramedic and have seen some very nasty accidents because someone ran a red light, but since the installation of cameras in MD the number of accidents have reduced by at least 50%. Come on people!

  2. glyphhunter says:


    So, the Scamera companies are 0 and what now?

  3. LoneWolf says:

    Chillicothe voted to get rid of the scameras.
    In favor of banning them: 4,826 71.56%
    Keep them: 1,918 28.44%

  4. LoneWolf says:

    Still waiting for the results from 1 precinct in Heath. The current figures are:
    YES (Ban them) 1327 51.29%
    NO (Keep them) 1260 48.71%

  5. Brent says:

    What a shocker; when given a choice, the people win.. Imagine that..

    Get ready for failure in Arizona- RedFlex & ATS. Time to find another host state for your floundering operations..

  6. Will Kay says:

    I love it!

  7. Matt says:


  8. Matt says:

    Although, those results from Heath are just a TAD to close for comfort…..

  9. Matt says:

    Anyone have a link to the election results websites for Ohio and Texas?

  10. Steve says:

    god yes!

    how low can you go, paying people to holds signs

    it must be getting really bad for them to be doing that

    they will soon be booted back over seas where they can keep replacing scameras after people blow them up

  11. Sure says:

    Let me go kiss the faces of those kick ass people in Texas and Ohio, I love you, I love, I love you!

  12. LoneWolf says:

    There’s an error with Heath’s final numbers. The vote suddenly dropped from this:
    YES (Ban them) 1327 51.29%
    NO (Keep them) 1260 48.71%

    To this (@ 100% of the votes):

    YES 272 43.59%
    NO 352 56.41%

    The election board is looking into it.

  13. NewRomeSucks says:

    The mayor of Heath, Ohio lost his JOB and his CAMERAS.

    Congratulations on the hat trick…College Station, TX, Chillicothe, OH and Heath, OH banned cameras tonight!

  14. Shane says:

    Good news, but like someone else said, the numbers are a little too close for comfort. The campaign of misinformation by ATS and Redf*cks obviously worked to some extent. I wish people in CO would get on-board with similar efforts banning these things.

  15. LoneWolf says:

    It’s final!
    YES 1819 50.82%
    NO 1760 49.18%

    Yes means they are banned from Heath.

  16. RPr says:

    3 for 3 photo radar has never survived a vote!

  17. Matt says:

    A little TOO close for comfort, BUT, A VICTORY NONETHELESS!!!!!

  18. RPr says:

    Heath Police Chief Tony Shepherd said the cameras would likely remain on overnight, unless someone from the city administration called RedFlex.

    “We’ll take direction from the mayor and the law director tomorrow,” he said.

    During that meeting, they’ll discuss when specifically the violation enforcement cutoff should fall.

    Shepherd lamented the loss of the cameras, he said not only for traffic safety but also as tools for crime prevention and investigation.

    “But the good folks of heath have spoken and they tell us what kind of law enforcement they want. It’s not the other way around.”

  19. Sure says:




    Okay, Santa Claus, I don’t need anything else for x-mas, UNLESS some shenanigans occur in the middle of the night

  20. Sure says:

    If someone wants, I can run over to Redflex and ask them to turn off the cameras. Hahaha

    Honestly though, I think I saw Karen walking into the building a little while ago.

  21. Shane says:

    Something tells me this news will not be on the ATS or Redflex websites …

    Sort of off-topic, but I got a bill from ATS for my tool road usage in Toronto with my rental car. Every line said violation. The 407 in Toronto is all electronic, but ATS is so hell-bent on violations that they can’t even change the wording. I had to explain it in my expense report that in fact it wasn’t a violation. I left some strongly worded comments for ATS.

    I really appreciate the efforts of everyone in AZ trying to put an end to this. I would love to get involved with a similar group here in CO, but there doesn’t appear to be much interest.

    • Alucard says:

      Nope, the news was not on the Redflex website. Instead, there were videos of collisions that occurred due to people running the red lights. Although a scamera took lots of pictures in these videos, the collisions still occurred.

      At a recent CF demo, one lady told me that the scameras are really a tax on the poor and applauded our efforts. It seems that they also add insult to injury in the case of collisions.

  22. Camera Hater says:

    This is heartwarming stuff!! Congratulations, America! It would never happen in the little island prison camp from which I write, but its nice to know that the Land of the Free is just that!

    • LoneWolf says:

      Seek out any groups on your island down under that are against these things and join them. If there aren’t any, then get some friends together and organize one. It might take time, but numbers speak.. Now would be the best time as many people from both Great Britain and your island are becoming highly irritated with these things.

  23. RPr says:

    I know of at least 1 person who ran over to Redflex and did a dance LOL

    • LoneWolf says:

      We’re all going to be dancing there as soon as the scameras come down in our state. I got the DJ equipment ready 😉

      • Matt says:

        LOL! I’ll fly my fat ass out to Arizona and join you all!!!!! SERIOUSLY. This SHIT needs to STOP and FINALLY it seems that momentum is beginning to pick up BIG TIME!!!!!

  24. celebration time says:

    suck it scam cam companies!

  25. Barnet Fagel says:

    Let’s hope other towns get the dedication and support our Constitution and laws based on fairness and common sense, not greed and corruption. Congradulations to all those that stood up and made their collective voices heard!

    “We the People”
    Barnet Fagel
    National Motorists Association

  26. […] and Local 12 has your complete elections results. Our special Campaign 2009 website has the … Breaking: Cameras Rejected Nationwide « – The … In addition to kicking two camera supporters from the city council, 72 percent of those voting in […]

  27. Jokn says:

    This is GREAT….. but one ? remains when and or how long will the present camera’s come down and will a judge step in and overturn voter’s vote i’ve seen this happen in CA NOT ON A CAMERA VOTE???

  28. guttersn1pe says:

    Best day ever!

  29. Dan G says:

    Rip people with scam tickets then expect those same people to vote to allow you to keep doing it?!?! Hahahaha. Where’s a troll when I need one?

  30. B says:

    The good news – they all lost, again… and they continue to lose.

    The bad news – The numbers in those towns where they pushed hard for the cameras were WAY too close for comfort. They show that the uninformed public can be duped with enough money and effort.

    Remember – Redflex is NOT going to give up all of Arizona before they throw down MILLIONS of dollars in an all-court press. This is a really big account for them – they may even look at it as their Aussie Alamo…

    Just because we’re working to get it on the ballot doesn’t mean the battle will be over then. That’s when their BIG guns are going to come out, and we’ll have to find some kind of revenue source to fund at least a minimal campaign to get the truth out there.

    In other words, if you know any millionaires out there, let them know that we need their support, ASAP… 🙂

    • LoneWolf says:

      I agree, it’s going to be tough for us since both companies have managed to really dig in deep here. Guaranteed, this will not go down without a very tough fight. The state wants them, the DPS wants them, and both companies that are located in this state will be doing everything in their power to keep the scameras up in this state. They’re going to try their best to make us look like liars.

      They’ll probably be using various strategies that’ll make people feel sympathetic toward their cause. Such strategies will include positive community involvement (giving back), convincing people it’s for saving the women and especially children, more fabricated stats, more poll-pushing, and whatever else it’ll take for them to convince the public on why the scameras need to stay. We know that a majority of Arizonans want these things to go away, but we have to work hard to ensure that the state and these companies don’t unravel everything we’ve worked hard for and everything people have learned about the negative aspects of Photo Enforcement. We need to reach out from Phoenix to every corner of this state and let people know that these cameras will soon be affecting them as well if they haven’t already.

      If we don’t stop this now, this entire state will be polluted with these machines and we’ll eventually look like the UK which has 6,000 of these things. Every time someone gets killed or injured on some stretch of road, a new camera will be installed. That’s the trend. That’s the bonafide excuse to put them up. We need to stop this and we do need to get on TV and radio much more often so tens of thousands of people will hear us.

    • Camera Hater says:

      Wince! I reckon you’re right, but damn I hate that those low life are from this country. I just wish to God we could translate some of America’s common sense down here!!

  31. B says:

    All of you posting here and enjoying this moment need to start saving a few nickels and dimes for some support of a media campaign, or this honest and righteous grassroots effort is going to get buried under a mile of FUD…

  32. RPr says:

    Heath cameras are OFF

    HEATH — The 10 traffic cameras on Hebron Road and 30th Street in the city of Heath were shut down at midnight, according to Shoba Vaitheeswaran, spokeswoman for Redflex Traffic Systems, the city’s photo enforcement administrator.

    The action follows Tuesday’s general election vote in which Heath residents narrowly approved a charter amendment effectively banning such photo enforcement in the city.

    No violations were captured or processed after midnight, Vaitheeswaran said.

    “All violations captured prior to midnight last night will be processed with the same diligence, and with the support of the local and state law,” Vaitheeswaran wrote in an e-mail. “The penalties will be pursued to the same extent for those violations as was for during the duration of the program.”

    Redflex declined to comment on how soon the cameras will be removed and at whose expense. It also did not say if there will be any penalty to Heath for ending the contract early.

  33. LoneWolf says:

    In response to all the cops and people who feel their world will come to an end without the scameras: Perhaps the Pinal County Sheriff’s Dept should step forward and offer training to any police department in the US that implies they can’t do their jobs without help from the scameras. It might be a little embarrassing for some, but if Pinal County can manage well without them, why can’t the rest of the nation?

      • LoneWolf says:

        Quote: “The number one cause of traffic-related deaths is drunk driving, not speeders”. We’ve said this a million times but it doesn’t seem to jive with some. Try pulling a drunk driver over with a scamera.

        Pulling over more speeders = more criminal arrests = safer streets = confiscation & fines = revenue for the city or state.

        Scameras = $$$ = $$$ = $$$ = $$$ = revenue for the city or state.

        • Ernest Hater says:

          I would like to see someone go to court for their photo ticket and stand in the court and just say that they were driving totally over the dui limit when they got flahsed and all they got caught with was speeding by a camera. That would be such a great F.U. to courts, since the court would not be able to do anything about it.

          Oh yeah, these cameras are good at keeping and getting criminals off the road.

  34. RPr says:

    Chillicothe OH cameras are now off!

    In a brief statement Wednesday afternoon, Chillicothe Mayor Joe Sulzer announced he was suspending red light and speed enforcement cameras within the city.

    Sulzer issued an executive order to Police Chief Roger Moore to suspend the cameras.

    “Although I believe the cameras were effective in accomplishing our goal of creating safer streets and less serious accidents at the six intersections, as an elected official I must abide by the will of the people and suspend the program,” his release said.

    Chillicothe voters overwhelmingly voiced their opposition to the cameras Tuesday night. The ordinance to ban red light and photo enforcement cameras in the city was approved by 72 percent of voters.

    • LoneWolf says:

      As mayor, it’s your job to instruct your law enforcement to help create safer streets. If they can’t do the job, then replace them or hire a few more.

  35. LoneWolf says:

    Phoenix makes changes in traffic cameras

    Photo radar tickets get $20 fee through Maricopa County

  36. ProCamera says:

    Congrats on the drive. I guess this is a different group than yourselves, but they were successful in stopping the cameras using the same type of campaign.

    We may not agree as to the use of photo enforcement, but I applaud the application of the US government process to get the people to vote and decide for themselves.

    You do have some work ahead for Arizona. In Texas, 142 votes in the other direction and the cameras would still be up. And 30 votes in the other direction in Heath to swing the decision the other way.

    A win is a win though, so congrats.

  37. Cathy says:

    Thank you for that acknowledgment. I personally am encouraged by that fact that corporate muscle power was unsuccessful at railroading grassroots efforts.

    And you’re absolutely right, ProCam. We DO have some work ahead of us. Those were small towns, with fines of what, $100? Here in Tucson a photo radar red light ticket is $300. Cutting off Arizona isn’t cutting off 3 capillaries; it’s cutting off a major vein.

    Something tells me the photo radar fight in Arizona is going to get really ugly.

    • B says:

      This is their Alamo. ATS is based here. Redflex has the entire state highway system. It’s their showpiece – their template for the rest of the country. If they lose this state, they’re in BIG trouble…

  38. B says:

    Channel 5 (KPHO) did a short story on the signature gathering at the state fair today. (I got there just late enough to not be on camera… whew).

    I really appreciate the coverage, but they did two things that didn’t help:

    1) They didn’t mention in the TV report – they said, “Go to and…”. (At least the link is there).
    2) They ended the report with the statistics from DPS about accidents down, fatalities down, etc… ALL WITH THE INFERENCE THAT THE CAMERAS WERE THE RESULT. There was no critical analysis of the stats:

    1) Traffic collisions are down across the ENTIRE NATION, not just in Arizona, and many sources (AAA, etc.) believe the recession has taken the sheer number of drivers down to where the number of crashes is down.

    2) If Arizona’s cameras are the reason, and we’ve put them up all over, then why is Arizona only 10th in the nation in crash reduction statistics? The nine states above us don’t have cameras… why did they drop more? (Maybe Arizona was only as high as 10th because of the really bad Arizona economy, which is driven by real estate and tourism? Maybe?)

  39. Sure says:

    Do any of these reporters ask for or look at the data?

    Are public response should be that we won’t comment on the data until we have reviewed it.

    I think these reporters are really naive – just like the public. They will believe whatever they are told.

    • nancy says:

      “laughing, laughing laughing at them!”

      LOL! It’s time to quit when strangers come around at your company HQ at night celebrating your company’s bad fortunes!

    • RPr says:

      LMAO it was a rough night for redflex

    • Brent says:

      Absolutley hilarious!

      Hey RF.. Get ready for the celebration party we’re planning for next fall. You’ll probably want to find a new ‘host’ state to operate from, because none of your employees will tolerate working for your cartel and being filmed here anymore (which is exactly whats going to start happening almost daily).

  40. dirty basterds says:

    something just went down in mesa with the cameras.., looks like they got plastered with signs up and down the poles.

    cops and the media were out there trying to figure out what was going on

  41. Sure says:

    Holy Smokes! Maybe Santa Claus came early this year to warn the voters about those bad cameras!

    • Alucard says:

      I have a week off for Xmas….perhaps we can get a crew together to go around on Xmas day wearing Santa suits and wrapping the various cameras up using gift wrap — a la what happened in Tempe….¿¿

      Ho Ho Ho — Happy Xmas! Merry New Year!

  42. bond, james bond says:

    Happy November 5th!

    Time for some Australian bonfires!

    “Guy Fawkes Night (or Bonfire Night) is an annual celebration on the evening of 5 November. … Bonfire Night was celebrated in Australia until the mid- to late 1970s, when sale and public use of fireworks was made illegal and the celebration was effectively abolished.”

  43. Camera Hater says:

    A very good point 007!! And an illustrate of the sad Nanny State that Australia has degenerated to. It’s no accident this little gulag is the source of Redflex, and the worst and most unjust examples of photo enforcement…

  44. […] 5, 2009 in Truth2Freedom Headline Alerts Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)More Texas Voter NewsTexas State defeats […]

  45. I haven’t had time to look for sure… did the closer election results appear in cities with only red light cameras? It seems there’s more support for RLCs over speed cameras, and I wonder if that has anything to do with it. Can anyone look into this?

  46. B says:

    Slightly off-topic, but… Has anyone ever received a ticket from a mobile unit where the flash bulb didn’t pop during the day?

    When Redflex mobile units are operating during the day, does the flash bulb always go off when someone is speeding by? Or do they go flash-less during the day and you can’t tell?

    I would assume that they would flash all the time (or why would they set up the flash assembly?), but I don’t know.

    • Alucard says:

      I haven’t encountered this, but I do know that they run radar. It’s fun to go down the road right next to one of the vans and strike a 65 mph tuning fork on the side of the bicycle just before one comes into range of the van.



  47. Mike says:

    Shut your god damn empty holes, slow down, or PAY UP. We need camera enforcement over the entire US!

    • gimme a break says:

      looks like someone is a bit sensitive today… hmmmm I wonder why? If you want to live in a police state just move to one of the many around the world and leave us free Americans to run our own lives…

    • LoneWolf says:

      I’m not even going to waste my time on this one. Even our other trolls had more respect than this.

    • Camera Hater says:

      Yes, you’d fit in well in the little prison camp I am stuck in. Less than 2mph tolerances, consistent lowering of speed limits to ridiculous levels, covert, unsigned camera cars… You’d love it here in Australia, Mike. Come on down! Oh, and if that’s not enough, they’re bringing in alcohol limits so low you won’t be able to drive for 48 hours after having a drink!!! Go Camera Fraud!!! You are an inspiration to those of us incarcerated in our little gulag down South!

    • Will Kay says:

      Thank you for emphasizing our point so eloquently Mike. That being a minion/slave working for a foreign corporation trying to order us around! FU and the fascist, tyrannical, Constitution violating corporation that’s hell bent on monitoring citizens 24/7 that you work for! I’ll be damned if I’ll ever pay one of your “notices of violation.” You will NEVER silence me either. Don’t even try.

  48. Eric New says:

    Mike is a Redflex troll! You are wasting your time on us, troll. Your Scameras are coming down!!! Nice job on your radio soundbite, Morpheus! Calling them “thieves” was priceless!!!

    Eric New

  49. Dennis says:

    I love the term Scameras!!
    Its amazing the power these tools want.

    Take the cameras down…

  50. The problem is the law is being is not being upheld and municipalities are lying to the general public about their rights in dealing with these tickets.

  51. Stephen says:

    Oh please ATS supporter. ATS is not doing this for safety or for the betterment of man they are doing this for REVENUE.

    Trying to shame us all by using safety argument while most of what they write tickets for HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH SOMEONE DRIVING DANGEROUS. ON RLC for example most crashes are plus 5 in to red. Most violations right turns, stop lines or being under a second late. Which itself points to the need for longer yellows.

    As for the 50% reduction. Ya sure. Lets see what did the Houston RLC report say. When it was finally forced out by court order MORE WRECKS.

    Taking safety claims from people who have a finanical motivation is just as bad as taking medical advice from a SNAKE OIL SALESMAN.

    The cameras are COMING DOWN!

  52. Confused says:

    I dont think I fully understand what it is that you are trying to accomplish? I mean I understand the Motto “The Cameras are Coming DOWN!”. So instead of vandalizing the cameras, why not put them out of business the only sure way to do it. Get people to stop running red lights, stop people from speeding. With the voice you all have, Im sure you could make a big impact on drivers across the United States. But by protesting the way you are, you are only strengthing their position and there justification to continue increasing the number of cameras across the United States. If you do the math the combined Camera Industry will build in excess of 1000 new cameras(give or take of course).

    Fight Red Light Violators and Speeders, make the US safe to get rid of the cameras. The less lucrative the sites become the less they build.

    • Yellow light will continue to be shortened and speed limits will continue to be lowered as long as photo traffic enforcement exists. Both make the roads less predictable and unsafe, but increase revenue.

      Australia’s tolerance for “speeding” is now 2 KMH in some areas because their people have allowed this menace to continue.

      2 KMH equals just over 1MPH. How would you like your speed to be monitored that closely? How would you ever pass anyone safely?

      Good engineering, consistent speed limits and longer yellow light times with gaps between red and green lights are the only way to truly make roads safer.

      We’ve only been saying this for a year and a half now, so I take exception to you telling us that we haven’t used our voice to advocate positive changes. Read more of the website before you make assertions like that.

  53. Herts Seo says:

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    of clever work and exposure! Keep up the very good works guys I’ve included you guys to our blogroll.

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