Red Light Cameras: Not Enough Green

moneymanFrom the San Bernardino Sun:

In the last decade, red light cameras have sprouted at bustling intersections across the San Bernardino Valley in hopes of reducing traffic collisions and injecting additional revenue into cities.

Now some of those cities have either opted out of their contracts with Arizona-based Redflex Traffic Systems, Inc. or are considering doing so, citing lack of revenue and a growing uncertainty of the cameras’ effectiveness.

Some red light camera opponents, like Loma Linda City Councilman Rhodes Rigsby, say red light cameras actually increase rear-end and other types of collisions, pointing to his own city’s data and various studies conducted over the years he says back his allegations.


4 Responses to Red Light Cameras: Not Enough Green

  1. That article is a great example of the failure of camera program in other cities… both other cities who never saw any safety benefits of having them and cities that got rid of them because evidently the alleged safety benefit wasn’t worth spending $1 on. Gotta love the recurring theme…. “they increased they yellow light time and the revenue plummets.”

  2. RPr says:


    college station TX, heath OH and chilicothe OH votes to ban the scam tomorrow

  3. Mike says:

    Shut your god damn empty holes, slow down, or PAY UP. We need camera enforcement over the entire US!

  4. Alucard says:

    I wonder what would happen if we show the scameras some more green by shining a 200mW laser down their myopic hole in the front? I’m surprised that the scam cams aren’t handled here in the states with c4 and tire fires like they are in the UK!

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