Kansas City Robbery Botched

radar robbery

Artists's rendition of a recent 1.7 million dollar heist. Suspects may be armed and up for re-election.

Stupid Criminals – Municipal authorities in Kansas City, MO have failed at a recent robbery attempt.

The city officials used red light cameras to extort over 1.7 million dollars out of their constituent’s pockets. The cost to install the cameras? 1.7 million dollars.

“The city expected more revenue,” said KMBC reporter Micheal Mahoney. “The program that was designed to make money for the city may end up costing [them] money.”

Proving there’s no honor among thieves, scam cam vendor American Traffic Solutions has pocketed most of the dough:

The city budget director, Troy Schulte, said that most of the income from the fines are going to the vendor, American Traffic Solutions.

No charges have been filed against Kansas City by Kansas City in the failed robbery, although over 3,000 people have decided to fight back by requesting a hearing. The unexpected battle took the attackers off-guard:

There are 3,000 cases waiting to be heard at the (Kansas City) Municipal Court, which means the (Kansas City) police need overtime workers to re-examine the red-light pictures.

Other recent failed ticketing robberies include beleaguered Redflex Group’s statewide Arizona effort.

14 Responses to Kansas City Robbery Botched

  1. none says:

    the original 1.7 used to buy the cameras was stolen money, too…

    throw them all out.

  2. LoneWolf says:

    I thought the scam cam companies were supposed to pay for everything up front, including installation costs. Or is it just Redflex that does that? Or do they select certain cities/states where they cover the installation costs while others have to pay for everything on their own? Sorry, our local trolls have me confused as they insisted that the scam cam companies cover these costs up front. But this also makes me wonder that if our state doesn’t rake in 22.5 mil from our scameras for the DPS PE funding (22.5 mil), if taxpayers end up covering the rest of this amount.

  3. who says:

    This was an ATS article, Seems Redflex wins most of the contracts because they generaly do pay for all costs up front, only requesting a part of the fine. Good for the taxpayers, no money out of their pocket! What is the DPS contract? I think Redflex only gets 28$ out of the 181$?
    Seems Redflex gets around 6-10 new contracts a month. Not to shabby considering everyone thinks the camera’s are coming down! I think they just recently got ANOTHER Arizona city this week!

    • none says:

      And meanwhile the RDF shareholders revolt over the capital they are wasting by putting up cameras they’ll only have to remove in a year.

  4. Dr Jett says:

    James Tuton, CEO of ATS should go over and reiterate how this helps Kansas City because as long as he is happy about raking in the money then why should Kansas City complain. Why are city officials bringing up QUESTIONS about SAFETY anyway. They should be more concerned about LOSING MONEY. Oops, we aren’t supposed to bring up the ‘R’ word: REVENUE!!! Just shorten some yellow lights and we can turn the losses into PROFITS. ATS is truly a SCAMERA COMPANY that will try and achieve their goal; REVENUE!!!

  5. Jokn says:

    Pay back IS A bitch… I think camera’s should be installed in my local rep’s office so I can see if he’s break’in the law in any way fair is fair, watch me i want to watch you. “If you can’t run with the BIG DOG’S
    just stay on the porch”

  6. RPr says:

    Beware the process server

  7. jeremy says:

    never will have enough money for that kind of thing. Should think about some other more effective way.
    digital camera

  8. Obama Crimes says:

    Clifford Clark won dismissal of all charges for allegedly shooting a Redflex red-light camera, after police and Redflex destroyed all ballistic evidence and audio evidence, and after Mr Clark subpoenaed a deputy to testify another deputy confessed to shooting a red-light camera in Knoxville TN. Then Mr Clark had 3 strokes, brain surgery and brain damage, probably due to suspected undercover cops or police informants severely beating him in the head last year, that prosecutors refused to prosecute. Pirate News TV and Radio was banned from covering this trial, under threat of arrest for appeal of that secret court order.


    “If I’m found floating face down in the river or murdered (‘apparent suicide’) in a jail cell on some bogus charge, you’ll know it was the sheriff’s department working in concert with the University of Tennessee.”
    -Clifford Clark, CliffSpeaks.com

  9. RPr says:


    more California cities are canceling their redlight scams

  10. MissFor-Ex says:

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