CameraFRAUD at AZ51 and Highland Today

radar robberyDemonstration today – AZ 51 and Highland overpass in Phoenix, AZ.

From the event’s Meetup page:

Many of you have asked for and suggested a sign wave demonstration in central Phoenix and more specifically on Highway 51- home of those nasty fixed units that are strategically positioned for Southbound drivers.

Well- your answer is here!

Announcing the latest signwave – 51 & Highland, right in the heart of 51’s lineup of scam-cams.

Bring yourself and a friend!


7 Responses to CameraFRAUD at AZ51 and Highland Today

  1. Brent says:

    It’s gonna be FRAUD-A-LICIOUS…

  2. Anand says:

    What was the turnout on this? I did not hear anything on the news see any coverage.

  3. Brent says:

    Turnout was 15. No media was invited or expected. We had a few folks focused on the overpass but most actually were “messaging” the southbound on-ramp. Quite successful..

    • who says:

      15 out of over 1000 members? Ya, quite successful…

      • Brent says:

        Hey “Who” get a clue..

        Unlike RedFlex and ATS’s business models, ours is not a numbers game. Our success is not determined by a percentage- it’s determined by the honks of support and ‘hell ya’s’ we get every few seconds. If you have the gravitas to come out and join us sometime we’d all be happy to talk to you face to face. If you’re not interested in that, I understand, but why don’t you go find a cause you’re actually interested in and make a difference there instead of pettifogging here..

  4. ym says:

    Sat in courtroom with Judge Sarkis over 2 hours, no DPS officer as written in notification just Redflex representative who presented their case with photos, scattergram and brief videos of 3 seconds prior and proceeding photo. I was approximately the 20th person whose appeal was denied; except 1 individual who received 2 citations. One was dropped even though he continued to exceed speed limit of 55 mph onto the next sensors/cameras. All others who presented reasonable and defensive driving situations to avoid an accident/collision were all denied, including myself (mine was a semi drifting into my lane during 65 mph winds in March). This is such a scam. The only informative info I learned is that the freeway narrows and decreases a lane; however, why was the engineering design agreed upon if it is an endangerment; other than to present a way for county to gain revenue while decreasing speed limits in very short distances (speed traps)? I wish I wrote the Redflex rep’s name down; he was annoying, arrogant and refused to anwer any questions when being challenged ( a former “peace Officer”? and probably has a large vested interest). The #51 cameras are situated on south side where freeway steadily goes downhill as well.
    It was such a waste of time to appeal other than being able to tell the Honorable Judge what a waste of tax payer dolloars, his time, my time and lost wages it is to appeal.

    • B says:

      I’m sure that the Redflex guy couldn’t have cared less. You’re paying his paychecks, so “shut up and pay”.

      BTW – nice how they’re shooting video of everyone, like we’re all criminals, isn’t it?

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