Happy Birthday Photo Radar: DPS May Cut 350

Roger and Karen

DPS Director Roger Vanderpool seen mingling with Redflex's Karen Finley. Cops be damned: To these people, its all about the cash and cameras

Who didn’t see this one coming?

Arizona Department of Public Safety politicos outsourced their officer’s duties to an illegitimate, foreign-owned corporation on an unprecedented scale. When Redflex was granted the authority to take the department’s insignia and vehicle dress and apply it to photo radar vans, protecting life and property suddenly took a back seat to shareholder profit.

PHOENIX — Budget cuts could leave as many as 350 Arizona Department of Public Safety employees out of work, according to the DPS officers’ union.According to the union, the budget proposal sent to Gov. Jan Brewer calls for 250 rank-and-file patrol officers to be laid off.An additional 100 civilian support jobs would be eliminated, the union said.When asked for comment about the 15 percent reduction in budget, DPS declined.

DPS Dir. Roger Vanderpool, a strong supporter of photo radar and a Janet Napolitano appointee, probably won’t survive this fiasco at the agency: his contract is up in February.

Don’t worry, Rog: Redflex has a history of hiring former top cops.

46 Responses to Happy Birthday Photo Radar: DPS May Cut 350

  1. none says:

    “Because of our fast-changing, strategic… priorities, we will be streamlining our organizational structure by… eliminating redundancies!”

    To the DPS cops: your bosses made you play musical chairs with a private vendor. The music stopped and you’re the redundancy!

  2. guttersn1pe says:

    Layoffs are the logical progression from choosing machines over humans? I feel safer already.

  3. Ernest Hater says:

    The laid-off DPS employees can now go to work for a foreign owned corporation doing speed enforcement for less than half of what they were getting paid by the state.

    I saw this coming, I don’t know why the DPS employees didn’t.

  4. Dr Jett says:

    I would suggest that laid off DPS employees move to Australia so they can work for Redfux directly in its home country. DPS employees weren’t worth what they were being paid anyway. Most government employees could easily be replaced for 1/2 of what they get paid now. In California, the Fresno County Vehicle Maintenance Dept was outsourced to local auto repair shops whose employees worked for less money with no health benefits. It saved the county large sums of money. PAY ATTENTION ARNOLD!!!

    • Camera Hater says:

      The sad thing is that there would actually be enough Redfux jobs for those slime balls, down in our little Gulag here in the south seas. Our “traffic Taliban” leader here in Victoria is pushing the “Guvmint” for “many more speed and red light cameras”. And with a 1 mph tolerance, and heavy lobbying for blanket 25 mph, or even 20 mph limits in build up areas and shopping centres, they’ll sure have the money to pay them!

  5. Glyph says:

    The MCSO could probably absorb the 250 laid off cops to work the jails. That’s not a step down, is it?

  6. Steve says:

    cops hate photo radar as well. now there losing their jobs over it!

  7. […] -0  0 score      Happy Birthday Photo Radar: DPS May Cut 350 Jobs Happy Birthday Photo Radar: DPS May Cut 350 DPS Director Roger Vanderpool seen mingling with Redflex's Karen Finley. Cops be damned: To these […]

  8. Jeff says:

    The drunk drivers love this. Less cops less chance to be caught drunk driving. Good job Redfux!!

  9. ProCamera says:

    Sorry but i don’t see how this has anything to do with Redflex. The State has a budget downfall because they have low sales tax revenue and too many expenses. DPS needs to cut 15% and since Redflex is not paid by DPS budget, they would not be on the chopping block. I mean, how would cancelling a contract for a photo enforcement company help? They would still need to cut out 15% of their budget.

    I guess you are going to try to blame Redflex for the earquakes in Indonesia next? I mean, the earth moved, and Arizona had speed cameras. Coincidence???

    • Dr Jett says:

      Imagine Dept of Public Harrassment officers doing REAL police work that was of some value to the public. I know, it is a stretch picturing them doing anything other than ROBBING the public. More DPH officers could be out harrassing the citizens enforcing the ARTIFICIALLY LOW SPEED LIMITS that were set to collect more $$$$$$$$$$$$ instead of hoping Redfux would fill the gap so that they could spend more time in the donut shop. They could also enforce the NEW FAKE DUI LAWS for a metabolite (minor amount) of some suspected drug that merely has to be in your system to prove you guilty whether you are impaired or not. Gosh, those LEGISLATORS ARE BUSY looking for new ways to ROB the public. This is where Redfux comes in handy, but the problem is that Redfux is doing a better job of robbing the public than DPH so some of the DPH will have to go. Oh, well.

      • prosafety says:

        i really dont understand the fuss? It almost seems that you guys here dont like safety,or are against the
        government?? Not trying to start a fight its my first time really looking at the page?

        • none says:

          Right, opponents of unchecked government surveillance also hate puppies and think rainbows are evil.

          • prosafety says:

            There is no reason to be rude! i just dont understand and would like info about photo surveillance!that is it!?!

            • Dr Jett says:

              Prosafety, I will make it REAL EASY for you. Meetup.camerafraud.com will answer your questions and if you still don’t quite get it just ask? There are so many examples of corruption by the government and the Scamera organizations that it takes time to read all of it.

          • Dr Jett says:

            None, Trying to explain what I wrote to lames like you, is just like pissing up a rope. If you are soooo naive that you don’t comprehend, then start by ignoring the PROPAGANDA by DPS and quit taking your psych meds and look at REALITY. My pit bull puppy takes offense to your remark and according to your statements is also more intelligent. I love rainbows and would suggest that you follow one to find a brain at the end which would be a real benefit for you more so than a pot of gold.

        • LoneWolf says:

          You pro scamera people never read what’s on this website. Immediately, you assume we want lawless roads and such. This is our bottom line: Cops, Not Cameras.

    • LoneWolf says:

      Photo enforcement in general is funded from the DPS budget. http://www.azleg.gov/jlbc/10summ/summbktoc.pdf Page 20 of 73. $22.5 mil

      I’m not going to speculate too much on what this goes to or how much of this is reimbursed by Redflex, ATS, or the camera revenue because I don’t have that answer. Maybe someone else here does. My guess is that the state fronts the money for camera installation along the freeways and for the DPS PR vans.

      • who says:

        CF posted the DPS-Redflex contract which clearly states that Redflex fronts the money for all installations and mobile units. Did you read it?

        • LoneWolf says:

          No, I didn’t see it. Post a link to it please. Again, it was my guess so don’t take it like I stated a fact. Why is 22.5 mil funded toward photo enforcement?

  10. prosafety says:

    I never picked a side, like i said earlier it is my first time reading on this page

    • Stick with the website and you will understand why we are not anti-safety.

      Also, please do your own research about photo enforcement and you will probably find that you side with us. If this website is too slanted, try http://www.thenewspaper.com to start.

    • who says:

      Well Pro,
      you’ll find the people here are alot like Waco, Texas minus the religion.
      Anti-goverment, pro-destruction. Just check out all the video’s of blowing things up, shooting things etc. that they post and endorse.

      • You’re going to have to explain the Waco, TX comment. We are just like the Branch Davidians? How? Who is our Messiah? Who among us is a pedophile and practices polygamy? Statutory rape?

        Good analogy though. Keep it up. 😉

  11. who says:

    no, more like the homeland terrorist aspect, like Tim mcveigh etc.

  12. who says:

    Did I not already say? Thanks for deflecting.

    • Deflecting? If you took the time to make some sense, maybe I wouldn’t have to ask you to explain yourself. So to reiterate, you’re saying that people in this group like to hole up in cult compounds, take many wives and blow up federal buildings with day care centers inside of them?

      That’s a pretty impressive rap sheet for a group of political activist volunteers. I’d like to see you back some of those claims up instead of using your typical straw-man arguments. Whatever’s clever though “who,” just keep them coming.

      Have you signed the petition yet? You should so that you and your fellow law abiding citizens can vote to keep the cameras!

  13. who says:

    What is posted here, and your meetup group, backs my claims. Anyone can go to your meetup group, and see the posts supporting using explosives to blow up cameras, and that’s only one example.
    You say alot of people support your cause in getting rid of camera’s, but alot of people support getting rid of extremest anti-government type groups.

    • LoneWolf says:

      And a huge wall that separated communist Europe from the west was demolished by thousands of Europeans from both sides of the wall. People in the US would be willing to go through any extreme in order to preserve our constitution. It’s what the US army does every single day. They’re out there dying for our freedom and it seems you don’t appreciate that freedom too much. The government needs to listen to its people. We run the government. The day that the government runs us will be the day that many US citizens will take up arms and make every attempt to restore this nation and its constitution the way it was intended to be. If you have a problem with that, maybe you need to flee this country before things get worse. Proud American citizens will stand their ground here. You’re obviously not one of them.

    • LoneWolf says:

      And another thing.. I will happily admit that if I had a missile-launcher, I would blow those things to smitherines. However, I am not a murderer so I certainly wouldn’t even think of doing anything like that if there were people around. I don’t feel like going to jail anytime soon either so I guess doing something like this is out of the question for me. If there are any brave souls out there who would blow those things up, more power to them. But I would certainly hope and pray that nobody would get hurt in the process. And don’t take this like I’m encouraging anyone because everyone has a mind of their own. TV influences people too. Should we just cut the cable to free speech?

    • Dr Jett says:

      You need to quit giving your drugs to Prosafety and get some real help. There are mental hospitals for people like you that have a problem with reality.
      I brought up a discussion that I had with a Vietnam Vet. He mentioned using det cord. As I stated, I didn’t know how to use it. I didn’t advocate anyone using violence.
      I could recommend a course in reading comprehension, but I don’t know if that would work for someone like you who appears to have irrational thoughts. Try finding a new psychiatrist if the one you see now isn’t helping you. The world will thank you and you will feel much better.

    • Camera Hater says:

      I think you’ll find none of us are advocating violence at all. In fact, if you took a poll, we’re pretty pro-law and order. We’re just arguing for sensible, enforceable and just laws, supported by a robust professional (human) police presence. As for destroying cameras, I think you’ll find that those people who do go to that length do so at very quiet times when the risk to innocent people is virtually nil.

  14. Bryan R says:

    NO! We NEED the DPS officers…

    Make the cuts elsewhere, or raise taxes enough to keep them in uniforms.

    (Note: I’m no fan of the rank-and-file DPS officer that has no brain. I’m the guy that’s been pulled over, lectured, and given a bogus written warning – all for flipping off a camera in front of a long-time DPS guy that should’ve known better and let his emotions get the best of him.

    That’s how much I think this is a mistake… Cut the welfare payouts by a small percentage and keep the officers.

    • Dr Jett says:

      DPS, the Department of Public Harassment primarily holds up citizens driving on the highways to ROB THEM. In Old England, they were considered Highwaymen and hung for being thieves. Here it is just a highly paid thug in many cases that is doing the bidding of the Lords; legislators and their sponsors, rich corporate leaders.
      Yes, we do need them, but for other reasons such as fighting REAL CRIME. And yes, they do actually help citizens at times, so they do good deeds also. Just imagine solving the MAJOR cause of accidents; UNSKILLED DRIVERS. It isn’t that difficult; teach accident avoidance classes, highway speed driving classes. Check vehicles for being in good mechanical shape so that the driver can perform the actions necessary to save his life and others. The problem is that DPS would have less of a need to solve accident situations and JOB SECURITY is the main reason most people work in government jobs.

  15. Bryan R says:

    I have to admit there’s come karmic payback, instead.

    How many DPS officers’ salaries could be paid by what the state paid out for the cameras (remember – they’re $250,000+ EACH)???

    Next they’ll be saying, “We need more, CHEAPER, cameras to make up for the loss… but… er… don’t worry… Officers will STILL patrol those areas… *cough*…”

    Anyone who say, “More officers AND more cameras,” can now officially shut their pie holes.

  16. Prosafety says:


    You say you would never think of it but writing it means you would think of it, right?!? Like I said earlier I just want more info on photo enforcement. By the way isn’t a Lone Wolf “A lone wolf or lone-wolf fighter is someone who commits violent acts in support of some group, movement, or ideology, but does so alone, outside of any command structure.”

    • LoneWolf says:

      Prosafety but Antispeech, I get it. I had to look up “Lone Wolf” on the internet because I had no idea where you got that info from. Then I came across an article you quoted from Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lone_wolf_(terrorism)You obviously searched the term yourself but I guess you overlooked the other 9.5 million results which indicates it’s commonly used as nics, game names, company names, etc.. but I understand your rather lame attempt to make me look like a terrorist of some sort. Believe it or not but you can use the same search engine to look up “Photo Enforcement” and surely you’ll find all the info in the world, especially since this website doesn’t seem to cut it for you.

    • Dr Jett says:

      Put down the cool aid before you join Jim Jones and his dead followers. A lone wolf his merely a wolf who doesn’t run in a pack although he is still just a wolf. I would recommend laying off of the psych drugs until you can think clearly.

      • LoneWolf says:

        I suspect Procamera and Prosafety are both ETB. There are similarities in the writing and the unique punctuation is also a giveaway- ETB had an obsession with !!! Notice the !?! or ?!? in these posts in addition to the lower-case “i” instead of “I” (which he used a couple of times but I think he slipped. ETB’s were lower case).. And who else was known to come here and pick apart who we are, what we believe in, what we do, and what we think?

  17. enigmaforever says:

    Good news “Shareholders Battle for Control of Speed Camera Colossus (Redflex)
    “Cameras are coming down”/
    posted in Car News Articles |
    The number one operator of photo enforcement in the US, Redflex Traffic Systems, engaged in a public battle of words with its three largest shareholders this week. Thorney Holdings Ltd, Hunter Hall and Renaissance joined to force a shareholder vote to remove Redflex Chairman Chris Cooper and Directors Peter Lewinsky and Roger Sawley. The renegade investors, who hold 28 percent of the company stock, are upset with the mismanagement exemplified in the Redflex stock price and the “expensive failure” of
    the Arizona freeway photo radar contract. “We are
    concerned whether the present board is appropriately qualified, experienced and competent to manage Redflex’s affairs,” Thorney Holdings stated in a letter to shareholders Wednesday. “Due to what we perceive to be a lack of transparency in Redflex’s process for director appointments, we are concerned about the absence of information on these issues.””


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