FOIA Requests: It’s So Easy!


This unnamed bureaucrat will carefully read and respond to your FOIA request!

CameraFRAUD has taken the guesswork out of submitting a Freedom of Information Act to your favorite (or least favorite) government agency with the creation of this handy PDF form.

Best of all, the only personal information you need to offer is your name and signature. The response from the agency will be mailed to CameraFRAUD directly, keeping your address out of the mix.

The steps:

1. Download the form.

2. Complete the form, print it and then be sure to sign it.

3. Add postage and mail it in!

Keep in mind, agencies are usually not required to compile new data or reports, but instead provide to you copies of documents already in existence.  Some data is not covered under FOIA, such as personnel records or anything deemed to be relating to an “ongoing investigation,” but you can always ask anyways.

Need some ideas on what to send, where?

The Honorable Jan Brewer
Governor of Arizona
1700 West Washington
Phoenix, Arizona 85007

(hint: Emails to / from Redflex, anyone?)

Arizona Department of Public Safety
2102 W Encanto Blvd
Phoenix, AZ 85009

(hint: How about reports or memos detailing accidents in photo radar zones? Reports or memos detailing malfunctions? Reports or memos mentioning protests? The possibilities are endless).

Arizona Department of Transportation
PO Box 2100
Phoenix AZ 85001-2100

(hint: All safety studies and statistics relating to photo radar? Copies of all complaints relating to photo radar / enforcement? How about asking them who ordered the Longmore and US-60 traffic camera to be pointed downward towards protesters on 9/25/2009 at 5:00PM?)

13 Responses to FOIA Requests: It’s So Easy!

  1. James S says:

    I have been WAITING for something like this!

    Mailing mine in tonight to the City of Mesa, requesting:

    1. ) Copies of all emails and written correspondence between American Traffic Solutions (“the vendor”) and the City of Mesa since August 1, 2008.

    2) Copies of all reports or memos relating to the safety effectiveness (or lack thereof) within Mesa of photo radar / photo enforcement / red light cameras since the program started, or Jan 1, 2000, which ever is earlier. These reports may have been compiled by “the vendor” on behalf of or by the
    City of Mesa.

    3) Copies of all invoices and payments made from the City of Mesa to “the vendor” since the contract began.

    4) Copies of all complaints regarding malfunctions or
    accidents relating to equipment installed by “the vendor.”

    • Ernest Hater says:

      I have a feeling this will lead to stonewalling. They will cite a clause in the contract that the information you are requesting is the property of Redflex and would be a be detrimental to Redlex’s business to release this information as it would give their competitors an advantage.

      I wish you all the luck. At least it will eat up some of their valuable time to respond to these requests as this will eat into their income from these scam tickets.

  2. duece says:

    Oh no,

    Looks like DPS will get 4 more pieces of mail from all your followers… boys are spinning your wheels. Wasting your time

  3. RPr says:

    Emails to and from Redflex to PHX should be very interesting

  4. Jokn says:

    What is (AMERICAN) about ATS……….

  5. RPr says:

    Redflex loses another contract Redlands California.

    Police Chief say They dont reduce accidents

  6. guttersn1pe says:

    Just remember when you submit these requests that the people who have to obtain the information for you probably have no input on the photo enforcement decision. So you’re not punishing DPS for their policy, but Bob in legal who has to track this stuff down.

    I’m all for legitimate requests – just against requests for the sake of requesting.

  7. mike says:

    Another thing to keep in mind is most of these requests cost $$$ to recieve. Some by the page etc, so dont be surprised if you request every email and they send you an invoice for $$$ which you have to pay before recieving the documents. I did one thru DPS and had to pay my invoice of about $32 just for reports etc.

  8. RPr says:

    Trapster Speed Trap App Downloads Hit 50,000 per day

    from twitter

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