Revenue More Important Than Honesty and Accuracy

The biggest weaknesses of photo enforcement (PE) is the inability to identify with any certainty who is committing the alleged crime together with the reliance on un-monitored, highly sensitive equipment that is exposed to the elements 24/7, as well as the reliance on complicated and elaborate processing systems for handling mass amounts of alleged violations. In addition to that, the IIHS claims that the driver of a car is the registered owner only 72% of the time. This means that on average, the wrong person is cited in more than 1 in 4 tickets! More than 25% of the recipients of photo tickets are falsely identified!


So if the purpose of PE is safety, supposed to be safety then what is the point of sending tickets to people who didn’t do anything wrong? The only possible answer is more revenue. Redflex knows that many people will simply pay the ticket to get rid of it – it’s simply not worth the hassle and effort of fighting. The only cost of sending a ticket to the wrong person is the cost of postage, so why not?
That leaves the rest of the public wondering what happened to pride in law enforcement? It used to be that police would pride themselves in finding the correct law breakers, and would be ashamed if they incorrectly identified perpetrators. Sadly, the answer is that revenue is now more important than avoiding false and erroneous accusations.

We’ve compiled a brief compendium of how photo enforcement and the “justice” system has become an unacceptable burden upon the innocent and falsely accused:

That’s only 12 examples of failures of equipment OR the photo enforcement processing system. There are LOTS MORE out there, and rest assured, there are MANY MORE that don’t make the news. Americans should be ALARMED and DISGUSTED that we have allowed our government to implement highly flawed and error-prone system like this that prey on the innocent. How many INNOCENT people have had to unnecessarily lose time, money, and effort fighting erroneous tickets, paying legal fees, and trying to get their records straightened out? As a country that was founded and prides itself on making sure the innocent aren’t falsely accused, photo enforcement should offend ALL Americans.


38 Responses to Revenue More Important Than Honesty and Accuracy

  1. Ernest T. Bass says:

    well if that was your opening statement…you may have just created some reasonable doubt in the minds of a few on the jury !! but once the defense counsel gets its turn… the innuendo and here say that you call news will be dispelled !!! of course then it will come down to who can actually prove their case… that is where CF gets beat like a red headed step child !!!

  2. LoneWolf says:

    Well, according to ETB and his other troll friends, along with a few judges out there, these scameras don’t lie. Just slow down and you won’t have anything to worry about! (What a crock……)

    • Ernest Hater says:

      I am sure Jay is pissing himself since you beat him to the punch.

      • Ernest T. Bass says:

        beat me to what ?

        going the speed limit works for me and i pass cameras every day…. with all the cameras out there and the amount of traffic… if the cameras malfunctioned as much as you all claim the courts would really be flooded, CF would have more members than this site could handle and you would have many more than 10 people at a protest !!!

        • jgunn says:

          Awesome, you too? You slow down to within 5MPH of the speed limit when your GPS device says “Fixed camera ahead, speed limit 65 attention, overspeed”? Me too! It’s a pain to slow down from 74 (up to 75 was made legal by the cameras BTW since the threshold is 11MPH), to 70 or so, but we cannot trust the accuracy of the scameras, can we?

        • Sure says:

          Yeah, Ernest, tell us about your license plate cover.

        • LoneWolf says:

          ETB, we appreciate you being such a great community concern-troll, but trust me, some people have lives beyond protests and signature gatherings. Families are always number one in peoples’ lives. Just because CF is the only caring family you have doesn’t mean that many of the 1600+ members here don’t have kids, husbands, and wives to go home to. Everything I said about your wife before.. I was wrong. I never realized that you’re a very lonely man with lots of time on your hands and you really need someone to talk to. Debates get you all excited and I’m sincerely happy for you, but Ernest, a lot of the people here just don’t have a lot of time to spend at these events let alone keep you company. I hope you understand… please don’t take it so hard.

  3. Dr Jett says:

    Ernest T. Bass informed me on this site that we should all pay our tickets because the cameras took a picture and that is all we need to know. Well, if I worked for Redfux too, that would make sense because my paycheck would depend on that revenue that they want to steal from the public. Unfortunately, that isn’t the truth like all of these examples. I also know a man who received a FAKE DUI when he wasn’t drunk or high. All it takes to get a DUI these days is a metabolite of hundreds of different possible drugs whether you are impaired or not. These are examples of laws that need to be eliminated or changed because people learn to lose all respect for government that simply doesn’t know how to balance the budget. The USA was founded on the principle of NO TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION. Now our current government says that we should ignore the Constitution because they need more money for their paychecks. I think we should cut all government salaries in half as a way to balance the budget or eliminate all of the PORK BARREL PROJECTS that our crooked politicians like Ex-gov Nappy set up. They could also take the TAXPAYERS DOLLARS that were paid to the LAMES that bought GAS HOGS and quit rewarding people for being stupid. It isn’t our fault that BIG CORPORATIONS LIKE GM didn’t know how to run their own companies. We should take all of the TOP CORPORATE OFFICERS MONEY AND EVERYTHING THEY OWN and put it into the general fund.

    • Ernest T. Bass says:

      jett those are great ideas !!! yes…cut all government salaries in half AND DO AWAY WITH THE DUI LAWS !! brilliant !!! you are a visionary !!!

      • Dr Jett says:

        You need to read the rest of the details. As usual, you missed the part about FAKE DUI’S vs a measurable DUI where someone is actually impaired. How many of our government employees do more than 1/2 of a job? Pay them what they are worth according to replacement value in a free market. I could replace practically the entire US Postal Service for minimum wage. I used to work there and saw what went on. I also tell MVD workers how to do title work and then they check with their supervisor and tell me that I was right. Why? Because I was paid on straight commission and had to be right to get paid or learn and get it right. Take a class in reading comprehension. You’ll thank me later.

    • Sure says:

      It is funny how many Redflex employees are bitching about the company these days. There is no honor among thieves. These employees are surprised when Redflex treats them like dirt. It is okay when the public is getting screwed over, but the employees seem to dislike the same treatment.

      • Camera Hater says:

        Agree 100%, Sure. It’s hard to be sympathetic to people whose ethics are so lacking that they would take a job thieving from their fellow citizens… Same inconsistency you see if people try to (lawfully) photograph their depredations.

  4. RPr says:

    Redflex Talivan Burned

    Police are investigating the arson in the 40 block of Louisiana Street on Sept. 24 at about 9:25 p.m. Assistant Police Chief Ronald Still said someone poured gasoline along the back bumper of the white, 2000 Ford Escape parked on the road, then set fire to the vehicle. About $2,500 worth of the damage to the truck was reported, but no one was injured.

  5. Sure says:

    Ah, the ole burn mother ****** burn treatment.

  6. Sure says:

    Here is another one:

  7. Sure says:

    Notice on the second video no one seems to care! Ah, makes me want to roast some marshmellows.

  8. guttersn1pe says:

    The statement in this post – “The only cost of sending a ticket to the wrong person is the cost of postage, so why not?” – got me thinking…

    I got a photo radar ticket back when Scottsdale was running the cameras on the 101. My father-in-law happened to be the driver. Never mind that he is 6″ shorter, 24 years older, 30 pounds heavier, different race, different hair color, eye color, and wears glasses (and I don’t) – they sent it to me for that very reason, it only cost them a stamp.

    The thing that stopped me from reporting him as the driver (and I was this close) was that I would also need to cough up the price of a stamp. Aside from being innocent and having to waste my time, the stamp is what pushed me to toss it and research the whole issue of photo radar. Funny how that stamp worked both ways.

    • Ernest Hater says:

      Put it back in the original envelope saying you are not the driver and put return to sender on the front of the envelope. That way THEY would have had to pay the return postage.

  9. who says:

    Keep on advocating things like that Sure… and when it does happen, guess who LE will be looking at, and what group the finger will be pointed at?

    • What advocacy? This is just reporting the news – real events that happened. I suppose you think is advocating arson by reporting on it also? has an article about murder, are they advocating you to go kill someone?

    • LoneWolf says:

      Great way to suppress freedom of speech. Blame speech for peoples’ actions rather than blame the people for their own actions. Speech influences people into action, but people pretty much know right from wrong so what they do as a result of that speech is a matter of individual choices. Now go jump in a lake.

    • Sure says:


      How many burning tires does it take to get to the center of photo radar camera?

    • Subversive Menace says:


      Your attempt at using fear to manipulate the Camerafraud establishment won’t work. It is fear that keeps the common down, and there are no common men here.

      You don’t want us to encourage people to burn these repression machines. Wonder why?

  10. Gotta love this one:

    A woman lost a job opportunity because she was never mailed a speeding ticket.

    This is sweet, this is the kind of society I want. People should be blindsided with license suspensions for reasons they don’t know about. They should lose job opportunities and have to spend hundreds of dollars getting their license back. This should happen to everybody because it will make the streets safer.

    • who says:

      and monkey man lost his job because he couldn’t pass a security clearance. He fought the law, and the law won.

      • LoneWolf says:

        And guitar lady fought the law and guitar lady won. Comes to show you that the law and your beloved scameras don’t always win.

      • Subversive Menace says:

        Monkey man made an ass out of DPS. Of course, that isn’t too hard to do when you have a Roger Vanderpool in charge.

        The monkeys have shown they don’t want to play with cheaters. Why do you think nobody is paying up. Can’t wait to see what happens with the courts in March.

      • If you’re talking about VonTessmar, as of yesterday he has yet to be served with those photo tickets. Turns out he’s never home because he’s a flight attendant. Photo enforcement is such a joke.

  11. Jokn says:

    The Last time I looked this is America. If I choose to drive 100 mph or 35 mph I can do so, and I’m not say’in to DO THIS, but I can do so at my risk. Now when we insert a Private CO, TO DO WHAT ARE POLICE ARE TO DO IE.. We’ve CHANGED THE VARIABLE’S. I was taught that you should drive with the speed of traffic around you. So as not to slow traffic IE.. Driving 50 in the “HAMMER LANE”

  12. Subversive Menace says:

    Who is probably the cop who stomped on 4409’s foot when he was arrested for filming a photo radar protest. He has a people will do what they are told or else mentality.

  13. Dr Jett says:

    It is interesting how the local citizens react when they know that the photo radar cameras are a scam. I was riding my motorcycle westbound on Lincoln from Scottsdale Rd yesterday in the right lane. As I was passing a convertible with the top down, the passenger started waving to me pointing at the side of the road ahead where the first scamera was located. This couple was probably in their 60’s and she told me to be aware of the photo radar cameras and speed traps on Lincoln. I acknowledged that I was a member of Camerafraud and was aware of the fraud and told them to check out to learn more. The mobile scammobile was about a 1/4 mile ahead in its usual place on the right behind a wall. Gee Ernest, that must mean that older citizens are in favor of photo radar. UH,DUH!

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