Layoffs at Redflex?

redflexVia email:

…Not sure if you have heard but Redflex is laying some people off.  This is due to them screwing the pooch on the DPS contract so bad.  Not sure how many but I was one of the first.  Too bad you really can’t see how the operation is run there.  Totally screwed up is a nice way of saying it…

It’s not just those low on the corporate ladder that might be looking for a new job at beleaguered photo radar and scam cam vendor Redflex Group. Shareholders are infuriated at the way the company has been run lately, and are attempting to oust the “leadership” team down under.

Don’t be surprised to see that shake-up have direct consequences for Redflex Traffic Systems, the pseudo Arizona/Delaware subsidiary of the Australian firm.

Occam's razor: This complicated workflow of photo enforcement doomed it from the beginning by combining the worst from government and industry.

Occam's razor: This complicated workflow of photo enforcement doomed it from the beginning by combining the worst from government and industry.

The statewide Arizona contract has been a nightmare from the start, going from being a halo project that could be used to sell other entire states, to a disaster entailing a huge investment of money just to deal with the sheer amount of equipment needed to surveil those driving within the Grand Canyon State.

Hiring a cop to write paper tickets is a simple, straightforward process. When you unnecessarily complicate a task, Occam’s razor kicks in and the system collapses under its own weight. Combine that with the typical bumbling bureaucrats in government and you have the same predictable result: failure.

52 Responses to Layoffs at Redflex?

  1. Frankie says:

    You know times are tough when the tax collectors are laying off.

  2. Ernest T. Bass says:

    a digruntled former employee, now that is someone that i want to lead my thread !!! the only organization with a nightmare is CF since they have FAILED !!! to have the cameras removed !! PR is alive and very well in Arizona !!! CF has been saying that AZ doesnt want the cameras !!! with your dismal turnouts you are not proving it !!!

    hail the flashes !!!!

  3. Sure says:

    Notice that one lady looks like Ernest.

  4. Bryan R says:

    “Hiring a cop to write paper tickets is a simple, straightforward process.”
    To be fair, this isn’t 100% true. It does take a lot of money and time to hire and train a competent officer. One DPS guy told me it’s tens of thousands of dollars to get one good officer out on the road, and that makes sense.

    However, when you look at the cost of one camera system (in the hundreds of thousands of dollar range), and how they are limited in function (they still put cops out in the camera zones as well – ALLEGEDLY), it’s tough to justify the cost of the camera system… Especially when they’re getting a 20-25% actual payment rate…

    • who says:

      you forget, not one penny of tax dollar’s was used to pay for the camera’s. Redflex paid all upfront costs, only asking for $28? re-imbursment for each violation paid.

      • Wrong. Have you seen the state budget? Millions were allocated and set aside for the camera program.

        • who says:

          yup and your just plain bs. Redflex paid for everything up front. You call camera believers ‘sheeple’ look in the mirror.

        • Ernest T. Bass says:

          you threw it out there !! prove it… just so we are clear….we are speaking about initial installemnt costs… that is what the conversation was about…

        • LoneWolf says:

          Who, then maybe you can explain why photo enforcement is being funded $22,534,300 for both fiscal years 2009 & 2010.

          Click to access summbktoc.pdf

          Page 20 of 73 (page number 15) under continuation of the state budget for DPS.

        • LoneWolf says:

          ETB, From the words that I read which you evidently missed, PRS said nothing about installation charges. He pointed out the fact that millions are allocated to PE…. period! He didn’t say millions are funded for installation of the scameras, now did he? “Who” needs to prove to us, since he’s the one that brought it up, that Redflex pays for everything up front! If not one penny of our tax dollar is being used to pay for PE, then why is $22.5 mil being funded by the state gov for this program? I don’t have that answer. I was hoping you and ‘Who’ would since you guys have an answer for everything pertaining to PE. Show us legitimate proof that not one penny of 22.5mil isn’t being spent on installation or scamera replacements.

  5. Different View says:

    What is the officer’s salary and overtime compensation to work 24X7 for year? And what is the effectiveness of an officer after one day of that?
    Just a thought …

    • And why can’t a speeding fine be high enough to pay for all of the fees and expenses?

      He should be able to write 3 tickets/hour, at $200 each, that’s $600/hr. You can’t tell me that $600/hr isn’t enough to pay a cop and equip him even if he’s working OT.

      • LoneWolf says:

        Even if he got little as 1 every 2 hours, that equates to $800/8-hr-shift which is still a lot considering the average cop salary is 30k – 60k per year. ($14.42 – $28.85 per hr) That leaves 2 hours to write out the costly citations and the rest for reports, interrogations, donuts, investigations, court appearances, etc..

      • Ernest T. Bass says:

        Time out here Scam !!! WTG you just insulted every cop in town by minimizing their job to nothing but ticket writers with a quota !!! what happened to the battle cry that you want real cops so they can detect thijgs such as alcohol, drugs, smuggling, warrants etc. etc… how many tickets will one cop miss out on issuing while nailing a drunk driver?

        caught ya !! you cant have it both ways !!! silly boy … you are not ready for big time thinking !!!

        • Other crimes typically are associated with even higher fines and revenue. You have yet to explain how a ticket writing cop can’t pay for himself with the revenue from writing tickets.

  6. Flexyemployee says:

    I work at redflex and believe me, to many chiefs and not enough indians. You should see the cars they drive. That is why they are broke, they pay their managers way to much and for what, to ruin a company to the ground? The atmosphere, you can’t even talk on the floor or your told to get back to work. We are treated like children in a concentration camp. But they know there are no jobs out there so they work us to the ground. You try to make things better and then you are told your negative. They should look at the management team stating in operations. Management, such a joke. A director who acts like he was a cop and actually worked for 3-4 different police forces; Maybe there was a reason why he kept moving on, he’s crap for management and he parades around like he is the shit and then makes the stupidest decisions and blames all but himself. Just a joke. Then you have a supervisor team, that is the biggest joke. They are puppets on a string. Yes sir, Yes mam. If they can make a decision, the best one would be to get another job and hire real managers and supervisors before they take the company to bankruptcy. Robert Salcido keeps “the blondes” the “pretty girls” the employees that can stroke his big fat ego. Again, such a joke. I give it 6 months before the doors are closed. I am looking for a new job now before that happens.

    • LoneWolf says:

      Thanks for sharing this info with us. It sounds like a very repressive company to work for which doesn’t come as a surprise knowing that they try to suppress the truth about their worthless POS scamera programs. It sounds like a bunch of serious roboclowns trying to run a 3-ring circus at the Playboy mansion.

      As for the cop director, one would have to wonder why someone working for the gov would give up all of its great pensions, benefits, insurance, etc and turn to a civilian vigilante corporation that’s currently standing on very thin ice. Incompetency perhaps?

      The doors will be closing soon regardless of how that company is run. People around the world are becoming more intolerant of these money-making machines so they’re knocking them down. Piss-poor management will, of course, help accelerate that process.

      • pissedemployee says:

        Flexyemployee is liar! The person has to be someone who goofs off all day and still expects to be paid for a full days work.

        Lonewolf, we do not work for the government.

        • Really? Aren’t all of the Redflex contracts with state and local governments?

        • LoneWolf says:

          Right, and Ahmadinejad calls Israel a liar over the holocaust. Who should we believe?

          I’ve worked for corporations before. I’ve had incompetent bosses. This employee pretty much describes the same ol bull I’ve seen before. You’re saying this employee “HAS TO BE” (someone who goofs off)? That’s a red flag right there, buddy! You’re handing me an inconclusive statement which is a lame attempt to accuse someone of lying when in fact, he may very well be telling the truth. You’re quick to stand in defense of the company which certainly raises my suspicions that there may be more repressive issues going on behind those doors than what this employee has seen. As we find out more interesting crap about Redflex, the cameras will soon be aimed back at your company….

          • pissedemployee says:

            I love my job, and I respect the Company and have trust in our management. That employee obviously has no respect for themselves or anyone else. I know that employee (if in fact it really is an employee) is lying because I am there everyday and I see what goes on. Everything that person said is a lie.

            If flexyemployee is that unhappy then my suggestion is don’t let the door hit you on the way out. We don’t want you there! (We meaning myself and other employees)

          • LoneWolf says:

            You know, it takes a lot of courage for people to stand up and speak against their companies. When people do, they rarely do it to be mean. Usually, there’s another motive such as incompetent management, mistreatment, violations of the law, and the list goes on. He claims he’s still employed. Why would he risk his job by lying about his company to the public? Perhaps he works in a different department than you do or perhaps he observes favortism.. whatever.. the bottom line is that you haven’t denied that some of the individuals he mentioned actually do work there so we know that part of his story is true. I don’t know any of the staff members at Redflex other than a couple of the top dogs. I looked up Robert Salcido and came across one complaint:
   This guy was obviously pissed about a ticket mistake he received and he called Robert an asshole. Now I know Robert Salcido does in fact work for Redflex and I know for a fact that someone else wasn’t too happy with him. Give me the name of the cop director and I’ll look him up too.

            And as far as I’m concerned, pissedemp.., you could very well be one of those individuals who he’s speaking of.

            • pissedemployee says:

              Lone, Your fishing expedition to get names will not work with me.

            • LoneWolf says:

              Got something to hide? If I really wanted to dig up dirt on Redflex employees, I could get names regardless. There are other good spots for fishing besides here.

              • Camerafraud Hater says:

                hey WOFF !! HOW DO YOU KNOW THAT FLEXY IS A GUY? it is NEVER revealed…. however you write like it is a matter of fact !!

                • Flexyemployee says:

                  All i can say is i wish Robert was gay, then i would have a fighting chanace. Right now we are (employees) drafting a letter to Australia to see if they can get a financial outside advisor to review the the way the operations are ran in redflex

              • LoneWolf says:

                CF Hater. That’s a pretty weak response. But how often do women say something like “The blondes, the pretty girls”? I’m sure He would politely correct if he is not, in fact, a male.

    • Thanks for sharing. Your story checks out, but be careful posting on this message board until you have another job.

      We know for a fact that employees from your company and ATS spend many hours on this website and you never know who may be watching.

    • nancy says:

      If you are so distraught about working there then quite, stop whining and quit. I suspect you are a person who wants to be paid to loaf and not work hard otherwise you would be able to find another job that you feel would be beneath you, I too know about the employer you speak of, they treat their people well and incent ones who go above and beyond. Again, you have a choice if you dislike it so much give it up for someone who wants to work not complain and moan all day!

      • Ernest T. Bass says:

        you tell him nancy !!! i for one believe you work there!!! so the burning question…. does anybody at redflex, management, staff, grunts etc…even talk about camerfraud? these assholes here seem to think that redflex is scared to death of them…. i think they give them as much thought as a fly on the wall!!!

        • LoneWolf says:

          Oh, poor Ernie is losing his ground here. Hiding on the old pages and calling us big bad names behind our backs.. Poor poor Ernie.. Are we assholes because we’re right about so many things (and we prove them) and you’re wrong (because you rarely prove jack-sht)? Or are we assholes because we’re on the verge of making your favorite machines vanish from Arizona’s roads?

          Now run along and go tell your other troll friends that you need more back-up here because the big bad assholes are pretty good in putting you back under the bridge from where you came.

    • Nancy says:


      From the sound of it I believe you no longer work for Redflex and are lying about still working there to make your story sound sort of credible, which it is not.

      • Nancy, did Flexy report directly to you at Redflex?

        • LoneWolf says:

          She knows the employer he speaks of but she won’t admit that she works there because she knows he’s right and she could potentially lose her job by posting here, even if her comments are positive. Redflex will think she’s being negative by collaborating on the opposition’s website.

          OR Nancy is just making up some defensive crap about Redflex even though she’d never worked there. If this is the case, then she has absolutely nothing to say about it if she hasn’t experienced that work environment for herself.

    • Glyph says:

      Salcido keeps “the blondes” the “pretty girls” the employees that can stroke his big fat ego

      That’s pretty consistent with what I see walking out of the building at lunchtime. It’s as if there’s a certain level of “hawtness” that must be maitained in order to work there.

  7. LoneWolf says:

    Another ATS sponsored poll:

    New York Voters Express Strong Support for Red-Light Cameras.

  8. Has anyone else seen what’s going on in Hardin, MT? This is the worst case we’ve seen of outsourcing police enforcement.

    A group called American Police Force, moved in to that small town outside of Billings and took over a vacant prison on an Indian Reservation. Black “Police” vehicles with Serbian flags were spotted driving around that city.

    Are we going to allow this in AZ? Are we going to have a choice? Do you camera lovers now understand why we shouldn’t let foreign companies run our law enforcement?

    • Ernest T. Bass says:

      lets see Montana….. arizona…. whats it….2000 miles away ? let me know when you get within 100 miles of our state !!!


    • LoneWolf says:

      That’s the first time I’ve heard of them. This must be their website:

      Sounds like another vigilante corporation wanting a piece of LE action. Why is the gov outsourcing its LE to corporations? Must be lots of money to be made and less responsibilty to be taken on the gov’s part…

    • Walter says:

      Outsourcing correctional facilities is nothing new. If you drive down to Florence only about half of the complex that you see is actually run by the state. There are several private run facilities there. There have been talks about a private run prison being built just north of Kingman. It will be one of the largest correctional facilities in Arizona, If it’s built.

  9. enigmaforever says:

    On 11 September 2009 Redflex announced that it had received from the applicant group a shareholder requisition to call a general meeting and propose resolutions for the replacement of 3 Redflex directors.
    ( Keep fighting to regain stolen freedoms, and rights)

    Learn more at

  10. Flexyemployee says:

    I still work at Redflex. I am happy with my co-workers but not happy with management. They started working with the supervisors to make it a better world for us, but they should of started from the top. As for the pissed employee, they are likely in the “good boy club”. They can do not wrong, just kiss butt and make management look like a hero. We have quite a few of those. Employees like Pissedemployee are the chose ones to make sure they are are stroking the ego’s around there. I do not believe they will be replacing the director’s in Redflex. What we need to do is write Australia and let them know how there corporation is ran. As for Robert, his head is so far up his butt he does not know what is going on. He can’t even keep his lies together. I keep notes on all his lies and they will come to out when the time is right.

    • LoneWolf says:

      Thanks for the info. But as you know, we’re not going out on a limb here to help make Redflex better and prosper longer with greater management. We’d rather just see it, along with ATS, disappear all together simply because we strongly oppose speed cameras and the mobile PR vans.

      But now that you’ve told us about your bad management, what do you personally think about photo enforcement? Would you go as far as telling us that there are some things that we don’t know about such as lies to the public, other procedures not covered in the employee manual, verifiable corruption with certain individuals, etc? Can you give us the name of the cop director? If you were to quit tomorrow, would you take sides with us and fight against scameras, including Redflex? No worries.. none of the volunteers here will expose you to your company. But this information is important to some of us. Thanks.

  11. pissedemployee says:


    I don’t stroke anyones ego except my own and I don’t belong to any “good boy club”. Is taking pride in the work you do and get paid for so wrong? An employer pays you to do a job, if you don’t like that job or the management practices then, like I said before don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

    • Complicit

      An individual is complicit in a crime if he is aware of its occurrence, has the ability to report the crime, but fails to do so. As such the individual effectively allows criminals to carry out a crime despite easily being able to stop them, either directly or by contacting the authorities, thus making him a de-facto accessory to the crime rather than an innocent bystander.

      Law relating to complicity varies. Usually complicity is not a crime although this sometimes conflicts with popular perception. (See The Finale (Seinfeld episode)). At a certain point a person that is complicit in a crime may become a conspirator depending on the degree of involvement by the individual and whether a crime was completed or not.

  12. RedF*cks says:

    Robert Salcido is not really a manager, he’s more like one of those small-time security guards you see who pretends to be a cop. He’s deluded, he acts like a jackass, and he gets away with it because he strokes the right poles if you know what I mean. He’s kind of like the king of nothing in our office, and too stupid to realize we’re laughing at him.

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