Frequent “Fliers”


BIG BRO'S WORST NIGHTMARE: Effective, low-cost handouts. (Click for .pdf)

Received via email:

Hi, I am just looking for the file of those little yellow paper (business card sized) handouts… I really need them… They are the MOST effective form of advertisement in my opinion and they only cost the cost of the paper you print them on (plus some toner/ink). …please locate that file for me!  It would be very much appreciated!!! I really need that file! —Jason

I think he really needs that file. (Click to view/download .pdf).

While the profitable and cash-rich automated ticketing industry gears up to spend millions to fight Arizona’s citizen initiative to ban the cams, grassroots activists reach people in more creative ways. That includes no-frills fliers that maximize the utilization of the resource at hand ( in this case, paper and toner).

Once cut to size (we recommend using a paper cutter), each sheet yields 8 handouts. Don’t bother printing them in color— instead, consider purchasing a pack of brightly-colored papers. Our favorite is yellow, making the fliers look like post it notes.

Each ream of paper, 500 pages, will yield 4,000 fliers. Average cost? $10.

For the price of a single scam cam ticket, you could create an 80,000 flier nightmare for the politicians, executives, and employees involved with photo radar surveillance.

The Cameras are Coming Down.

15 Responses to Frequent “Fliers”

  1. RPr says:

    DPS Facing 400 Lay offs.

    As Cameras go up law enforcement personnel drop by 25%

  2. Ernest T. Bass says:

    do not draw a line from the cameras to the layoffs !! in case you have not heard the economy is down, which means tax revenue is down which in turn means that services get cut as states have to balance a budget !! its a good thing that the cameras are in place to keep up enforcement when there will be less cops on the roads !!! camera or human !! someone has to keep law and order !!

    • Brent says:

      Actually, crime in our state is up, and is projected to markedly increase again in 2010, DPS should absolutley not be cutting staff simply because tax revenue is down a bit. Look at all the other stuff government continues to spend money on (like they have plenty of it).

      DPS should actually be re-focusing their efforts from activities like say “assigning 24 officiers to be spectators” to a CF event on 7/3/09 and other petty BS, to perhaps pursuing child predators, cleaning up the drug trade, the human smuggling trade, financial crimes, and illegal immigration issues- all which have gone up in 2008 and 2009.

      What folks like Mr. Bass don’t understand is that most people who are involved in CameraFraud are absolutley not “anti-cop”- we simply want law enforcement to start playing by their own rules (aka constitution and ARS) and also stop enabling illegal private law enforcement as a way to make money for the management of DPS and their lobbyist friends.

      Personally, i’m quite pro-law enforcement; and I would remind you that the vast majority of the labor (not management) within DPS and local PD’s are actually on the side of removing the camera’s.

  3. Will Kay says:

    Sign waves, signature gatherings, and these little fliers will be all we need to seal the deal I believe. Some radio and youtube time couldn’t hurt either.

    • Brent says:

      However, just to make our win by a solid margin (hmm, say 85/15), there will also be TV spots, billboards, community events, signwaves at notable political ‘locations’, and more web ads than you can shake a stick at.

      Get ready RedFlex, your “it’s all about safety” tactics will not only be pre-empted- they will also be shown as fraud- just as your entire business model currently relies upon. You should have started diversifying like your pals over at ATS- (cuz who doesn’t like tollroads, right?).

      “RedFlex, Australian for Fraud…”

      • Ernest T. Bass says:

        oh you 2 are priceless !! or clueless !!! i have not determined yet…
        the problem with REGISTERED VOTERS IS….THEY DONT VOTE !!! but out of all the categories…. who does vote the most and can be counted on to show up at the polls in huge numbers ? yes…. seniors !!! and they like the cameras !! your voting block will come mostly from the 18-35 year olds… guess what ? they dont have a very good track record of getting to the polls !!! you will win the male voters 35-55…. but will lose the female voters of the same age … so to break it down…. you are going to lose… hell it will not even get to the ballot …you will not have enough signatures !!! what you need to do is put down the CF kool aid !!! all the wishing in the world is not going to make it happen !!!

        brent …you guys barely raised enough for a booth at the fair… where are you getting the $$ for your ambitious plans?

        • Roger says:

          Dear ETB/LAB/George/Jay,

          Have you considered the fact that you’re not actually aware of all activities that go on with CF and our efforts?

          I know you only are an honest hard working grocery store employee, but do you actually think that after over a dozens states in our fine union had the strength to end this fraud, that the ruggedly independent state of Arizona would let it stand?..

          Please get a clue and move on. For all the time you spend fiddle-fcking around this website (for a cause you don’t believe in), perhaps you should be out looking for a better job. Whether you work for ATS or Redlex, (or jsut a grocery store like intel points to), you could be doing something much bigger with your life.

        • LoneWolf says:

          Those ATS sponsored polls you swear by are far from accurate. There were a lot more seniors and middle-age people, both male and female, signing the petitions at the last gathering I participated in than you’d like to believe. I’d say there was an equal number of all age groups and both sexes who signed up… and there were lots. Keep on assuming….

  4. RPr says:

    An Ohio city is so desperate to prevent voters from having a say on the future of speed cameras that it filed a motion Monday asking the state supreme court to strip the public of its right to vote on the issue. In April, residents submitted more than double the number of signatures required to place a photo enforcement referendum on the November ballot (view initiative text). The move so infuriated Mayor Joseph Sulzer that he challenged the ballot with the Ross County Board of Elections earlier this month. Sulzer insists the board had no right to reject this challenge.

  5. Brent says:

    Dispicable actions by small-minded pettifogging potilicians. Are they so stupid they can’t see that their actions will not only cost them their jobs but also their reputations and ability to live their actions down after they’re removed?..

  6. Brent says:

    FRAUD ALERT ——————-

    FRAUD ALERT ——————-

  7. Jason says:

    I am starting to write “VOTE NOVEMBER 2, 2010” on these little fliers. I would like to get a stamp that says “VOTE NOVEMBER 2010” so I can just stamp that on the back of these things.

    I went to office max today and they indicated that it will cost right around 20-25 dollars. I walked out without the stamp to see if I could find this coupon that I had for $10 off a $20 purchase. I couldn’t find it. I this Mister Dumb Bass (Ernest T.) has a point even though I think he is somewhat of an asshole. We need people to vote on this November 2, 2010.

    I am going to go buy that stamp tomorrow if possible even if I have to charge it! Thanks for the motivation basshole and for helping us out! BTW, I always tell people after they sign that what we really need is for them to vote in NOVEMBER 2010. I will be more specific going forward with the actual date NOVEMBER 2, 2010.

    Remember, Remember, the 2nd of NOVEMBER.


    • Will Kay says:

      If people feel strongly enough about an issue, they will vote. People I talk to at signature gatherings are so FED UP with these systems and their clear and blatant violations of their Constitutional rights that they know they need to vote. They will.

  8. MatterofFact says:

    Redflex can be on our side. I have a friend that works there and all I had to do was send them my license plate number and they made sure they “made the ticked disappear”. Befriend an ATS or Redflex employee, it can save you money. It is better than a coupon.

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