St. Ptb Times: “Put The Brakes On Red light Cams”

postitFrom the St. Petersburg Times:

Florida local governments are trying to find new revenues as tax collections decline, but hopefully Tarpon Springs is not so desperate for cash that it will install red light cameras and issue expensive tickets to residents and visitors just to shore up the city budget.

During a recent City Commission budget session, Mayor Beverley Billiris suggested installing red light cameras to provide new revenue, saying, “There are cities making $15,000 a week off those things.” […]

There are even broader concerns about red light cameras.

When it comes to safety, there is not universal agreement that the cameras reduce collisions… If the goal is to reduce intersection crashes, better results are obtained by lengthening the time the light stays yellow as well as building in a slightly longer pause before the cross street’s light turns green. […]

Lawsuits have been filed against local governments because of such issues. Local governments in Florida are among those now fighting lawsuits — and incurring legal fees.

Perhaps the most troubling aspect of red light camera use is that local governments may become so dependent on the revenue that they are tempted to toy with traffic light timing to increase the flow of dollars. San Diego and Dallas were accused of shortening the yellow light cycle on traffic lights so more motorists would be caught running red lights. Such behavior belies the claim that the goal is to improve safety.

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8 Responses to St. Ptb Times: “Put The Brakes On Red light Cams”

  1. Matt says:

    Take em down Florida! TAKE EM DOWN!

  2. Roger R. says:

    We see it being proven to us again and again, day in day out. It’s almost in unargueable fact no matter where you fall on the political spectrum that what we have in place today is broken.

    Our government is corrupt, ineffective, and asleep at the wheel.

    People needs to turn off the tv and start getting off their fannies and do something about it. The constant twittering and facebook’ing of people talking about the meaningless things they did that day or what they thought about some pathetic new tv show is proving just how ignorant society is proving itself to be. Wake-up people..

    • Ernest T. Bass says:

      Roger…are you a politician? cause you just told us how to live our lives !! there is nothing wrong with being asleep at the wheel as long as you are not driving !!!

  3. Will Kay says:

    “As well as building in a slightly longer pause before the cross street’s light turns green.” I lived in North Carolina for 10 years, and the whole time I lived there I remember every cross street had a green light delay between directions. There were hardly any intersection accidents ever.

  4. Matt says:


    I totally believe it. I drove throughout North Carolina for a year constantly and noticed that lights there seemed to be very well timed generally AND have a delay in the change to green.

  5. Matt says:

    Roger R-


  6. photoradarscam says:

    You should add the Peoria article to this article:

    Cameras installed = accidents DOUBLE

    Yellow light time increased = accidents way down

    Looks simple to me.

  7. Bryan R says:

    It looks like Corona, CA is going in the opposite direction…

    They’re even increasing their own cut of the revenue pie by reclassifying the violation.

    But hey – it’s ALL about saving the children…

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