East vs. West Demonstration is FRIDAY


Click for video from the last East vs West demonstration

Join other CameraFRAUD volunteers this Friday for another fun, horn-honking freeway overpass demonstration!

Back by popular demand, it’s:

EAST Valley vs. WEST Valley!

“Sign waves” are great opportunities to raise awareness with the public about automated ticketing and the “surveillance state” tactics being utilized by Redflex and ATS against the people on a daily basis.

Bring your own sign or use one at the demonstration!


“I’m going to the East Side event!”

“I’m going to the West Side event!

Use the comments section below to discuss this event!

13 Responses to East vs. West Demonstration is FRIDAY

  1. Brent says:

    Eastside rules- but both sides win.

    Defeat Photo Radar- show up and be heard!

  2. RPr says:

    Chicago is protesting tonight http://banredcams.com/2009/09/come-to-the-kickoff-rally/


    an anti-red light coalition could be a powerful one, uniting young and old, urbanite and suburbanite, reckless driver and careful judger of yellow light lead time.

    Anger toward the cameras is especially pronounced in the suburbs, where officials have been found to place cameras at potentially lucrative but relatively safe intersections, like those that don’t allow right turns on red,

  3. Ernest T. Bass says:

    there are reasons that red light turns on red are not allowed at certain intersections… and those that choose to ignore the restriction at that intersection are the lowest form of scum in our society !!! why? because that person is stating that the laws are not for them when they diregard one that is so easy to follow !!!

    • Elsie D. says:

      Actually I would say that pedofiles, murderers, and rapists are at the bottom of the respect-chain. People who turn right on red after stopping and looking are committing a tiny tiny violation that isn’t effecting anything (other than the camera companies revenue in some cases).

      Mr. Bass, this comment is revealing of your judgement.

      • Ernest T. Bass says:


      • Ernest Hater says:

        Elsie, anything you say to that piece of work LAB/ETB/JAY, just goes in one ear and out the other. He is unable to think for himself. He is one of the people who are for obamacare and the socialist agenda being pushed.

        Since he is such a hypocrite, I wouldn’t be surprised if he is one of those things that he mentioned in his statement.

        • Ernest T. Bass says:

          nope not for obamacare !! but i am for you telling the truth !! you mentioned in another thread that you work for the same company as i…. which one would that be hater?

          albertsons, bashas, fresh & easy, walmart, frys, sprouts, sunflower, whole foods…. while you have no idea if i am one of those things mentioned above….we will soon find out that you are a liar !!! i will tell you if you get it correct !!

    • Derek says:

      Yes, you should obey traffic laws. But it is a birthright for an AMERICAN to live the AMERICAN way of life, which is a SURVEILLANCE FREE way of life. Do some online research on Britain’s surveillance society. There is a camera for every 12-14 citizens. The result? The UK Home Office reports that 80% of crimes still go unsolved. These cameras are for revenue generation and add to stress and create paranoia. It may be cliche, but Cameras are for Commies!

      • Ernest T. Bass says:

        derek…stress from a camera? you are joking right? well i guess if you hold up a bank, robe someone in broad daylight, rape and or murder…. i guess you may be a little camera shy !! and with good reason… oh and red light running and speeding 11mph or more over the limit !!!

        surveillance free !!! LMFAo ! that is great… i expect to see it on a sign this friday !!! CF should adopt that as their slogan !!

        by the way… we live in american …not britain !!

  4. James S says:

    East side, west side, it doesn’t matter to me! East side, west side, as long as everyones free!

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