DPS Denies “Frequent Flier” Unit Exists

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Shut up and pay!

Today, DPS shot down another FOIA request, stating that there is no “Special Unit” that tracks down “Frequent Fliers” as described in a September 8th article in the Arizona Republic.

“…DPS does not have a “special unit” that tracks down”frequent fliers.”

This, despite the fact that the Special Unit was mentioned to AZCentral by DPS, and that DPS Officer Jeff Hawkins was “working 50 such cases.”

Another example of “we don’t answer to you, now shut up and pay” business as usual by the DPS.

38 Responses to DPS Denies “Frequent Flier” Unit Exists

  1. Stacey L. says:

    Hey DPS- thanks for being so blunt about not wanting to tell the truth. Your silence is just as loud as words and we hear ya loud and clear, and you’ll continue to be known as working for the corporations- not the people who pay your salaries and technically employ you.

    Gold star for the puppet who made the choice to respond to a FOIA request in this manner.

    • Ernest T. Bass says:

      “you work for me and dont you forget it” !! there can not be anything worse than tin hats on a power trip !!! flashing their citizen badge like it means anything !!!

  2. photoradarscam says:

    This is unacceptable from our government. Not that we needed any more evidence, but this just goes to show you how much we CANNOT trust DPS.

  3. capitalfraud says:

    Look at page 14 of the DPS presentation PDF that’s in the meetup file section:

    “If a plate is rejected due to lack of driver photo 10 times or more it is placed on a frequent flyer queue to be followed up upon by DPS Officers”

    Basically what drone is doing is blowing off a FOIA request because there is no official unit with this name. It’s an unofficial unit, and everyone there knows it. You need to resubmit your request to these liars with something like, “Show me all records related to a frequent flyer queue.”

  4. Joe says:

    capitalfraud is right. You need to formulate the request in such a manner that leaves them no “wiggle room” to get out of the request. Unfortunately, as newspaper reporters usually find, this means receiving far more paperwork than you actually desired to see.

    You’ll probably need to ask the question in such manner as “present all records pertaining to officers investigating multiple violations”

  5. Bryan R says:

    I guess it would give the terrorists an unfair advantage if they knew this operation was going on?

  6. James S says:

    What a pompous and disrespectful attitude the DPS displays when dealing with a DULY REQUIRED ASPECT of their job: answering to “we the people!”

    They need to add some “Courtesy” back into their so-called “courteous vigilance” slogan…

    (The desk jockeys there are probably endangering actual Patrol Officers at DPS by causing the public to distrust their every move, comment, and motive. Was the money from photo enforcement worth it, guys?)

  7. Derek says:

    This is not related to this story, but has anybody seen the video of the head on collision in Tucson between the car and that school bus? It was taken by a photo enforcement van according to Fox 10. It was shown today at noon. It looks to me like the driver saw the photo van too late, passed it then probably turned his head to see what the van was. Where his head went, the vehicle went. It appears to me that photo radar has now killed 3 people. My opinion of course.

  8. Derek says:

    Here is a link to that video at AZSTARNET:

  9. Glyph says:

    The Talivan certainly didn’t do anything to prevent that accident.

    Back on topic, I decided to contact the journalist at the Arizona Republic who wrote the story that prompted me to make the FOIA request with the DPS to begin with. If you read DPS’ response, they are the ones who suggest I contact the newspaper to begin with.

    After a phone call and an email, I got a response from the reporter JJ Hensley, you can see his response here. Hensley states that “There are officers in the Department of Public Safety who target drivers with a high number of photo enforcement violations.” He goes on to say that he spoke to two of those officers and it was explained to his that there as a “Special Unit” that goes after frequent fliers.

    It appears that the DPS is stonewalling against any attempt by the general public to gather information about photo enforcement.

    • guttersn1pe says:

      Have you tried contacting the DPS Public Information Officer (PIO) yet?

      Perhaps rather than asking about a unit, ask about officers assigned to this specific task. For example, a department may not have a “DUI Unit” but there are officers in the “Motor Unit” assigned to DUI patrols.

      I would venture a guess that there probably is no “unit” per se, but specific officers assigned to this task. It’s a pretty weak distinction but a distinction nonetheless.

  10. Stacey L. says:

    Wow, the level of surmountable dishonesty is abundant over at that lovely state agency. Mr. Hensley should be a journalist, step up and do a followup story.

    Perhaps you guys should do another DPS HQ signwave.

  11. 4409 says:

    DPS’s moto is “Courageous vigilance”…LMAO

    More like Courageous Surveillance 🙂

  12. strebel says:

    wow.. is this the first thread i have read without a troll comment?

  13. Brent says:

    He must be on vacation…

  14. WOW says:

    Before you all pass judgment on DPS for “hiding” something it would be nice to see the letter sent to DPS. By the response in the letter it would appear (please note I’m not stating as a fact until I see the original) that whoever wrote to DPS did not know what they were doing. I base this on

    1. They sent a personal check which is not an accepted form of payment

    2. They were asking for “general” information instead of “specific” records.

    Now I could be wrong but since you’ve had no problem posting your responses you should have no problem what you sent.

    • who says:

      Crime lab report?!?!
      Maybe whomever wanted info on the prints pulled off the stickynotes?!

    • Bill W. says:

      Y’all should note that this is a generic reply form and only the “Misc notes” box was checked… Not any of the other boxes. Y’all should learn how to read a form before you criticize it.

  15. Glyph says:

    WOW, I don’t think DPS was “hiding” anything as they were more than happy to describe the Special Enforcement Unit to the press, in an attempt to discourage those who would try to fool the system.

    Their response was a form letter based on some type of template. It’s not that I sent a personal check, or was asking for “general” instead of “specific” information. Those are just options that DPS can ‘check off’ if they can’t fill the records request. I invite you to look at the document again, and see the Miscellaneous Notes section, checked off at the bottom of the page, where DPS clearly states that no such Special Unit exists.

    Now take a look at my information request here. Anyone except Ernest T. Bass will be able to plainly see that this is a perfectly legitimate information request, specific in nature, and even citing a source.

    The request was legit. DPS isn’t hiding anything, they’re stonwalling.

  16. jonisator says:

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  19. official source

    DPS Denies “Frequent Flier” Unit Exists | CameraFRAUD.com – The Cameras are Coming Down

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