DPS Doublespeak: Cameras Called “Onerous”

AZDPSRemember years ago when the City of Scottsdale decided to install photo radar cameras on the Loop 101, before the State of Arizona took over the project?

Before DPS was in a position to benefit directly from the money the cameras pull in, the tune seemed to be a bit different regarding officer response in areas where cameras are installed.

In a Phoenix New Times article from February 2007, a high-ranking official with DPS didn’t seem too pleased with the automated ticketing machines:

DPS Commander Tom Woodward says patrolmen found the Loop 101 cameras onerous. He said they may have put the public’s safety at risk.

“It deterred officers assigned to the East Valley from working that area,” Woodward says. “We still responded to calls, but officers were not in that area working traffic proactively as much as they were prior to photo enforcement.”

If Scottsdale’s small experiment on the Loop 101 with American Traffic Solutions may have put the public’s safety at risk, what does that say about the state’s massive contract with beleaguered Redflex Group?

16 Responses to DPS Doublespeak: Cameras Called “Onerous”

  1. Ernest T. Bass says:

    lets be clear here and not throw innuendo into it… that was his OPINION !!! i question who was in charge to assign officers to certain areas…. if they were not there working traffic…then what were they doing…. maybe that is the job of a commander to find out… of course that is just my opinion !!

    • James S says:

      Thanks for proving the point that, in this police officer’s opinion, public safety may have been compromised in the mightier pursuit of money rather than public safety.

      I knew you would come around!

  2. RPr says:

    Its corrupting law enforcement

  3. Stacey L. says:

    Hey- I saw some of you guys in Mesa this morning by one of those damm vans.. keep up the fight!

  4. Sure says:

    Hooray for the camerafraud members who are out there kicking ass!!!!!

  5. Mike says:

    These cameras do not know who is driving the car! This is BIG BROTHER stealing money from the average Joe that is trying to make a living. Mr. big wig will not pay one red cent. Lets just lay off all of the police everywhere and let technology do the work. This is just WRONG!!!!!

  6. mghtyms04 says:

    I am darn sure more people would love to get rid of the scameras if they knew that $16.50 goes to politicians to pay for their campaigns.

  7. RPr says:


    Tonight, on the most boring episode of COPS ever, a speed camera van makes an unsignaled lane change on the way to Chick-fil-A

    • James S says:

      Comment of the day from that side:

      “So Redbox and Netflix have merged in Australia and created some super-company that takes movies of traffic?”

  8. Ernest T. Bass says:

    taxes…. they are all voluntary !!! for instance if you do not want to pay property tax…. then dont own property of any kind…. if you dont want to pay a food tax…dont eat…. if you dont want to pay taxes on goods and services the dont purchase anything and do not request any services…. if you do not want to pay income taxes…… yes…. even you at cf get it…DONT WORK !! and if you are one of the few that think photo radar is nothing more than a tax…… ok….. say it with me now….. dont speed or run red lights….

    please spare us the ” poor person is out of a job and can not afford the ticket”….. well then that person should try obeying the traffic laws…. would we be sympathetic is that same person had gotten a dui? shoplifted? stole property? of course not…. i have news for you all…. there is no difference….

    the age old saying certainly applies…. if you can not do the time…. dont do the crime

    • Mike says:

      Oh, is that how it works there in Australia? Make sure to tell your bosses that their days are numbered. 😀

      • Ernest Hater says:

        He is an idiot. He would rather have the government take care of him and raise his kids. He would love to be watched 24/7.

        He will NEVER understand what a police state is, or what it would be like to be wrongfully accused.

        He is just an out of work stock boy who was fired because he could not FOLLOW company policy. I know, since I work there, too!

    • metelhed says:

      Would we be sympathetic if… blah blah blah. All those crimes are actual crimes observed by a human and handled immediately by a human employed directly by the local government to enforce the law, NOT a machine operated by a for-profit company whose profits hinge on the amount of tickets mailed out two weeks after the fact that are paid. If you applied some critical thinking skills you would see there’s a BIG difference. As far as taxes being voluntary, you don’t exist in the real world, do you?

  9. enigmaforever says:

    Answer is easy payoffs to legislators, and the courts. Legislators, and courts get a cut on every violation paid. I is payoffs made legal.

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