ATS Quietly Removes Phoenix Red Light Scameras

Greenway RLC Scamera is gone

Greenway RLC Scamera is gone

ATS was busy today, quietly removing all their Red Light Scameras from the City of Phoenix. The hand writing on the wall could be seen months ago, as the Scamera at 19th Ave. & Thunderbird had been removed in February of ’09. But as of today (Sept 11th, 2009), RLC Scameras at the intersections of 19th Ave & Northern, Cave Creek & Greenway, and 7th St & Bell were all gone. See more pictures here.

ATS will no doubt try to spin this to their advantage, citing the aquisition of Nestor. But losing a contract in the Fifth Largest city in America will definately hurt their bottom line.


58 Responses to ATS Quietly Removes Phoenix Red Light Scameras

  1. J.W. says:

    HOLY CRAP!!! The accident rates at those intersections are going to go up four fold now that they aren’t protected by the red light cameras.

    Wonder if they are going to take their poles with them too or are they just going to leave them there and let the city deal with them.

  2. jgunn says:

    LOL, the watchers don’t like being watched:

    • who says:

      JGunn doesn’t like people to have to follow a speed limit in school zones. Classy.

      • Glyph says:

        Yup, speeding through school zones and killing children, that’s what CF is all about…

        Who, we love our children just as much as you do, and I don’t know anyone in CF that wants to get rid of the cameras just so they can get away with speeding. But the arguements against the Scameras are constant, no matter where they’re placed, even if it’s a school zone.

      • jgunn says:

        Where in my post did I imply that I do not want people following the limit in school zones? Please point it out, cause I don’t see it. It’s the same tired, tired argument that if you are against the cameras, you want to drive 100MPH through school zones. I always go 15 in the school zones to the MPH. I could give a rats butt if someone is going 11 over on the freeway that is 10-15MPH underposted. I think if they would have constrained the photo enforcement to school zones, I don’t think there would have been an issue and camerafraud might not exist. But greed got the best of AZ and they put them everywhere, and hence why they need to be banned from the state period.

      • RPr says:

        do you really want an Australian private Corps employee video recording your kids?

        Photo radar has never survived a vote

    • LoneWolf says:

      Nice video.. there’s no doubt that having a scamera posted at a school zone could lead to a distraction for motorists driving by it.

      While there have been a few accidents involving teens taking off from their highschools, I don’t recall ever reading anything about kids getting injured or killed by vehicles driving through grade-school zones.

      The teens that have been involved in accidents were usually showing off and just being careless. Scameras couldn’t prevent such a thing.

      • Ernest T. Bass says:

        lone clown…. HAVING A PATROL CAR OR MOTORCYCLE AT A SCHOOL ZONE CAN CAUSE A DISTRACTION…. in fact every time a real cop is set up to run radar…. breaks get slammed and distractions occcur …. so PLEASE dont pretend that this is a camera only issue !! its not !!

        • LoneWolf says:

          At least a patrol can catch someone speeding or driving recklessly before they injure or kill someone. Try that with a scamera or mobile unit.

        • metelhed says:

          “Breaks get slammed” for police cars? In a school zone? Really. Care to back up that statement with video? From my experience, with an actual police officer in a school zone, people are going to pay more attention to the kids because there isn’t the inherent dread of a “flash” and they’d know immediately if the cop was going to pull them over. People find themsleves looking for a flash to get an idea IF they might receive a notice in the mail in a few weeks. The worst part is, most of these people aren’t even close to speeding or breaking any laws anyway. How does it feel to live in fear of your government?

      • Sure says:

        I remember a police office hitting a kid in a school zone.

    • photoradarscam says:

      What city was this in? If it was Phoenix, the van is illegally parked, as it is illegal to park on a dust free surface. Call the Phoenix PD next time. Other cities probably have similar ordinances for dust control.

  3. Tom says:

    You know what is more effective than a red light camera? A saturation patrol. The effect of 20 motorcycle cops assigned to catch EVERYONE totally cut down red light running at 19th Ave & Camelback. And the effect lasted long after the patrol was gone…

    • Glyph says:

      I agree Tom, there should be actual police officers out there doing this job, and not cameras.

    • Ernest T. Bass says:

      and those saturations are very very very few and far between….

      AND GLYPH…thanks for your opinion…. mine is that i would prefer that those 20 officers are doing some other form of LE than sitting at a light for a pre determined amount of time… the camera can be there 24/7 and 20 of them are not needed…

    • jgunn says:

      All the red light cameras are fixed (that I am aware of), hence they do not move, and hence if you want you can run red lights at 90+% of the intersections in the valley without any consequences. Police are mobile, and can enforce ANY stop light, and are a greater deterrent. That and I haven’t heard that police enforcing the lights causing twice as many accidents like the photo cameras do at intersections enforced by the cameras.

  4. Jokn says:

    The video was excellent,were does he live,let’s plaster his kisser all over the place,so nobody will want to work for them. a cop is way more a deterant than a van or a fixed camera………….

  5. Sure says:

    Arizona state law requires that anyone other than a law enforcement officer who gathers evidence for use in court must be a licensed private investigator. Redflex and ATS employees have no such licenses.

    Redflex employees have been charged with assault, child pornography, and extreme DUI (while driving a photo radar van). They can observe your car, wife, and children and they can figure out where you live. They have access to your DMV records.

  6. Bill W. says:

    Why must you guys blow everything out of proportion? I saw ATS technicians removing the equpipment during the day. Yet you guys are out late at night taking pictures and saying that ATS “quietly” removed there equipment. BTW, I see no mention in your little blurb about that ATS may have taken the equipment down due to the fact the Redflex now has the contract. Hmmmm… Just a thought.

  7. Ernest T. Bass says:

    Bill & Who….thank god i finally have some compadres !! and you are seeing what i have seen since the first of the year !!

    Great points bill about this thread…. every single thread has some type of spin and innuendo if not a flat out lie or mistruth..

    what i dont see is any proof that ats lost its contract…. but that will not stop cf from speculating !!! or to just flat out state that such has happened…


  8. Ernest T. Bass says:


    bill and who !! when they have a good turnout glyph, who is the unofficail photographer of CF , will post pics of the event…. when the turnout is pitiful he will not post anything…. to say the least…. since the beginning of the year there have been very few pics of their events…

  9. photoradarscam says:

    Does anyone know how TMZ gets these pictures?

    I know they can do a FOIA request to get the photos, but how did they know to request them?

  10. Hopefully those interesections will enjoy increased safety with no scameras.

    Too bad it looks like it will only be temporary.

  11. photoradarscam says:

    Woops again.

  12. Sure says:

    I talked to Matt today. He said they made a killing getting signatures at both places today. They estimate they got 3,000 signatures. Tomorrow they will be at the gun show again.

  13. Sure says:

    I wonder if he was trying to avoid the speed camera on the freeway?????

  14. who says:

    grabbing a sign from someone’s hands is the wussiest definition of assault I’ve ever heard from a drama queen whiner.

  15. yourmom says:

    OK then let drivers speed in school zones and have them hit your kid, they are only doing their job to slow drivers down! The guy who took the video I hope your kid gets hit by a speeder idiot!

    • jgunn says:

      So basically you would enjoy seeing someones son/daughter die. Man, you camera lovers are cold man. Real cold.

    • LoneWolf says:

      Goodness, it must’ve been a pretty chaotic world before the scameras came along. How did we manage to survive without them?

    • Matt G says:

      well, if there was a cop there, instead of a camera, they guy would be arrested for who knows what, maybe he was drunk, or high, or he was having medical issues, maybe he had a load of illegals. Yep, a camera would stop all of those.

      Show me how many drunk drivers a camera has taken off the road ? How many drug busts have come about because of a camera ?

      How could anyone support a program that has nothing to do about safety ? even nappy admitted the program was not about safety, it was about money.

  16. Jokn says:

    Getting Back to some camera’s are gone and probably will pop up some were else I see the poles are still there ready for updated camera’s or even video, oh and at SCOTTSDALE RD and FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT new one’s are up,so have’nt you played that game musical chairs get ready for round 2…………………

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